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    Custom Section Markers

    Great explanation, which triggered me to make work of workgroups and custom markers. Which brings me to this question: I like to adapt a section-marker to my needs. So I created a custom section-marker in the file ‘Section Markers’ in my workgroup folder. Question: how do I move the position of the text? is this possible? Now the text is positioned at ‘0,0’, which means the section-line, which starts at 0,0, is always cutting through the text. I can put a white shape in my symbol to cover the first part of this line, but what I’d rather do is move the text to a different position, next to the marker instead of on top of it. Tia, Frank Schnater
  2. Frank Schnater

    pdf procedures

    hello all, for some time I'm trying to find out how the pdf procedures in vectorscript work: -AcquireExportPDFSettingsAndLocation -ClosePDFDocument -ExportPDFPages -OpenPDFDocument I tried some things, but nothing happens. The functionreference files are not very instructive. tia, Frank Schnater
  3. Frank Schnater

    pdf procedures

    hello Dworks, I'll see if I can get it to work now, thank you for your response, Frank Schnater
  4. Frank Schnater

    PDF functions - how to use

    hallo all, I've been trying to find out how the pdf functions work ('AcquireExportPDFSettingsAndLocation', 'OpenPDFDocument' and 'ExportPDFPages'), as I want to export to pdf using vectorscript. I also asked the mailing list, but without luck so far. Could anybody shed some light on this? tia, Frank Schnater
  5. Frank Schnater

    dashed hidden line rendering

    Thanks Marc, I'll try if it works the same with me; sounds like a bug so I''l report it to the buglist as well. Frank Schnater
  6. Frank Schnater

    dashed hidden line rendering

    Did anybody notice thatdashed hidden line rendering is not working properly or is it just me: only some items are 'dashed', others (all my walls f.i.) are just rendered 'hidden lines', Any clues? tia, Frank Schnater (mac 8.6, VW8.5.1)


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