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  1. Dear all, With record formats it is possible to rename the format and/or the datafields and the used instances in the document will retain the attached information. Doing the same with a 'ifc property set' just deletes the old 'property set' and attaches the new one. Not nice. Am I overlooking something or is this correct: is it not possible to rename 'property sets' without loosing attached information? Regards, Frank Schnater (Vectorworks architect 2021)
  2. Hello Larry, Thanks for your reply. Nice trick, that certainly helps. Regards, Frank
  3. Hello all, I'd like to copy viewport settings (rendermodes, lighting settings etc) to other viewports in different files. The eyedropper tool does most of what I want within one file put I don't know how to get the eyedropper info into a script. It seems this should be easy; like using custom-tool/attribute to get the info to copy into a script... Tia, Frank Schnater
  4. Hello Mat, me again, I just installed sp 2 and unfortunately the problem remains unsolved, see screenshots. We still use VW2018 because of this bug although we have been paying our contract for VW2019 and 2020. Is there any chance this will be solved? Regards, Frank Schnater test 1820 blok 186 18.vwx test 1820 blok 186 20.vwx
  5. Hello Matt, Good to hear that. It would really help us! Regards, Frank
  6. Hello Matt, The VW2018 incompatability issue appears to be worse than we thought. When working with 2 or more drawings open frequently 1 becomes 'invisible' in 3d (OpenGL issue?). Restarting VW solves this. This is now happening about every half hour or so. This really needs to be solved. I reported this problem a year ago and we have been expecting it to be solved in VW2020. The past year we continued with VW2018, but now fixing is crucial as VW 2018 doesn't work properly anymore on our newer computers. Design Express told me this issue is scheduled for fixing in the 2021 version which would mean we have to restart VW every half hour for the next 12 months! Not acceptable. Regards, Frank Schnater
  7. Hello Matt, Thank you for the effort. I also got response from Design Express with more or less the same information. A serious disappointment: we have set up a lot of drawings in VW2017/2018 with this method so now we can not move away from VW2018. This means we miss out on improvements. We will also get more computer issues, as VW2018 seems not to be 100% compatible with OS X Catalina (standard install on our new workstations). I already noticed that when I open multiple VW2018 files at once some of the windows remain empty; I have to close the window and open it again to continue. This should not happen with professional software. Regards, Frank
  8. Hello Matt (and others), attached a test with a 'clean' VW2020 file: same results: 2d elements don't display properly in section-viewports. I also include the VW2020 file; maybe I'm just doing something very obvious wrong. (I hope...) Frank test 2020.vwx
  9. Hello Matt, Thanks for the tip; I didn't know these functions yet. Unfortunately the result is exactly the same. Or maybe I should say 'luckily' as it would even confuse me more if two methods that I would expect to do the same would give different results! I'm using a drawing that was set up in VW2018 as a test file (as we have drawings for 900 dwellings set up in VW2018 that we would like to keep using), but I'll set-up a test- file in VW2020 to see if I get the same results tomorrow. Frank
  10. Hello David, Thank you for your reply. Strange. Attached 2 snippets of a drawing: one with a viewport (top-plan view) and the other with a section-viewport ('Display planar Objects', 'Display 2D Components' and 'Display 2D' Fills all 'on'). The '2591' dimension-lines are in Plane 'layer'. The missing arrowheads are an 'known bug' they told me. The doors are missing their swing because the section-viewport only displays the 3d porion of hybrid symbols (so I could solve this by adding a swing in the 3d portion of all symbols, but I'd rather have the option to display either the 2d or 3d portion, and I certainly don't like it that Nemetschek decides to change this behaviour from one version to the other. This is not a fatal problem though.). The difference in dimension appearance and dashed line appaearance: I don't know! The third screenshot is the same drawing with both viewports exported back to VW2018. Regards, Frank
  11. Hello all, We are stille using VW 2018 because VW2019 did not render 2d items properly in section-viewports: text, arrowheads, dimensionlisne etc are not rendered. I installed VW 2020 last week only to disciver that this 'known bug' is still not solved. Are we the only office that uses 2d items in sections viewport that we would like to see rendered? I discussed this at lenght with our distributor when e first encountered the problem in VW 2019 and they were expecting the problem to be solved in VW 2020. As we have 200+ drawings set us this way we wil have to stick with VW 2018 for another year. That is, if it will be solved in a next upgrade/update otherwise VW 2018 may be our last VW version... Regards, Frank Schnater
  12. Great explanation, which triggered me to make work of workgroups and custom markers. Which brings me to this question: I like to adapt a section-marker to my needs. So I created a custom section-marker in the file ‘Section Markers’ in my workgroup folder. Question: how do I move the position of the text? is this possible? Now the text is positioned at ‘0,0’, which means the section-line, which starts at 0,0, is always cutting through the text. I can put a white shape in my symbol to cover the first part of this line, but what I’d rather do is move the text to a different position, next to the marker instead of on top of it. Tia, Frank Schnater
  13. hello Dworks, I'll see if I can get it to work now, thank you for your response, Frank Schnater
  14. hello all, for some time I'm trying to find out how the pdf procedures in vectorscript work: -AcquireExportPDFSettingsAndLocation -ClosePDFDocument -ExportPDFPages -OpenPDFDocument I tried some things, but nothing happens. The functionreference files are not very instructive. tia, Frank Schnater
  15. hallo all, I've been trying to find out how the pdf functions work ('AcquireExportPDFSettingsAndLocation', 'OpenPDFDocument' and 'ExportPDFPages'), as I want to export to pdf using vectorscript. I also asked the mailing list, but without luck so far. Could anybody shed some light on this? tia, Frank Schnater
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