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  1. rebeccac

    Issue with Text in VW.

    Thanks ArtV - turning off snapping has definitely helped - it is still slow, but not as slow. I will look into hardware issues i might have - had wondered about that.
  2. rebeccac

    Issue with Text in VW.

    Thanks for your responses which are very helpful. I am using VW 2017 - it happens on both design and sheet layers. I might just have to upgrade, though first i will try out turning off all snapping to objects and let you know if this helps.
  3. rebeccac

    Issue with Text in VW.

    Since i upgraded my OS to Mojave, i am having BIG issues editing / creating text on my VW files. I get the wheel of doom for at least 2/3 seconds every time i try to edit / move / create text. Everything else is working normally so i don't think it is an issue with my computer, but the compatibility with the new OS on my Mac. Can you offer any potential solutions? At the moment it has become so frustrating, i can't really use VW. Thanks.


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