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  1. Hello Been having a few issues with 2020 crashing, can't really identify why but often will be when I return to it after several minutes of other tasks. (calls or a cuppa) Anyone know how to identify why and any known bugs / fixes ? Simon
  2. Thank you Grant.. seems odd that I did not need to do this on previous versions. easy solution though !
  3. Hello Been using VW for a while and just downloaded 2020. When I create a viewport plan or elevation the camera is shown. How do I remove this link as I don't want to see the camera position on Plans. (this did not happen before the download) The camera is for a 3D render on another layer so needs to remain. Thanks Simon
  4. Of course the first logo I tried this on was not a font and complex but with a little time invested it worked. thank you ! next time I will get the logo exported from illustrator...
  5. Thank you. I will give it a go Phil
  6. We are creating an exhibition stand design and would like to CNC cut out the logo in perspex. How can I create the logo so we can illustrate this on the design and visual ? Thanks Simon Vectorworks 2019


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