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  1. I just have an Intel 630, basic on the motherboard and clearly only just up to the task, so I'm now shopping proper cards to recommend to IT. We have 5-6 workstations that are involved, so it'll not happen immediately, but an upgrade does seem to be warranted.
  2. It appears the Quadro M1200 is a laptop card. It looks like you have the Geforce GTX 1060, I assume that's a workable desktop adaptor?
  3. Thanks for all the help. Benson Shaw's recommendation of setting the Navigation Preferences to 'Best Compatibility' seems to have solved the problem.
  4. I am experiencing the same issue. I tried disabling the second monitor, made no difference. I've tried opening drawings from a VW 2016,2018,2019, as well as starting a drawing. At some point soon after I begin to draw anything the screen begins to flash in blocks of color, as described by others. At this point I, and several others in my company, are stuck unable to get anything done on an upcoming project. Please help. Windows 10 Pro i5-7500 CPU 8 gig RAM Intel HD Graphics 630
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