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  1. Hi Dave, Yep, it's bumped up to 500%....thankfully I'm now starting to get the effect I was looking for. Cheers
  2. Hi Tamsin, Thankfully all is good...but I would be interested in seeing the file you've sent over, unfortunately I can't open it in VW 2017 - when you have the time could you re-send (no rush)? Again, thanks for your time and good luck with the cake...
  3. Hi Kevin, All is good...for what ever reason the 'glow' texture has now decided to work....thanks again for your time.
  4. Had a play around this morning, but still unable to get the 'glow' to transfer on to surrounding objects... Maybe it's something simple that I'm just overlooking...who knows? I've attached my test file, if you do have the time to spare I'd appreciate any input you can offer. Glow_Test.vwx
  5. Hi Tamsin/Kevin I'll give everything you've mentioned a try and let you know how I get on...appreciate your time.
  6. The spheres are glass with a chrome bulb holder - I've drawn the actual bulb itself and added a 'glow' texture, but unfortunately I end up with a 'white' object and no light emitting....
  7. Hi Tamsin, I'll give that a try
  8. The lighting project I'm working on involves over 80 'glass orbs' and I'd like to add a 'glow' effect so that I can provide a night scene.
  9. Hi Kevin Settings are: Colour: Fresnel Reflectivity: Glow Transparency: None Bump: None
  10. Hi Folks, Hope yer can help...working on a custom lighting project and would like to use the 'Glow Texture' effect to cut down on rendering time. Never tried it before, so I've started having a play around and the problem I'm having is that the effect looks to kick in while it's rendering yet I end up with a 'White Object' once rendering is completed? Any help would be appreciated Cheers
  11. Attributes worked a treat.... Thanks again.
  12. Hi Jim / Zoomer Appreciate your response, will give all options a try and let you know how it goes... Thanks again.
  13. Hi All Could anybody help with a problem I'm having? I've recently downloaded a trial version of VW 2019 (I use VW 2017 Fundamentals) to see what the benefits are if I upgrade...one of the benefits being that of the Heliodon Tool. It's being working great until I got to this particular render - which leaves me with "Pink Shadows" does anyone know why this is? Any help would be appreciated... Cheers
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