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  1. Hey so BaRa, I'd love a hand with C4D if you have the time.

    Specifically, what's the easiest way to change the rotation of a roof tile material on a roof object created in VW?

    And, whats the easiest way to map a gutter onto the face created by the same VW roof tool?

    Ping me at matcaird at hotmail.com if you can be bothered.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. I dunnoe if anyone out there wants to help me with the Cinema 4d plugin for Vectorworks...

    But I'm getting some weird things when exporting roof faces. They either don't export, or their position in 3d space 'changes' (z/height to be exact).

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Ta, Mat

  3. well I wish I wish I wish...

    That if you set up a few layers with different height, drew some 3d objects on the 'groundplane' of each layer, then switch to a front view, you would actually see the objects at their layer height.

    Layer links are a clunky answer to the problem. Even in VW10, it is *difficult* to edit objects on a layer by double clicking the layerlink which refers to it. It's even hard to explain in English!

  4. I hear you D...

    I wish there was a way to customise the setup commands, because as they are at the moment, it's only usable at the intial setuip of a drawing.

    If you want to add a another level to a building, or even another sheet to a file, it's quicker to do it manually.

    The setup commands have potential, and I think they have improved from version 9, but they still need work. I also think they need tighter integration with other VW tools, particularly the roof tool. If you use the setup commands, then when you later run the create roof command, there should be no "create roof in layer roof" option. That's just one example.

  5. It's probably because the the truss object is "drawn" on the NONE class, and then placed into the 'container' class you specified.

    It's a pain in the ass.....

    I wrote a script to hide every class except NONE, and the active class. Email me if u want it.

    zeroprospects at yahoo.com

  6. Ok, so I create 2 layers;

    Layer-1 has Z_ of 0

    Layer-2 has z_ 0f -2800

    Then I draw a wall on layer-1, and the bottom z in the OIP shows 0.

    I switch to layer-2, and draw another wall, and the bottom z in the OIP shows 0.

    Why does the bottom z of the wall on layer-2 not show -2800?

    I create a layer link on layer-2, to/of layer-1, and switch to a side view. I expect to see the wall on Layer-1 "on top" of the wall on layer-2. But in fact they are both "sitting" on 0. Why is this?

    Thanks people!

  7. Using the "create standard sheets" command, I wish to change the scale of the floor plan sheets, but the scale thingy is greyed out. Why is that?

    Why is mod-slab 1 above mod-floor 1 (in the layers list)when you create standard sheets? If you create a floor object with a solid fill, you can't see anything on mod-floor 1. Surely this is a bug?


  8. New Zealand....Our $ is worth 55 cents US, still, A medical Doctor(my wife) earns $800/week after tax, So VWA costs almost a months wages for her. Me being self employed is hard to say how much I earn.....

    But, yep, I'll hafta get more RAM then!

  9. Hi all

    So I create a sheet of elevations by doing the following;

    Use the model view tool, select the mod-floor, mod-roof, and mod-slab layers. Rotate the view, sleect the layer links, and "convert copy to lines".

    I wait for the 'render' to execute (which btw, is too slow for a $3000 piece of software).

    I then try to move the grouped lines, and the drawing 'stalls', for like 3 minutes. CPU usuage explodes to 100%. I wait for about 3-5 minutes, and it 'comes right; It seems no matter what I select on the current layer causes the freeze.

    Anyone have any ideas (buying a faster computer is not an option at present).

    VWA10.1, win2k sp3, p3 550, 256mb RAM


  10. For what it's worth, I've had the same problem. I'm starting to think the only "safe" way to use dtms is as a workgroup reference. That way, when you run into a problem, you just create a new reference...And let's be honest - you will run into a problem with your dtm [smile]

  11. So I use the remove wall break tool, then try and do a simple t-join. It takes 12 seconds to excute ($0.2 charged out to client), and I don't get a clean join. One wall gets a 45 degree bevel, the other wall gets a 90 degree end.

    Anyone have any ideas?

    win2k pro, matrox g450 (driver about jan03), p3 550, 256 ram, vwa10.1

  12. I taught myself to use artlantis on the weekend ( the demo is a free download) and I have to say it is awesome.

    Very easy, good result etc.

    There's a vectorworks plugin which makes exporting easier (note that the instructions for installing it are slightly wrong...read the .html readme in the installer).

    No animation capabilities that I have found yet, but simple and intuitive.

    I haven't used Renderworks though, so I can't comment on that...

    Here's the 2 I have done since the weekend


  13. Thanks for your reply Charles

    I gave up in the end and just redrew all the walls.

    It's interesting to note the the wall join tool had the effect of changing the 'angle' of the wall so the the 2 walls ewre no longer perpindicular

    None of the wall join options should change the andle of the wall...so I suspect a problem/bug in the way "apply this wall type to selected walls" works...4WTW (my opinion, "for what that's worth")


  14. SO I used the new feature "apply this wall type to selected walls" in the Select Wall Type window. I updated a whole heap of walls with a new type and two things:

    1) all the existing joins were 'unjoined' [Frown]

    2) now when I use the wall join tool to manually join, some of the walls change their 'angle', and no longer meet at 90 degress

    Note that my original walls were 100mm thick, and the new wall is 330mm thick, so maybe I need to fiddle with the wall offset parameter?

    Thanks everyone

    VWA10.1 on a PC running win2k

  15. I would like to use the condoc drawing boarders with ISO sized sheets.

    So, how do I use a condoc border on a sheet sized 420x294mm?

    The reason for using the condoc as opposed to the iso sheets is the appearance - the condoc looks nicer (to me!).

    If I could edit the PIO....but of course it's locked!


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