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  1. I am writing some scripts to manage classes. one thing I would like to do is select an object on screen, test whether it is a group or symbol, and if yes, 'enter' the group/symbol in order to pick the class of a sub-object.

    I know how to test whether the object is a group/symbol, but I cannot find a way to 'enter' the group or symbol.

    DoMenuTextByName doesn't work for EDIT Group, so I just dunnoe.

    Anyone have any ideas?


  2. So, how do I change the active class.

    I want to pick an existing object, get its class, and change the active class to the same.

    Then I will turn off all classes except the active class and none.

    I have become addicted to ArchiCAD's "quick-layer" pallette and will try and build the same for Vectorworks....

    Thanks in advance!

  3. Here's what I would do Nick

    Buy cinema4d (www.maxon.net) and the vectorworks plugin

    Export the VW file to C4D. You will lose all your textures. It doesn't matter, It will only take an hour or two to retexture the model in C4d, and the textures will be way better.

    Note that I don't have Renderworks, but my reading on it suggests that C4d has much better materials / texturing abilities.

    Also note that rendering / previewing in C4d is way faster than RW (so I've read)

    Also, the workflow and navigation tools in C4d are awesome

    I find I no longer use 3d objects like chairs, beds etc in VW. I build the model in VW, export to c4d, then put in cars, trees, beds, desklamps, people etc.

    just my 2 cents worth

  4. Hi Katie

    The problems are less frequent with the updated video driver.

    I have disabled all hardware acceleration and will see what happens over the next few days.

    Does VW use DirectDraw, Direct3d, DirectX? (I don't really understand this)

    Thanks for responding


  5. So I need help please...

    I have a Dell Inspiron 8100 laptop with I use with a docking bay (Advanced Port Replicator).

    Vectorworks crashes all the time when pluged into the APR, usually when panning or zooming around a drawing.

    None of my other software crashes....

    Now I suspect it is probably a video driver issue - and I have updated to the latest driver (Video card is Nvidia Gefore2 go with 32mb, driver is version 4.4.82, 24/6/2003 - from the dell website).

    But does anyone else have any ideas?

    winxp pro SP1

    512 mb ram

  6. The styles allow you to control the appearance of parts of the winodw via the classes.

    So say you set glazing to "style-glazing 1", then go into the classes dialog, look for style-glazing 1, change its line-color to red, tick "use at creation" then exit the classes dialog.

    Now your glass line on your window will be red.

    Same for the other sill/trims, and jambs and their respective style classes.

  7. Well here's my two cents worth;

    Site modelling is a bit mongrelly. I do the site model as a seperate file, then use workgroup referencing to 'insert' it into my drawing. That when, WHEN a problem develops, I can delete it and start again. You'll notice from previous posts that sometimes parts of site models are undeletable, and cause problems.

    I haven't had any problem with displaying the solids like you mention. I guess you need to check all you classes are turned on, and that you are in a 3d view of the correct layer.


  8. WEll I use Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer (5 buttons), and Microsoft Intellimouse Blue 93 buttons).

    Both on the PC, both USB, both zoom by holding CTRL+rolling the wheel, both have the same customised right-click menu in VWA10.5. I don't know if you can add functionality to the other 2 buttons on the Explorer, but in any event I wouldn't want to.

    I haven't customised any of the buttons for C4D, but the scroll wheel acts as a zoom (I think it changes the cameras F setting or something). I don't use the wheel to zoom.

    HERE's what sould happen NNA:

    The wheel should zoom without needing to hold down CTRL....

    Pushing the wheel down (yes the wheel is also a button) should pan the drawing.


  9. When creating a new wall type, how do you know which side will be used as the "outside" when inserting door and window objects. ie, which side will the window external sill line be closet to when you ctrl drag a window from one wall into another wall?

    Thanks in advance

  10. Hey P

    Your approach to setting layrez = 0 to all layers, then adjusting the wall heights manually is how I do it too.

    It's the only way to keep track of everything I find.

    I cannot understand why you must link layers before the layer z value has any "meaning", and this was a source of confusion for me when I was first learning VW.


  11. Well I always thought (forgive me if I'm wrong) that patterns were really only any use if you are using some sort of post-script printing.

    'Cause on the PC, patterns are simply no use at all when it comes to print.

    Maybe some mac users can comment - do patterns print out at a useful scale for you people?

  12. Well Katie, thanks for your reply.

    I can't dulpicate the problem anymore, so can only assume the following based on your info;

    One of my 5 printers installed caused the problem (I change the default printer all the time for various reasons)

    I did have AVG (antivirus) running at some level.

    Thanks Again

  13. Hey has anyone else had this;

    Launch Vectorworks, it loads up, and then "runtime error", click "OK", and it closes.

    Launch it a couple more times and eventually it runs fine....

    May be something to do with my custom workspace, but why does it work eventually?

    winxp SP1

    p3 1.1, 1/2 a g of RAM

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