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  1. Hi all

    My call out tool has stopped working in one file. I can't edit the contents.

    It's not a layer or class issue...or a viewport issue - I can select and place callouts, just can't edit the contents.

    Double clicking don't work, neither does "get text from database", edit note.

    works fine in a blank document though.

    VWA 11.5, win xp pro

  2. Hi all

    If you use the unconstrained dimension tool in chain mode, select the first two points, and draw the dimension, unless the next point selected is in line with the first two, the length setting in the OIP displays a differnt figure than the dimension.

    Does that make sense?


  3. I cannot think of a situation where changing the viewport annotations would require re-rendering of the viewport (if the design layer were set to some rendering mode)

    Therefore, my wishlist item that editing viewport annotations doesn't affet the rendered image of the design layers - thus saving valuable seconds "updating".



  4. Thanks Peter

    You are right about that,

    but, what if you have viewports of different scale on the same "sheet" (of paper), then your drawing label will report an incorrect scale for some of the viewports.

    Also, it's not just drawing labels; whole blocks of text look better aligned to other blocks of text - same with dimensions.

    Is there a hidden "switch" to "show other viewports wjile editing viewport" similar to "show others while in group"?

    thanks again


  5. Hi All

    well I've done enough workspace editing to be quite good at it;

    VW9 to VW10 to VW10 Australia/NZ to VW11 to VW11 Australia/NZ

    So I went to "Object context", selected send-to back, then clicked the radio button for CTRL. Next I added a B. VW said "The shortcut "CTRL+B" is already used by: Send to Back. Do you want to reassign the key to "Send to Back"?". And of course I clicked yes, and now it won't work at all.

    And I can't make it work now at all in my custom workspace, although for all other workkspaces it is fine.

    Must be a bug I think.

  6. Hi again

    So I create a roof using the create roof from poly command.

    Playing with the textures I see there is an option to texture the roof surface with one texture, and the roof edges with another. But I cannot make the roof edge show any texture at all.

    Anyone have the key to this?



  7. Hi all

    So I insert a pio which uses 3 different classes.

    Each class I ser to 'use textures a creation' and give them a tex...

    Question is: how do you edit the textures for the individual objects within the pio ?(classes), eg scale , rotation, etc?


  8. Newbie question;

    So I set mt DTM-Mesh class to "use at creation", then go to the Other tab, select a tecture to use, and tick "use textures at creation"

    I then run the DTM processor, change a setting, and click OK

    I would expect the DTM to now show up with a tecture on the 3d mesh (open GL enabled). However there's not.

    Any ideas?


  9. Thanks Raymond

    I'll keep working on it and let you know.

    Part of my problem is I keep getting tripped upu with syntax type problems, (eg the {{}}), spend an hour mucking around solving that and it's soon bedtime.

    And using the editor built into VW, on a 15" laptop at 1440x900 pixels make the { hard to see!



  10. Well Mr Mullin Sir, I have been working on your hint for the past few days and I have learnt a lot, including the following;

    {} can only be used to comment out one line at a time, and certainly not blocks of other {} braces?

    How do you comment out a whole block of code easily?

    I got the ForEachObjectInLayer command to traverse deeply, return the class of each object, then hide that class. It was actually really easy!

    I still can't workout how your snippet of code returns a handle to a selected object on another layer though. Why does "if Selected(H)" not simply return "true" if an object on any layer is selected?

    Maybe if you can be bothered, you could explain how it works please.

    If you are too busy, then no worries mate, I unnerstand!

    Thanks in advance


  11. Hi

    So I pick an object on the screen, then launch my script...I wanna get a handle to object picked, but of course

    h := FSObject(ActLayer);

    will only work if the picked object is on the active layer.

    What I really want to do is

    h := FSObject(All Visible Layers);

    But I dont know how.

    Anyone have any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.


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