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  1. hi, my name is Paz I need help connecting Vectorworks vision with Compulite vectorpc consol on the same computer. I have the latest version of vision ( and the latest version of compulite vectorpc ( GC4.0.R05) I'm trying to work with Artnet by transmitting from the consol vectorpc to vision. I have a dongle for vision but not for vectorpc. do I need one? In the "Dmx provider" in vision I choose "ARTNET", but in the "Dmx viewer" I see no change when I turn the lights on in the vectorpc consol so I'm thinking I need to do something in the vectorpc consol, for the transmission to go throw. ill be very glad for any suggestion and help with this problem. thanks.
  2. no, i dont have a dongle. but its should work with the esp vision driver no?
  3. i have a similer problem after installing the esp vision driver, grandma2 on pc, and vision, i choose in the "dmx provider" in vision the grandma, and i get a "hasp" how can i fix it?
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