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  1. Thank you! This is exactly what I needed to know.
  2. I am new to Vectorworks and transitioning from AutoCAD so I may be missing some key settings. I am in the process of trying to setup a project base with a DWG site survey and 2 IFC building models to be overlaid together. The DWG survey file is located in the real world (site is around x = 985,140, y = 653,470). I've inserted the DWG as a reference file with "import locations options" set as "Center first import, align all subsequent imports (Recommended)". I now have my DWG located as I would have expected in AutoCAD. For the building IFC models, I created a "host" VWX file to import the IFC file then "referenced" that VWC into my current file. The issue I am having is that the building model loads FAR away (about 4 miles) from the DWG site survey. I am not surprised as I wouldn't have expected the architect's to have worked off a real world insertion point. The same would be true in AutoCAD. However, is there a setting to place the building IFC in a desired location on import? Or easily move it after import? I have tried selecting and moving the referenced building model by using the Move by Points tool but have not been able to move it beyond a very limited distance. When I fit the page to objects (ie. with the model and site survey in the same view) I am unable to move the model by means of any of the tool options, even moving by distance. I can only move it by having a smaller view around the building model and moving it a small distance (a few hundred feet) at a time and the program is constantly freezing (likely due to the fact that I have a working file with 4 miles between elements?). Any insights would be appreciated.


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