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  1. Hi, I just updated from 2021 to 2022 and have now that same problem. I had no issue with the 2021 version. Was this bug fixed and is back with the new version ? Thanks
  2. @Edgar RAMEL Merci Edgar ! C'était exactement ce dont j'avais besoin. Valérie
  3. Edgar en Mike, thank you for your replies. @mikeheacox I should have mentioned that I did that but I get the rounded up number in my worksheet followed by 2 zeros (in this example : 39,00) @Edgar RAMEL I think that might be the solution to my problem. How do I get that "Editer format de base de données" window ? Valérie
  4. Hello, I have kind of the opposite problem. I'd like to add decimals to my plant's price in the plant record. Is that possible ? As you can see in the screen shot, my plant's unit price is 39,16 in the plant style but only 39 in the plant record. When I have a few hundred or thousand plants, that difference adds up and my estimations are completely off. Is there a way to edit that ? I must add that I'm completely lost when it comes to plant database. I tried to follow the steps given in the link below to find the plant record but had to give up. http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2017/eng/VW2017_Guide/Plants/Managing_Plant_Database_Records.htm#XREF_61545_Updating_Plant I hope someone can help. Valerie
  5. Hello, I would like to override the class properties in a viewport and it doesn't seem to work with the landscape areas. Am I missing something ? All the graphic attributes are set on 'by class' and polygones and polylines are reacting just fine. Furthermore, if I try to edit the classes themselves, the landscape areas remain unchanged unless I change one of their properties. I hope this is clear enough. Bonus question : is there a way to save the viewport class properties as a style ? I sometimes need to go back and forth between 2 looks but with the same info in the title block. Thanks
  6. Hello, Could someone help me with this ? I'm using the callout tool and the text seems to be offset. You can see on the joined print screen that the text is not aligned with the background color or the leader. How can I fix that ? I tried changing any property that could be changed but to no avail. Thanks. As a side question, is "callout" the best tool for this? All that "database center" thing make it look like callout has a whole other purpose.
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