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  1. Yes, I can send one of them to you. I just tested again. The file opens just fine, but I tried to zoom with the mouse scroll and it immediately froze, the screens then went black. They came back to the desktop with VW completely white. I had to force close. Hopefully, you can see if it is something with the file itself. If it doesn't mess up on your end then maybe it has to do with some local APPdata or ProgramData files?
  2. So after trying to test different scenarios I've figured out part of the problem, but not the initial issue. What I've figured out is that after this happened the first time, my drawing became "corrupted". It allowed me to open the drawing after everything went white and froze when I re-opened VW. I was able to work on the drawing for a good 5 minutes or so before this happened again. I created different copies of the drawing and had mixed results for the amount of time it functioned before crashing - anywhere from 5 seconds to a few minutes. Thankfully, I had a backup of the original file before the crash happened. This is the only file that does not crash from the group of files (all from the same project). I decided to make a copy of it before I tested this scenario. I opened the functioning copy of the backup file and a file known to crash. I then copied the most recent plan drawing from the file that crashes and pasted it into a design area on the good file. This simple act immediately corrupted the good file. I'm wondering if there is a specific element in the drawing that could be corrupting the files. Most of the drawing is made up of 2d lines and there is one area with an image fill. I still don't know what would have crashed the system initially though. Hopefully, it does not happen again.
  3. I have been using Vectorworks for many years now and have come across instances of it crashing, but since upgrading to VW 2020 I've never had it crash so often - pretty much every time I use it. I'll be working on a simple 2D top/plan drawing and then my monitors flicker off then back on and VW is completely frozen and it is a blank white screen. This past time, however, when the monitors went black they then powered off shortly thereafter. I was listening to music at the time and it continued to play in the background with the monitors off so it seems like the pc was still working, but I could get no response from the monitors so I had to restart. I've updated to the newest drivers for my video card - did a clean install and updated to SP1. I'm wondering if there is a problem having VW span over multiple monitors. For instance, I keep my main drawing area on my middle monitor and all of my tools and window palettes on another monitor. This never happens unless VW is open and in use. I welcome any ideas.
  4. Resetting the preferences worked. After resetting the preferences I made sure to check if it worked before doing any updates and migrating settings from VW 2108. Not sure why it didn't work after the initial upgrade. Thanks for the information.
  5. I just recently upgraded from VW2018 to 2019 and I've run into an issue with the SmartCursor not working as expected. I used it all the time with 2018 to acquire midpoints of lines and to snap new lines to corners of objects. The SmartCursor Cues always popped up where expected. After upgrading, the SmartCursor is not acting the same so I'm wondering if it has changed since 2018 or if it is some sort of bug. To test the difference between VW 2018 and VW 2019 I've made all of the SmartCursor settings and the Vectorworks Preferences exactly the same. I then tried to acquire the top corner of a rectangle. You can see the results in the attached images. VW2018 clearly gives me a cue and it stops on the corner of the rectangle. VW2019 shows the 2 small dots (acquisition hint?) in the general area of the corner, but the cursor never snaps to the corner. If I click to begin a new line in VW 2019 near the corner it will not snap to anything. Maybe I'm missing something obvious, but I don't know what other settings I could change at this point. Any help would be appreciated. I am running the VW 2019 SP2.


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