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  1. I am trying to export a complete file in DWG. The file is then e-mailed to an outside source. The problem is that the layer I am on is the only layer exported. If I make all layers active before I export it, then it is not at all legible. If I then re-import that file I cannot separate the layers. I am following all the reccomendations in the export section. The recipient has Autocad and can't (or won't) read VW drawings or I would simply send the VW file through the e-mail. Is there an easy way to send the whole file at once rather than as each layer at a time. I haven't seen any postings lately that address this. I would assume that this is a normal procedure and that I am doing something wrong. Any help would be appreciated. Burt
  2. Thank you Robert. I am using 10.1.2 on this end but I don't know what version of Autocad the recipient has. Also I am ignorant of the various DWG options available in the export window, so I am using the 2000 series. From what i gathered from your response is that I must send each layer individually. This is not a problem for me, but my boss thought it would be easier at the other end if they received it as a single file. Thanks again
  3. Mr. R. Anderson, Bless You! Worked like a champ. So simple.
  4. Katie, If I try to plug in a set of stairs in color into an existing drawing I have problems. 1 - they will not show in color eventhough the attributes show in color. 2 - The pen weights are much heavier than they show in class or in attributes. Solid lines go from 3 to 9 or 12, and dotted lines go to solid. If I do exactly the same thing in a new file, the stairs appear as they should. Right color and right line weight. Same class attributes. Same class active. Same class options. Same set of stairs. Same layer scale. In the "existing" drawing I can not get color to show no matter what. It may be something very simple that I am doing wrong. I am still fairly new at this and need all the help I can get. As an aside; with VW10.1, I am now finding all those windows and doors that disappeared before. I had forgotten how many attempts I had made. Now, whenever I open a drawing I hadn't used since installing vw10.1 I find windows. This is not, I repeat, not a complaint. Iam just happy to have the problem behind me, but it is comical to see a series of doors in the middle of a kitchen Thanks
  5. From my own experience and from reading all these posts, I have a very simple question. Is there a way to convert a file created in VW10 to function as though it were created in VW10.1? I am running VW10.1 with VW10 and VW9 uninstalled. I am operating on Windows XL Pro. I am not experiencing any slowdown problems, but there are things I cannot do in drawings created with VW10 that I can do in a new file with VW10.1. I uninstalled 9 and 10 to see if that would change things but it didn't.
  6. I just loaded the new 10.1 that came in the mail this morning. I used the same Icon on the desktop that had been there sinces first loading vw10. The window and door tools worked great for a while and then I had problems. I switched to stairs (just testing this out) and I was able to use the stairs until I tried to edit a set. At first it said that there was no edit behavior, but then it started editing the flight of stairs. After that I Could Not use the stair tool. I then closed out, put the VW icon in the garbage can, Pulled up a shortcut from VW10.1 and started again. ALL the windows and stairs which wouldn't show before came up on the screen. I checked them for classes, made that class active,set options to active only, they ALL disappeared. It would seem that they do have a class but it is not recognized. If I use show/snap/modify others they show in black and I can access them. If I gray them, they will never show black no matter which class is active. It appears that they have all been neutered, but still have name tags. I realize that this is long but it may shed some light on the real problem. Let me know what you think. In the meantime I will use the shutdown method every time I have a problem.
  7. B.Howell


    Katie, I checked the actual size of the files. Some were in the 100k range and some were about 1 Meg. I managed to get a 100k bitmap to print along with the test Title Block. It looked very good. I blew it up to check on pixelization and printed it by itself. It printed fine except it was backwards (mirror image) even though it was correct on the screen. I'll keep working on it.
  8. Katie, This is strange... I opened a file I hadn't used a about two weeks, did minor work on the floor plan layer, (It looked just like I had left it) closed out and opened a details layer and worked on that for a few hours. At the end of the day I closed out of that layer and was ready to shut down. For some reason I went back to the floor plan and, lo and behold, there were all the doors I had tried to put in weeks ago. They were scattered throughout the drawing because, at the time I was having problems and didn't want to mess up the walls. Between the time I worked on the floor plan this morning and the time I went back to it at the end of the day I didn't change ANY Class or Layer settings. The doors weren't there this morning but they are now. Where were they hiding all that time? This is strange indeed.
  9. B.Howell


    Katie, Thanks for you speedy reply. File size as shown on printing queue is anywhere from 56k to 166k. Error message is "error printing" , no more and no less. Windows XP Pro o.s. with a HP 5000N LaserJet I have run diagnostics on the printer and found no problems. That does not necessarily mean that there aren't any. The file size seems awfully small considering that the images come in much bigger than that.
  10. B.Howell


    I have been trying to create a custom title block. To do this I have imported company logos from the art department. These are imported in various formats and extensions. They import fine. I first tried to print a straight import. No luck. I then went through the Resource Browser and "applied" them as both objects and also as images. No luck printing. Next I used the attributes pallet to apply them. Looked good. Would not print. By not printing I mean that I would get an error message form the printing queue and not even get to the printer. The layers would print until I added these images or objects. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  11. Katie, With regards to lost doors and windows, yes I had opened all classes and even all layers and the pio's were not there. I then slowly eliminated layers and the result was no better. This is particularly frustrating after placing a window, seeing it sit there nice and pretty, repositioning it and have it disappear - for ever. As one of other respondents said, the tool then simply quits. I can set all the properties, click "ok", move the cursor to place the object, but all I have is the small + . Clicking at the location gives me nothing.
  12. I too, have been having problems,not only with plugging in windows, but also with other plug in objects. Being very new to this I tried every way possible to put in a window, all to no avail. Days later they woul all suddenly show up and I would have to delete them all. Where were they?I am usually successful with my first window of the session and then this function quits. If I have a window in and try to reposition it using 'properties', it disappears. I can still call it up on object info eventhough I can't see it. This only works until I exit 'properties' then it is gone for good. I had this same problem with spirals. I could put three or four in (practicing) and then the function quit. It is a gross understatement to say that this is frustrating. Also, what is a PIO. and when can we get it?


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