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  1. Vectorworks 2020 exhibits the same behavior but I tried use Export option instead of Publish... one. Everything seems identical except at the end this lovely window popped up: I wish I knew it exists prior doing my last project.
  2. I am using Vectorworks 2019. I’ll try it in 2020 tomorrow. I exported a bunch of sheets, 97 to be precise, to PDF with that boxed unchecked. It took a couple of minutes. And then I selected all sheets in ‘publish’ dialogue window and changed exporting format from PDF to DWG/DWF. But this time I have no control over weather I want to update viewports or do not and Vectorworks graciously update them all for me. Probably my exporting options are poorly optimized but it took two hours to complete exporting.
  3. Hello, I couldn't find related thread even though a question seems trivial. I can publish pdf without necessity to update all viewports anew. It is very useful especially if there is a minor mistake which affects only one sheet. I amend mistake, update relevant viewport and republish the set. But it doesn't seem possible when exporting DWG. Vectorworks will still update all viewports on all sheets even if I simply change date on titleblock etc. Is there a way how to avoid updating viewports exporting DWG? Thanks you in advance.
  4. The fillet tool seems to convert wall object into fillet. Is there a way to keep it as a wall type? We use wall components to compute area in worksheet.


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