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  1. Hi,

    Is it possible to make a worksheet from the active class / viewport only? Now he adds everything together .. (See fig 1)

    Is it possible to determine the order yourself in the worksheet? 

    VW does it in data visualization. 





    Fig 1.JPG

  2. Hi, 


    I made a drawing in VW201.

    In Top/plan -2D plan I see the truss corner FD44-X (fig1), when I then switch to 3D Gl the FD44-X is not visible (fig2).

    When I select the FD44 with my mouse, it is there (fig3) Also if i simplified the truss. (fig4)

    All truss is in the same layer / class.


    Does anyone know how to fix this?








  3. Hi,


    When I make a rendering via renderworks camera tools and then create vieuwpoort with a number of spots, I get a kind of reflection on the floor.
    The texture Tile granite is in front of the floor in Render.

    How can I get it out? /  What am I doing wrong?

    Reflection on floor.JPG

  4. Hello,

    Just started with Vision ...


    If I transfer my drawing from VW2020 to Vision2020, the lamps go to a zero point. I have already found this on the forum.


    Is there a way to rotate or aim the lights in Vision without a lighting desk on it?

    Or another easy way to aim the lamp, for me its now just for the visualisation.






  5. Hello, 


    For some reason I have a 2d laptop in my drawing that I can't get removed ...

    It is in the None class, if i put the visibility off it is gone. (tried all other classes)


    In Open Gl you see the 2d version.

    (I think it was created after adding the laptops at the reception desk,  2D plan you don't see them )


    How can I remove it?   

    Laptop GL.JPG

    Laptop 2D.JPG

  6. Who can help?

    Amateur user of VW2019 Spotlight.

    My worksheet does not display the correct number.


    I made several designs, and most of the time he did well on recalculation.

    If this did not go well, it would have been resolved to create a new worksheet.


    Now I have a design where recalculating and recreating a worksheet doesn't work.

    I'm curious what I have to look at to solve it.


    In design 15 objects in sheet 16 objects.

    In this case VW counts 4 x FD34 200 but there are only 3 in drawing.


    Thanks in advance.



    Knipsel ws.JPG


  7. Hello,


    I made a floor in VW2019 for a stand.

    From Top/Plan:

    1) Rectangle tool

    2) spotlight-  architactual - floor

    3) tab render - texture - wood


    The problem is het puts the texture under see picture 3

    I tried flip / rotate etc ... 


    Is there a easy way, or what did i do wrong?



    Knipsel 1.JPG

    Knipsel 2.JPG

    Picture 3.JPG

  8. @JustinVH


    YES it works, very nice. thanks to you!

    See the picture. 


    A detail, now the FD44 CS1-DC10 is also square and in real he is round.


    Can you explain to me how you do that, how you make those symbols like you did that with the BOB.

    A video would be nice. 


    Many thanks.



  9. @JustinVH


    Many thanks and the video makes so much clear, that helps me a lot!

    If i set the bold-on in render open Gl they stay in square, is it possible to get them round?


     (When you have time to spare, would you like to make a video about how you made the symbols?)

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