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  1. @Conrad Preen thank you for the tip.
  2. Hello, I have two schematic files I am trying to link, using the Cable link tool in ConnectCAD. I am working on a PC. Every time I save both files then reopen, or make any change to either of the two files the links break and I have to reconnect them. I have tried using the refresh links and rebuild links tool and nothing seems to work. Has anyone experienced this? thanks
  3. MJM, Thanks for the response, although I have tired this solution and can't figure out how to keep all the different classes on and still use the symbol. I keep seeing all three representations stacked on top each other. In the example I listed in my original post I need to be able to use the same symbol from the resource manger but change between the different versions of the symbol. Reason for that is the drawing might have 300 philips heads, another 500 flat head and 100 hex heads. I know I could just make three different symbols and be done, but that doesn't help my workflow. In Vectorworks I just found an "Electrical Receptacle" plug in object that has a drop down in the "object info pallet" for the different types of receptacles. Allowing the user to drop in as many of the same symbol in there work space then go back and make each one different. This is a perfect example of what I am looking to create, a symbol that I can populated 1000 times and then choose what I need each one to be from a predetermined list of options. Any suggestions?
  4. Hello, Let me start by saying I am fairly new to Vectorworks, however I have been drafting in Autocad for 17+ years now. I am trying to create a Block or "Symbol" in Vectorworks that allows me change that symbols appearance from a predetermined list of other symbols or appearances. For example in Autocad if I was drawing a part that used all three types of screw heads; Phillips, Flat and Hex I could create a one block that has all three of the those 2D representations nested in it, then use a visibility state to switch between them. In Vectorworks I have noticed a few plug-in objects that has this same functionality, however I can't seem to find a way to create one. Is this even possible in the current scope of Vectorworks for the user to create this kind of Symbol or is this something that has to be scripted in by the software developers? Any advice would greatly appreciated, Thanks.


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