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    similar to ACAD fence command?

    Does VW have a fence command similar to AutoCad that allows you to trim or extend a large number of lines at the same time by drawing a line or crossing selection box through all the lines you want to extend / trim? Attached is an example - I've set vertical brick coursing setting out, but now need to execute a multiple trim command to the vertical wall lines indicated red. In Acad I can select one of the red lines as a cutting edge then back select (select crossings) in one click and drag command to trim all of the lines in one stroke. I did wonder if shift / option then back select click and drag would work - but no joy when selecting with a command active. Cheers!
  2. Hello - still getting used to VW from Autocad. I'm trying to work out how to copy an object multiple times but relative to a given point that its not part of the object to be copied. A bit like a multiple array. I hope that makes sense! All I can make it do is cntrl C / Cntrl V then move using grips which is a bit laborious.
  3. Okay, I've found a work around. ctrl C / ctrl V to copy and paste the item to be copied in place (ie an exact duplicate cut and pasted over the original item in the original place so you make a copy), with this duplicate selected, use the 'move by points tool' object retention mode (value set to 1) and you can copy / move relative to a point multipe times. Have a great weekend Jon
  4. Thanks for this Russ, thats very helpful. I think the issue maybe I'm currently only using VW as a 2d drafting tool and not exploiting its full potential. We've booked in training to get up to speed with BIM and 3D, but until we've done this it seems like work arounds for some commands (like this one) are the order of the day. Thanks for taking the time though Jonathan and Russ. Cheers Jon
  5. Thanks Russ, thats interesting and would work for a simple shape. The problem comes when moving the 'circle' relative to a complex object. A real world example would be a light switch symbol (ie the circle) relative to a door reveal in a number of room locations. The door position in plan would vary (effectively 'randomly'), but the proximity of the light switch to the door reveal would be the same in each location. In Acad the copy command would allow me to select the circle, then select the base point and then click to position A in any location, any amount of times and the object will place relative to A each time. Its quite handy!
  6. Thanks for answering Jonathan, I've had a chance to play with that command and its not quite what I need. I've drawn a diagram that I hope clarifies things (Joao - I believe this is similar to your question too, but what if the 'future' base point was on randomly spaced objects diagram also attached). The move by point command* works when there is an equal spacing between entities. But what I need is a command that will let me copy an object which is 'off grid' from the array, but the base point is the same. Hopefully the diagram clarifies. Its a simple concept, but surprising hard to write down! *(see attached screen shot of the command line for the tool - slight rant alert : why is this called 'move' and not 'copy' or 'array'? Copy write with ACAD maybe..........) Thanks in advance
  7. Hello - new user transferring from autocad. Question 1 - Is there a similar command to the 'fence' select tool in Autocad. ie trim or extend multiple lines to one cutting line with a click and drag selection? see attached diagram. Question2 - Is there a 'previous command' short cut. ie hit return in Autocad and it loads the previous command. Question 3 - Is there a 'Select Previous' ( 'P' keyboard command in Autocad) option in Vectorworks? Thanks in advance.
  8. jonp0001

    rotate a design layer

    Hello all. I'm using Vectorworks as a 2d tool for now (transferring from autocad lt / sketchup to vectorworks architect - but not had the BIM training just yet) which I know its not particularly set up for. However, I need to draft a 2d cross section and wondered if there was a way of rotating a design layer in isolation. ie rotating a 'section' design layer over the floor plan design layers so I can produce a first angle projection of the section. In autocad, I'd use UCS tools but obviously the design layer (model space?) doesnt quite work the same. (I've found the 'rotate plan' tool, but it seems to rotate all of the design layers, when I need just the section design layer rotating........)
  9. jonp0001

    rotate a design layer

    Thats perfect, thanks Mike.
  10. jonp0001

    Missing line types

    Hello all, new to this forum and Vectorworks - currently moving across from autocad to vectorworks architect. Early days but I've hit a problem. When drawing lines, I only seem to have 6 line types available (see attached). There is a menu that suggests there are standard libraries available, but when I open the folders they are empty. I clearly need to load some libraries from somewhere, but I have no idea how to do this and I can't find any clues through general internet searches. Any advice greatly received. Another issue I have is that the line type I have chosen (some kind of do dashed line) doesn't display accurately in either design layouts, sheet view of pdf preview (again, see attached). This is drawn 1:1 in Deisgn layers and viewed in a 1:50 view port in the sheet layer. Cheers for now
  11. jonp0001

    Missing line types

    I’ll have a play with the line type editing ( but maybe leave the hatch editing For a, um, ‘period of time’ 😂)
  12. jonp0001

    Missing line types

    @michaelk a huge thank you Michael. Thats worked (of course!). There is now a whole world of line / hatch possibilities to explore! Really appreciated 🙂


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