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  1. theres a workaround, when you click on save/render (in export panorama above) it saves an opengl version in place before the final render - just rename this image to keep the opengl version
  2. Hi, Im having real trouble trying to work out how to do a gold texture for light fittings... Its just looking so fake!! Anyone give me some advice or has a good gold texture?? Ive tried the one in the VW resources and its just too yellow...
  3. Great thank you - did I see you'd made one with kids toys on a shelf somewhere? - would be interested in that one too!! thanks
  4. Fantastic! now its working perfectly!! - thank you so much thats brilliant.
  5. has something to do with the red line and nodes you have in the door symbol, delete the line and nodes in mddle of door and resave as symbol for converting to door and it works..
  6. this just keeps crashing for me - any ideas why it would do that os-x 10.11.6, VW2019 and tried 2018 - crashes VW as soon as i try to alter the naowall item.
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