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  1. I've sent you the file. If you find what causes rendering errors - please write it here so more VW users will know what mistakes we sholud avoid.
  2. Hi! I am testing Redshift rendering engine and I have some problems with textures on LED screens in Spotlight. I have file with 3 led screens. One renders OK, but other two renders with errors. Same file rendered with Redshift disabled - everything is OK. Any ideas? All textures on screens are set to exactly same parameters. Bad rendering in attachment
  3. I have problem with Braceworks calculation of very easy system. 3x 3m long PROLYTE H30V Trusses, 2 hoists. 3x trusses weights 62,40 kg When I connect 2 hoists and calculate the system - Braceworks shows Load weight: 54,15 kg If truss weights 62,40 shouldn't Braceworks calculate load weight like 62,40 / 2 = 31,2 kg? See video: Other example: Same truss, same hoists, added 5 loads (200 kg each), calculated the system and it shows Load weight: 801,78 kg per hoist. TRUSS: 62,40 kg Loads: 5x 200 kg TOTAL Load: 1062,40 kg So what's wrong? Is Braceworks an alpha version of software? Today - it should not cost more that 1$ because it's useless.
  4. Hi! As I'm new to Vectorworks and Braceworks I have few problems with connections between trusses and hoist. Can someone tell me why hoist are visualised like that? If I change any parameter of that hoist by hand in Info Palette - Braceworks says that hoists are not connected. If I connect hoists to trusses - it looks like that and parameters in PIO are completly stupid... Second problem - I have inserted House Rigging Point, set the Allowable Force Z to 1,5kN, connected truss using bridle, calculated the system in Braceworks and... it changes Allowable Force Z to 5 kN which is 3,5kN more than house rigging point can take... Why? Thanks for help
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