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  1. This will sound very strange but stick with me: Restart Vectorworks, then undock the Object Info palette from its normal place in the top right corner of the workspace and leave it floating free. Once thats done, try creating those object types and see if the hang still occurs. If that temporarily resolves it, then that issue should be corrected once SP3 comes out. Please let me know if it does not affect it though.
  2. Its doesnt show a circular line type resource at all in the new files library? Same appearance when you match the layer scale to your file? (Sometimes it's fooled me when the line type was just scaled too small to see in another file.) However if they really arent appearing in the new file, delete the original stipple from the old file and copy/paste the one from the new doc into it and tell me what happens. However if it still shows with that odd line type, send me that file please and I can take a look. A private message is fine if the file cant be posted publicly.
  3. If you copy that stipple to another document, does it appear properly or with the circles? In the new doc you paste it into if the circles appear, do they go away if you delete the circular line type resource from the new documents library?
  4. With that door selected, does it say it is a Door or Door in Wall? If you delete that door and insert a different one of a different style from the door tool, does that one break it? If you take that same door and insert it into a new wall in a new blank file, does it break the wall like it should? The red highlighting you mentioned normally indicates the other stuff is all correct, selectable layers and the insertion mode, etc.
  5. Same issue occurs in both of those files after a full machine reboot?
  6. If you deactivate the renderworks camera, go to top/plan view, then without using saved views go back to right isometric view, is it still in perspective? if you then switch that upper right settings does it change? Renderworks cameras can have their own separate projection, I normally do not use it personally.
  7. On the top right of that screenshot, there is a dropdown currently set to "Set Custom Perspective Projection", I usually leave this at Normal and i think thats the default perspective projection.
  8. Same issue happens after restarting the server? The users all have separate account names/no one is logging in with the same usernames?
  9. PVA - Jim

    Texture Bug 2019

    That's very odd. Happening in the English version as well, submitting it now. The bug looks to just exist in OpenGL, as when I render in a Renderworks mode the textures revert to appearing as expected. VB-158407
  10. Not likely a solution since it can make messy geometry, but does the same hang happen if you change the setting for "Decompose 3D Symbols and Groups" does it hang at the same place? How long was the hang for before closing?
  11. Send me one of those files please, you can post one of the image props on its own in a test file and I can take a look. It COULD just be an issue with the Canvas Size in Photoshop being larger than needed for the Image Size, but usually then that extra area is also transparent.
  12. Those grey bars on the top and bottom appear in the document when rendered as well as in this preview window? They shouldn't normally, theyre just there to fill in that square UI element when images that are a different aspect ratio are shown.
  13. It looks like your machine has two graphics cards, an integrated Intel model which is currently active, and a Radeon RX which is not being used. Normally there is a Crimson or Catalyst control panel accompanying Radeon RX cards, in there you should find settings that allow you to enable the dedicated/high power graphics card. Apologies, on AMD products this menu can change and I am not exactly sure where the switch for it may be. HPs website may also list steps for how to do this on that machine specifically. This should help in the meantime until you can switch to the other card, then you can put this back to Best Performance.
  14. This looks like it was just approved, please restart your machine and try launching Vectorworks again. If it fails, message me back directly with the last 6 of the serial number you are using and I can confirm its the most recent one.
  15. Reply back with the dxdiag file from that machine please, I can take a look:
  16. It looks like this machine is running macOS 12.14, which is beyond what Vectorworks 2017 supported, so it may not be resolvable. However, it appears there are two versions of Vectorworks 2017 in the app folder of this machine, does the crashing happen with both? One of them is at SP0 while the other is at SP3, but the last version released for 2017 was SP5: https://www.vectorworks.net/downloads/ServicePack?major=2017&servicepack=5&language=1 In any case, it would be wisest to remove one of those two versions of 2017, then update the remaining one to the latest service pack, that would give you the greatest chance of avoiding the crash but since it's not a supported OS for 2017, theres no knowing for sure.
  17. Going forward, Vectorworks is going to rely more and more on the graphics hardware as versions progress as we convert more and more tech to use the VGM. This is also where all high end rendering tech is going as well, so it's a wise consideration when upgrading hardware.
  18. Mainly: Reinstalling your OS from scratch and freshly installing applications is the best way to keep performance maxed overall, even unrelated to Vectorworks. I do this personally at least once a year on my home machine, and every two or so on my work ones. As smooth as OS updates may be getting on the surface, underneath going through "dirty" updates ( "dirty" not meaning to imply you did it wrong, just not fresh from scratch) like win7 to Win8 to Win10 or macOS 10.12 to 10.13 to 10.14. I don't harp on this much as a cure-all because very few people I spoke to on the phone in my support days were interested in doing a complete install, understandably, but when all else fails it's the best option especially for things that are very odd, nor replicable on similar/identical hardware, or problems that slowly get worse over time. The things wrong with Vectorworks specifically are usually cleared out with a regular preference reset like I so often prescribe here, but if the leftover junk is OS related, the clean wipe is the only surefire cure that doesn't involve an IT rep digging through your user folders and registry for hours trying to find bits to clear manually, often not even sure what to look for.
  19. I have new information related to this issue: Please try this for me if you are still experiencing this after a reset: Take your object info palette and undock it so its floating free, then try inserting the table and chairs again. Tell me if it locks up, if it doesnt, dock the OIP and insert another. If it STILL happens, then this should be corrected by 2019 SP3.
  20. If you go, not to OpenGL Options, but Tools > Options > Vectorworks Preferences > 3D, what is 3D Conversion Res set to? Set it to High if its at Medium, and then save and reload your file, tell me if it looks different. if it does not, please send me the VWX and i can taker a closer look.
  21. If the model itself is actually faceted, it will appear that way in OpenGL, do you mean it's supposed to be a smooth curve but it appears faceted? If you can post the model or a sample of it here I can confirm.
  22. This is just a limitation at the moment, it is planned to let Clip Cube work in more places and in more render modes.
  23. Moved to it's own thread. On the machine that isnt able to place them, perform the following backup and reset but do not restore the backup until after Table and Chairs has been tested:
  24. Not able to replicate this here, make sure it is posted in its own troubleshooting thread.


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