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  1. I would not expect Vectorworks to run at all on that machine, it's graphics card is far below the needed minimums for Vectorworks 2018 or 2019 to run reliably. The needed specs can be found here:
  2. Woah, yes absolutely. Thats an insane difference for just hatches as the variable, let's track and log that one entirely. Could you send me a sample?
  3. PVA - Jim

    Homemade CNC

    ūü§™ūüėé Very much so. The smaller solid state units up to 5W seem to be able to cut the very thin 3mm plywood, but I've been eyeballing a 50W CO2 model as well. Maybe next Christmas.
  4. Does the same render issue occur after a full restart of your machine?
  5. Contact tech@vectorworks.net directly and they should be able to get it sorted out.
  6. We are only a part of the same family under the Nemetschek group as Apple and Google are part of the same family in that they're both US companies. We do not coordinate when it comes to feature decisions and direction, pretty much only when it comes to methods of interchange between software packages. Though it's pretty stunning to me as well.
  7. In the Lit Fog settings within your Renderworks Background, enable "Receive Shadows" which will slow the render, but will give you the effect you're looking for. This video should cover that and a few other details:
  8. I would advise against buying the current Mac Pro model, there are heavy duty rumors (still just rumors, to be clear) that Apple will be revealing something about a "Modular Mac Pro" in June, but if you need to purchase before that, it may honestly be worth a look at the current Mac Mini paired with an eGPU. Not the highly pricey Blackmagic one in my opinion, there are a few other manufacturers making others for much less. Anyone viewing this: please start a new discussion thread here to talk about this more: https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/forum/121-hardware/ (I will lock this so it only updates when there have been changes to the chart. No one did anything wrong by replying to it, its just more difficult to track than the regular posts.)
  9. If you don't see some of the items thats ok, they are not always there, once youre sure none of the listed items remain, you can restart.
  10. Close Vectorworks entirely, then download and install this driver: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/28566/Intel-Graphics-Driver-for-Windows-10?product=96551 Reboot your machine completely, then relaunch Vectorworks and tell me if it allows document switching. HOWEVER: This machine looks to be below the minimum spec for 2019 as far as its graphics card goes, so there is only so much we can troubleshoot.
  11. Upon opening your file, I'm able to move the objects in Z right away, so it isnt related to the geometry. Reboot your machine completely, then launch Vectorworks and open a new blank file, place a cube in the new file and see if you can move it upward. If you CAN'T move it in Z, then I recommend the following:
  12. No public date yet, but I would expect it in a matter of weeks now. On the machine that it is still happening on, perform a backup and reset of the preferences as outlined here: Once you do that, before restoring any settings, launch Vectorworks with its defaults and tell me if the problem still occurs.
  13. Since the filing of VB-146728 we found something else out that can cause it. Reply back with the following from any of the affected machines where it was confirmed to not be working and I should be able to try something:
  14. Send me that file in a direct message please, I can take a look.
  15. PVA - Jim

    Homemade CNC

    I think its very likely we will add SVG export, its been requested now for a number of completely different reasons.
  16. Send me that VWX file please, in a private message is fine if it shouldn't be posted publicly.
  17. There are not two walls overlaid in the same location there?
  18. PVA - Jim

    Homemade CNC

    If we were in a slightly different position in development, I'd absolutely be on top of people trying to convince them of this as well though.
  19. PVA - Jim

    Homemade CNC

    I don't build it myself because it's the cheapest, I build it myself because thats half the fun! I don't personally, honestly. We cater to a LOT of different industries already and I feel we need to significantly improve our testing, quality standards and existing tech before we attempt to dip a toe into new circles. Though I have no idea how much of a market demand exists on the Mac side.
  20. PVA - Jim

    Homemade CNC

    This is the open source platform I based mine on, I made a few minor changes to some of the 3d printed parts and firmware on the control board to adapt to the weird scrap and recovered parts I was using: https://www.v1engineering.com/specifications/ The total cost for me was less than $200 (if I don't count labor... which my grandfather would be very mad at me for not doing) since most of the parts I either had from a 3D printer I had built a few years ago and replaced with a larger model recently. A lot of the stepper motors came from old printers I disassembled. The control board is a RAMPS 1.4 which is the old reliable method of controlling simple robotics in a lot of the open source community. The largest expense was the cutting tool I chose, which is a new Makita trim router that holds 1/4" bits and I have collets so that it can take the more common 1/8" bits as well as the 6-8mm bits readily available from China. I would say this only took me maybe three solid workdays to complete, of course spread across the weeks when I had scraps of free time or when I wasn't waiting on parts. I am now learning the CAM aspect of it myself. I would say that Vectorworks is an excellent tool for either generating the original geometry from scratch or modifying it, and thats the same on Mac vs Windows. The DXF output settings are something I may share in an article after I have had a chance to confirm. BUT I have yet to find a CAM software solution on the Mac. I have been using the shareware (though I ended up buying a copy because it was so powerful) EstlCAM on windows and its quite capable. Fusion 360 is a viable Mac option I believe, but I have not learned much about its CAM solution yet.
  21. Class Overrides can be transferred via the eyedropper tool now, but I think this was added in 2018 or 2019, I can not recall which: And as long as both files are open in the same version of Vectorworks, you should be able to transfer them from one file to another in 2019 SP2 at least. It worked for me here in a quick test.
  22. This is definitely a bug, it should not allow you to enter this dead end state. I think you'll need to do the following: In your original document, hit esc esc or otherwise make sure NOTHING is selected, then look at your attribute palette, i bet it will by default have a circle marker selected, disable that, then draw out a new stipple and tell me if the circles appear again or not. I suspect you may need to redraw that section marker as well, it's link indicator is taking attributes where it absolutely should not, im going to file these as two separate bugs. VB-158436
  23. With the affect Stipple selected in the original file, the two end marker controls near the bottom of the Attribute palette should be on if its showing the markers, you SHOULD be able to turn them off there. The class definition always includes SOME marker style but the attributes palette should control whether they are on or off.
  24. At the moment this appears to ONLY affect the Mac UI. You can most certainly try it, however I have only seen it have any affect on Mac.


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