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  1. My apologies for not being clear in the previous post. Open Type fonts are not supported when using the GDI Imaging options. If you are having trouble using a specific font please contact tech support, tech@nemetschek.net, so that we further investigate the problem.
  2. Kevin, Assigning different wall components to different classes was a new feature of VW 2008. So is not available in VectorWorks 12.
  3. Simon, If you use Stack Layers instead of layer links you can set any layers opacity independently of the other layers.
  4. Sarah, I did not get any returned emails while testing the Student Services email, please try again. Also as Pat mentioned, VectorWorks 12.5.3 is not available for educational users. So please request a copy of VectorWorks 2008, so that you are compatible with Leopard.
  5. Chris, What build of VW 2008 are you running?
  6. Just to clarify, some Open Type fonts may work but VectorWorks only supports True Type and Post Script fonts.
  7. CS1, As some of the other posters have stated many of these problems are and settings or training related. I am fowarding these problems to NNA Tech Support, so that we can better assist you with these issues.
  8. Dworks, I am able to duplicate this issue and will be forwarding the information along to engineering team. I will reply back with a workaround if one becomes available.
  9. Lightnb, Refer the user that sent you the file to Student Services at studentservices@nemetschek.net to have the files converted. Also have the user include there serial number in the email so that he/she can be sent a new serial number to prevent this issue in the future.
  10. When unknown fonts are loaded, they will always be set initially to change to whatever the default font is for the OS.
  11. If you have had your license for less than 30 days, the platform switch is free.
  12. Daniel, Please send your problematic file to tech@nemetschek.net for better assistance with this problem.
  13. The black and white only setting changes all objects. Except for objects filled with gradients or image fills.
  14. Eric, Please send a private message with an email address so that we can send you these missing plug-ins. Thanks
  15. Marc, First, are you using VectorWorks 12.5.1 or 12.5.3? If you are using the educational version you cannot update to 12.5.3. For this reason we suggested that our educational users request a free copy of VW 2008. Also to get a better idea of what is happening. Please sent one of your problematic files to tech@nemetschek.net
  16. If you paste into a new document does the bolt still render the same? If you are still unable to resolve send the file to tech@nemetschek.net
  17. Chad, I am was able to reproduce your issue and the issue will be reported to the engineering team.
  18. Chad, I am unable to duplicate your issue. What build are you using of VW 2008. Also do you have the snap to objects constraint turned on?
  19. PVA - Jim

    Plant count

    To resolve the quantity problem open a blank document. Place one of the default 2008 plants on the drawing. Then go to your file and in the resource browser import the plant you placed in the new document into the your current file. You should get a message the the record format already exist. Choose to replace. When the plant list is recalculated the quantity should show.
  20. The Find-Replace Text command has to be done a file by file basis. Unfortunately, there is no way replace the text in more than one drawing at a time.
  21. Do you have the Use NURBS option unchecked in the Open GL Options? Also can you send in a small file with an example of this issue to tech@nemetschek.net?
  22. Hi Scott, As you stated, VectorWorks has a default lighting scheme so the addition of lighting devices is not necessary, but once a light is placed that default lighting scheme is hidden and only the lighting devices on that layer are used (regardless of if they are turned on or off). Also, OpenGL only renders up to eight lights in a drawing; additional lights have no effect. This could be the cause of your dark lighting. If you have more the 8 lights in the drawing Open GL will only utilize the first 8.
  23. Tobias, What rendering mode are you using? Also Could you please attach a snapshot of what exactly is it your seeing? Thanks,
  24. Anouska, if you call 410-290-5114 and ask to speak with either sales to tech support about upgrading, they can check your serial number and will give you an exact quote for whichever series you want to update to.
  25. Hi, What everyone has listed here is correct. When you submit a bug through the Bug Submit on the VW webpage the issue is sent to our engineering team, and they only contact you if additional info is needed.


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