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    The New Feature Videos, which give an overview of each major feature one by one, can be viewed here: http://www.vectorworks.net/2014/new_features.php
  2. This should clear up the changes: http://kbase.vectorworks.net/questions/1086/Working+with+Screen+and+Layer+Planes However in summary, no you should not need to redraw anything, simply switch the Plane setting of the object to "Layer" instead of "Screen" if you want it to appear in 3D.
  3. If you have a Service Select subscription you can log into the portal, get your serial number and download it right now: http://serviceselect.vectorworks.net/ For non-subscribers, serial numbers and DVDs will start shipping on September 23rd.
  4. You can not set it that way by default during the import. However, you can select all the objects after import (Or use a Custom Selection/Select Similar tool to select all the 3D Symbols) and then use Modify > Convert > Convert to Group, then Modify > Ungroup and you'll be left with the raw 3D geometry you're looking for.
  5. I have not seen that before, it is also possible to tab to the next fields in the OIP by pressing, well... tab. However I use Tab and Return interchangeably when I fill out those fields and haven't come across this in worksheet export before. Please go ahead and send in the files and we can confirm whats going on.
  6. As far as I know you cannot, unfortunately. It seems to only store this per VWX file and even then the tabs will all default to expanded or collapsed depending on the last state of the file. (However if someone knows how to accomplish this id be glad to know as well, and will add it to the kbase.)
  7. In testing I threw massively complex 3D models at it (the file sizes ranged from 300MB to 2.5GB for the heavy testing) and it was still able to handle them without screeching to a halt. The speed seemed to only be limited by the graphics hardware of the machine I was testing on, no longer would I hit Vectorworks' ~2.5GB memory limit and then see a crash. There is a pause the very first time you render in openGL in a particular file, but after this period where the geometry is cached, switching between wireframe/opengl took only a heartbeat and the more of the model I had already pointed the camera at, the faster I was able to move around. The testing was mostly with the walkthrough tool in a perspective mode to put on as much pressure as possible on the OpenGL rendering.
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    This is most likely the case. Using Scale by Distance is detailed here: http://kbase.vectorworks.net/questions/449/Scale+by+Distance
  9. As mentioned by a few above, the problem lies in the geometry, which in this (and many) case(s) appears poor because of the way 3DS and other types of Mesh objects import into Vectorworks. They are handled as a large number of separate 3D polygons at worst, or an overly complex and slow mesh object at best. For instance, if you created that toilet in Vectorworks using the 3D modeling tools available in the software itself, there would be no issue. Render a Sphere in this rendering mode with geometry and 3D conversion res set to Very High to see what I mean, perfectly smooth edges and surface with no odd warping or faceting. It doesn't solve the issue, but in this case it isn't Renderworks thats to blame, its what is happening to this kind of geometry during import.
  10. Nothing as far as custom 3D viewing hardware, (even though the Oculus Rift is exceedingly awesome and I wouldn't mind a few dozen test units in the building...) However the furthest I have seen this type of technology taken in conjunction with Vectorworks is AR-Works: Main release announcement: http://www.ar-works.net/u/ Alternate thread: http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=160168
  11. There used to be an option to alter the resolution, I believe as stated above it was dropped due to severe performance problems. Most likely this will come back in the future, but for the moment you MAY be able to alter this quality by altering the DPI settings at the bottom of the File > Document Settings > Document Preferences > Resolution tab. The default is 72, I recommend trying 150 or 300, then trying a print or export to PDF to check the quality against the default setting of 72. However if this DPI setting does not affect it, there may be no way to until they implement a direct one.
  12. What are you exporting the worksheet as? Tab Delimited Text, or another option? Do you see the spaces in the exported txt file, or only after you've already brought it into Excel? (In any case, please make sure to contact tech@vectorworks.net with the VWX file as well as the exported result attached and an explanation of whats happening in Excel)
  13. There isn't a huge amount at the moment, but the majority of it can be found here: http://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/Main_Page In Tech Support we don't have any resources or much experience with the SDK, but I do know that the above wiki will be expanding relatively soon (I would give you an exact date if I could) due to a few of the new features in 2014 regarding scripting and development.
  14. No problem at all. I'll be doing my best to keep an eye on things.
  15. Just to clarify, one object is an Extrude Along Path and the other is a standard Extrude? Both of the source polygons inside the extrudes are closed figures with a solid fill? If you convert both objects to generic solids (Modify > Convert > convert to Generic Solids) and then try to subtract them, it still does not work? If it still fails, contact tech@vectorworks.net with the file attached.
  16. Vectorworks 2014 will work on both 32 and 64bit OSes, but will not have different versions foreach, it will have some modules that will take advantage of 64bit and some that wont. There wont be a two applications labeled "Vectorworks 2014(x86)" and an "Vectorworks 2014(x64)" for instance, as you find with some other software packages like Cinema 4D currently. If you install it on a 32bit OS, then everything will still function, but have none of the speed benefits. I do not know for sure about Vectorworks 2015 as far as having different "flavors" for 32 and 64bit. (Even if I did I would unfortunately not be able to discuss it until it became official. No offense intended, policies and all that.)
  17. PVA - Jim


    When working with it in testing it was more stable than any of the previous releases by far. That particular "feature" didn't get a video or any images explaining it, since hopefully it will be apparent right when you get the chance to use it!
  18. The issues are being fixed for the affected browsers and should be complete soon. We did a lot of testing before today, but something seems to have slipped in to cause trouble at the last minute. However if you don't wish to wait, Firefox and Chrome now seem to be functioning without issue: http://kbase.vectorworks.net/questions/715/Alternate+Browsers
  19. Vectorworks 2009 isn't compatible with OS X 10.8 unfortunately, so this and quite a few other issues can occur: http://kbase.vectorworks.net/questions/1031/Vectorworks+Operating+System+Compatibility+List+2013-06-10 As Kevin said, the large majority of this was addressed in service packs for Vectorworks 2012 and Vectorworks 2013. To be sure that is the case before you get into upgrading though, download and install the demo and see if it behaves as expected. If it doesn't, make sure to contact tech@vectorworks.net
  20. Unfortunately there is no built in way of doing this (other than the automatic one that does run in the background when you open a problematic file, but you wont see that happen) however this procedure will normally recover all but the most corrupt of objects: http://kbase.vectorworks.net/questions/790/Layer+Import It wasn't intended for this purpose, but it works a large majority of the time in practice here.
  21. It will seem like an odd question, but how exactly are you switching between open documents? Keyboard shortcuts, rearranging windows and simply clicking between them, or via the Window menu? Does the crashing occur regardless of which method you use?
  22. Tucked/pleated fabric is one of the hardest things to model in 3D in Vectorworks. You may be better off trying to find something similar on a website and then importing the files into Vectorworks. Such as taking http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/details?mid=cab61e4cbd901837abdd4c2fb50e9903&prevstart=0 and combining it with: http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/details?mid=2113624294e07d1b806fa01b99bcd24&prevstart=36 Then going from there. As for the material takeoffs, nothing simple exists yet but they're still adding functions similar to that as time passes. Currently the focus is on the main architectural objects such as doors/windows/walls but eventually it may move to more of the interior detailing.
  23. Usually if a Reset All Plugins triggers a crash it is a problem with a specific object or class. You can try to narrow it down by creating a copy of your document, then in Tools > Organization, delete the top half of the list of classes or layers (whichever you have more of) then save the copy of the file and try a reset. If it works, try a copy of the original file and perform the same steps but with the other half of the classes or layers. If you can isolate the crash to a particular half of the classes or layers, then cut that class or layer list in half as before, and repeat until you find the culprit. Its a bit extreme, but as long as you're working with a copy and not the only instance you have of the drawing there is no danger, and it allows you to really tear apart the file and find the issue. Once it can be isolated to a particular class or object, then a more delicate/precision fix can be applied to the real original version of your file.
  24. I doubt there will be an official statement until its (Mavericks) official release, as has been the case with the last few OS X and Windows updates. However it is most likely that Vectorworks 2011 will no longer receive any sort of patching ever again. The current version and the prior version to that are the only ones that ever get new patches or service pack releases. VW 2011 runs on OS X 10.8 without any odd issues, so unless Apple REALLY pulls some major changes like it did between 10.4/10.5 as well as 10.6/10.7, then most likely it won't have problems.
  25. It is happening slowly but surely. Renderworks was the first up since the engine behind it was being replaced anyway a few years back, so it was exactly the right moment to go ahead with 64 bit for that module. Especially since it would benefit the most from losing the low RAM cap that 32bit suffers from. As time goes more and more components are being replaced, but a lot of people think "Well just press the 64 bit button, its simple." and it really isn't. Vectorworks has been built up as a massive and complex pile of tools over the course of nearly 30 years, none of it is that old any longer of course, but you get the idea. As dependences in the application on older code, or things like QuickTime are removed, then more and more of the application can be moved to 64bit as it should be.


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