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  1. Contact tech@vectorworks.net, there is a set of folders that can be reset to correct this I believe but I don't have a list of them offhand and they should, and I think the regular preference reset isn't enough to cover it all.
  2. It's possible to minimize that work, but yes this is the main reason a live sync was requested. The tech we developed that allows us to sync with Lumion is the base tech needed for us to work with Twinmotion and other external rendering programs. Lumion was simply the first we completed work on. More projects like this are planned but there is no timeline for them yet. I would not expect to see any additional integrations like this added until Vectorworks 2020 at least however.
  3. On the Render tab, under Part, make sure each part is et to use the class texture and isnt set to Overall or None.
  4. Agreed, but the platform we are using for the forum does not have any allowance for this. I'll submit a request with them. For now, users should make sure to vote up any topics they are interested in via the icon in the top left.
  5. Does the same occur after rebooting the machine entirely?
  6. This is working perfectly fine here and I am not able to replicate this issue. Did you already speak with tech@vectorworks.net about this? If not, I recommend doing so.
  7. 12 was "12", 2008 was "13", and 2020 will be "25". If it has a .0.1 or a .0.2 thats a service pack 1 or service pack 2 indicator.
  8. I am genuinely happy to hear things are working better for folks especially on Mojave. After the feedback I've gotten from Sp3 I am now personally comfortable with advising users to update as well. It's going very smoothly. Now to work on making it even smooooother.
  9. This is indeed a bug on the Mac side, I believe a fix didn't make it in time for SP3 but one is planned for SP4.
  10. I have no idea why it was done. The main reason for the update was that some newer CPUs under the old scoring system werent benched as accurately as the rendering scene finished in mere seconds. This wouldn't have affected any of the tests we did though, this was mainly on the upper You-Cant-Afford-To-Smell-This level hardware. I really just need to set aside some time to give it a good think and see if 15 is what i stick with for now or if we do something completely different. I also want to include some use-case like examples for "Light" "Medium" and "Heavy" usage that will translate well to distributors.
  11. Most likely not, partly because we just got a bunch of hardware upgrades prior to this update, and partly because I also need to rework the benchmark since Cinebench removed GPU from their test suite. Still giving it some thought for a useful, free cross platform fix.
  12. So, there will definitely be SOME hand editing needed, however this may reduce how much of it you have to do: You cannot extrude Lines, well, you can but it won't give you what you're looking for. So we need all of this geometry to be closed polylines or polygons. All of these segments are not closed, but rather than looking at EVERY join, you can use the Polygon tool in Fill mode, then set a stark fill color in the attributes palette and click inside the areas that should be enclosed. It should generate a filled poly for you in any of the spaces that have complete borders, and it should be much faster to simply click through the various areas with a single tool and let it fill what it can, THEN do any remaining single line edits needed to get closed figures. I just clicked rapidly and at random for the above fill test, but this may give a clearer idea of what I mean.
  13. This isn't directly related to Vectorworks, but it has a lot to do with the study of 3D design and production and I found it fascinating:
  14. More than likely this is happening ebcause you are running Vectorworks 2015 on an OS it doesnt have support for, I think 2015 was last supported on 10.11. You will most likely need to use the latest version of Vectorworks (I recommend specifically sP3 of Vectorworks 2019 for Mavericks) which you should be able to download free of charge from the student portal. Otherwise you would need to roll back your operating system to an older version.
  15. This covers a portion of it, I think I did something more specific with different types of water though too, I'll double check:
  16. Feature added in 2019 SP3! Man it makes some pretty pixels:
  17. Not sure, as far as I know this hasn't been added and I double checked to make sure it wasn't something I'd already missed. Merged this thread with another request for it and popped it into the proper category. I'll see if any of the other admins/mods moved it. (or I might just have fists of ham.)
  18. We, even the engineers who fix the issues themselves, often do not know when the fix will be pushed out to the public. I'll keep an eye on this and post as soon as I hear anything.
  19. If this ends up being more of a broadly applicable thing, I'll create a dedicated post, but for now: Anyone using Vectorworks 2019 that had to drop the Tools > Options > Vectorworks Preferences > Display > Navigation Graphics to Best Compatibility or to Best Performance and Compatibility in 2019 Sp0, Sp1 or Sp2 should retry using Vectorworks in Best Performance mode. This is the mode that uses the latest technologies in the VGM and a large number of problems that caused users to have to drop this setting in 2019 have been corrected which could make things much smoother on superior hardware, but only if this setting is reapplied.
  20. Lumion LiveSync was added in 2019 SP3. (To be fair we planned it before this post, but ill absolutely take credit for a 2 month turnaround on a major wishlist request 😉 ) There are also plans to support other major similar rendering packages. This is the installation and basic usage video made by Lumion themselves: I will be creating some in our style with some additional information and tips shortly.
  21. Lumion was the first rendering LiveSync partner we released for in the freshly rolled out 2019 SP3. We plan to integrate with more of these applications like TwinMotion as soon as possible. I was asked a few times why Lumion was chosen first, and it was mainly because the project simply moved along the fastest and our contacts at Lumion responded the quickest to our reaching out. We absolutely don't intend to limit external renderer choices to Windows.
  22. If anyone is still having update problems, likely its a user account issue since its affecting the same people and machines across multiple patches. Get in touch with tech@vectorworks.net and they should be able to get you cleared up.
  23. It is looking like we will be shifting how often we do Summits, as they're awesome, but take a huge stack of resources to plan and run. I have heard most recently that we will be shifting to doing a summit every 18 months or so, with it being unlikely that there will be a Summit in the year 2019. From what I have seen, I would expect the next one to be Q2 of 2020. They've told me it's somewhere sunny and warm and not on the east coast of the US (Fairly certain it will still be within the continental United States) but I don't know much beyond that yet.
  24. Videos on the new features can be found below:
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