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  1. It depends, if it's Hidden Line and not any kind of sectioning, then normally CPU cores is the most important. But if its hidden line thats being delayed by the single core geometry or sectioning phase, then the core speed would be most important. You can check this by looking at Activity Monitor and seeing if your machines cores are all active in the CPU section while youre waiting or if it seems to be jumping from core to core.
  2. the Cannot Be Computed error can be a LOT of things, could you post that object on its own in a test file and I can take a look?
  3. I had thought Insertion Point was snappable and could have dims associate with it, but I may never have actually tried, most of the symbols I use have the center of geometry as the insertion point as well. Snapping to center and associating to it works fine, but if i offset the insertion point from the center I can't seem to associate to it. I'll check if this is a regression and file a bug if so.
  4. For anyone still getting the failure to redraw in 2019 SP3, do you get this on BOTH the Best Performance and Best Compatibility modes?
  5. Might be one of the System Dev folk, they make everything connect to everything else, so I'm glad their wasps are happy.
  6. If its yellow it means that that background image doesnt have proper HDRI attached to it, its just a panoramic image with no lighting info attached. This can happen with images that just have their extension changed to the needed format. I had been looking into how to add the information manually but have not yet had time to dive into it.
  7. My car is right outside! and it's... ///slate.trendy.blame 😵 (Please no one hit me with a space laser.)
  8. This is an OpenGL bug, it didn't make it in time for 2019 SP3, I'll check if it may make SP4. VB-158002
  9. It looks like this request was already approved and the new expiration date will be 2020-04-27
  10. I'm going from the bug tracking conversation, but it can mean just updating in some cases, and a recreation of the viewport with the annotations/crop copied in from the old, depending. It's also a "can" so it may only affect sections with certain setups.
  11. However it looks like, if thats ONLY happening with Lighting Devices within Viewports, that it is actually a bug and is marked to be fixed. VB-158046
  12. Did the previous suggestion fix the other issue? This next one looks like it may be Display Light Objects set to Always. This is found under Tools > Options > Vectorworks Preferences > Display. Did you recent reset your Vectorworks preferences back to default? Or install on a new machine? That may have reset many of these.
  13. This is most likely the Separate Sheet Views option under Tools > Options > Vectorworks Preferences > Edit on the left side. I personally leave it on so that the zoom level is maintained per sheet since i often bounce back and forth a lot between disparate zoom levels, but some prefer it off. I think it is off by default.
  14. Who told you this, or where did you read it? I'll make sure it's corrected.
  15. We support the current active version of Vectorworks, as well as the one immediately prior, so effectively 2 years of support on the product from the day of launch. You can also remain on the same OS you were using Vectorworks 2017 on an will incur no additional expenses. 2017 even worked without issue on 10.13 High Sierra, it was only Mojave where the application breaking changes were introduced by Apple. They don't do this every year but some years end compatibility more than others. 10.7 was similar.
  16. The Vectorworks Graphics Module or VGM provides enhanced visual capabilities compared to prior versions of the software. These capabilities depend directly on the speed, memory, and the various technologies supported by your graphics card. These features have the potential to provide a very fast and fluid experience if used on capable hardware, or a noticeably slower experience if used on older or less powerful hardware. Note that these settings affect zooming, panning and editing only, not the speed of renderings powered by Renderworks. NONE of these settings affect the output to exported files or to printouts, only how Vectorworks' drawing area responds to the user onscreen. During troubleshooting, it may be recommended that you reduce this setting to either work around a problem or to increase responsiveness of the application. Below is an outline of the differences between these various modes: Under Tools > Options > Vectorworks Preferences > Display, There are now three new options for Navigation Graphics; Best Performance, Good Performance and Compatibility, and Best Compatibility. These options give you a wide range of control. Best Performance: The first and default option , will give you the best overall visual performance for navigation graphics. This includes VGM Top/Plan performance, which provides responsive 2D navigation. This option, will place the heaviest load on your graphics hardware and is best used with newer graphics cards, that have a minimum of 2GB of dedicated graphics memory. This load will increase if you have multiple or high resolution displays. In these environments, we recommend a dedicated graphics cards, with 2 to 4GB of graphics memory. If you have had to drop to either of the lower two settings during troubleshooting, you should try working again in the highest setting after major updates and service packs to see if the issue was resolved. Best Performance is the intended experience. Good Performance and Compatibility: This option, will provide a similar experience to previous versions of Vectorworks software. The VGM will no longer control 2D Top/Plan graphics, but you will still have the benefits of Enhanced Navigation Graphics for panning and zooming. This will reduce the overall load on your graphics hardware. This is ideal for older graphics cards or integrated graphics processors. Best Compatibility: This option will disable Enhanced Navigation Graphics as well and can cause Vectorworks to delay updating your view until a changes is made or until you zoom or pan. This option, is best for very old graphics cards that have may have less graphics memory as well as slow integrated graphics processors.
  17. I now have myself as well, I no longer experience any problems related to it. It should be perfectly safe to update your OS now. Worst case, you may want to reset Vectorworks preferences after updating but thats just a standard OS-update step, not really specific to Mojave.
  18. You'll have to contact tech@vectorworks.net directly about this, they can work with the Cloud team and see what happened to your job. I don't have access to Cloud job statuses myself.
  19. Most likely the first thing we will see is simply compatibility with Windows and Mac Dark Modes (I think on Windows its called Theme) which just has our UI take on the colors dictated by the OS. We don't consider this a UI revamp at all, just bringing us into line with current systems. There will be some UI improvement in 2020 but not a full dramatic rework to the level we have discussed here. We do want to dramatically improve the UI, but it is highly unlikely it will be all at once. It is looking like features like Search will be expanded and added to more useful areas, and reworks like the Resource Browser > Resource Manager will happen over time. I'd like a huge UI Christmas morning myself, but it is too massive of a project to be undertaken in a single year, and too much change at once to be something that won't cause confusion.
  20. If this doesn't happen with other mice, then normally uninstalling and reinstalling any companion software (or installing it in the first place if you havent yet) will resolve it. A lot of high end mice are capable of very fast speeds and are very sensitive, but this sensitivity curve is usually controlled in that software. If you see scrolling speed problems in Vectorworks but not out on a web browser when scrolling, this is the most likely issue.
  21. If you contact tech@vectorworks.net and can provide them with either the ID on the dongle itself, or with the last 6 of the serial number that are associated with that dongle, they should be able to get you the right installer link.
  22. You can simply attach it here by dragging it into the box below the reply area, or by clicking my name and clicking Message and doing the same if you need to keep it private.
  23. Send me that object in a file and I can take a closer look, usually the above is all there is to it but there are some odd things that can get "stuck" in texture mapping sometimes.
  24. Thats so you can texture the various parts with other textures, but for your situation, you should set Part to Top, then click Revert to Overall, then do the same for Sides, Bottom, etc down the list to make sure they're all using the overall texture. This vid is about walls but the first portion explains basically the same thing:
  25. From the case notes, it looks like the remaining issues are: 1) Sections with staggered section lines are still not rendering properly, only a few cases of this were fixed in SP3, some still remain 2) Sections created BEFORE 2019 SP3 that rendered incorrectly but had their issues fixed in SP3 must be recreated before they will resume working as expected. New sections made after SP3 should work find (as long as they aren't affected by item 1) A fix is being developed to avoid this but I have no dates yet.
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