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  1. That's just because you're editing the one within the resource library, select the instance of it that resides in your file which is listed near the top left of the resource manager currently showing "Untitled 1" then you can fully edit it.
  2. Apologies, i meant when you right click > Edit that hatch in the Resource Manager, which should get you this dialog, which at the bottom also lets you set a custom scale factor override (via the "Scale..." button) if just the world/page toggle isn't what you need:
  3. We spoke VERY shortly about this in the 2018 Summit keynote, but this kind of UI element in general is something we very much want to include among some other things like the gumball.
  4. Vectorworks 12.5.3 will run on Intel macs but I believe it will only install and run as expected on 10.4 and 10.5. It was listed as incompatible as of OSX 10.6.8. You should not need different installation disks, but if you have trouble with them let me know and I might be able to get you a downloadable installer.
  5. You may just need to toggle the hatch or hatches youre using(via a radial menu on the left of the Edit Hatch dialog) setting called "Units" Page/World. World I believe will cause that hatch to look the same on all sheets even if the objects are being shown at different scales. Page changes how the hatch appears based on the scale it's being displayed at.
  6. We're all back this week! so if I or anyone else missed anything posted over the holidays, please feel free to either bump the related thread or simply link me to them and I'll get things handled.
  7. I highly doubt it since it's only Thunderbolt 1. I am fairly certain the speed of that port is low enough that no matter what eGPU you tried to use through it, it would be slower than the built in solution. Also, Apple has been very restrictive about which devices will even work by default and with which OS, with lots of very tedious manual editing of things to get around these limitations. One of the sad realities of eGPU tech at least on the Mac side, is that a lot of the use cases for it are in older machines like that one where they aren't compatible because of their thunderbolt ports.
  8. I think Tools > Utilities > Reset All Plugins and/or Update Plugin Objects will do this.
  9. We want to also support distributed rendering solutions that aren't only in Cloud Service as well, just to clarify.
  10. I think we have updated the hardware that is spun up to perform cloud renders, but I havent checked on this in awhile. (I'll ask now, however the answer may be delayed due to the holidays.)
  11. All previous VWX attached below: Mirrorball_Horstm_v2016.vwx.zip Mirror_Ball2_.vwx Mirror_Ball1_.vwx Mirrorball_Test.vwx Mirror_Ball_.vwx
  12. The ONLY thing I can think of, is that if you wanted to keep older 3rd party plugins that weren't updated for later versions working and available, otherwise the current and one previous versions are normally all you need.
  13. This may very well have felt like the fastest year so far. Splitting up the Design Summit from release made for two much smoother separate events but it definitely felt like doing release twice. The year end is also where i like to do a yearly comparison to the last few years and beyond, you can see so much clearer of a picture with YEARS of analytics data vs a few months after you start collecting it. I wanted to share some metrics with you all, since I'm nerdy and love analyzing these sorts of things: Adoption Rate: This chart included the entire installed user base (all countries), split apart by version shown as a percentage. This is the clearest way of seeing how many users are still on older versions, as well as determining the adoption rate for the latest version. There are three points circled on the one below, these are the dates where the newest version of Vectorworks overtook the prior version as the most widely used. For the last two versions, the overtake occurred around the same time, the very end of February and start of March. Prior years this took even longer. However, this year, we reached this point on the 16th of December, a whole 2.5 months early. This tells us two things: Users are updating faster than in previous years on average. This is fantastic news. We are more obligated than ever to improve the quality of our initial release. Users are less and less inclined to wait for service packs, opting more frequently to get the latest and greatest as soon as possible. We have multiple new efforts underway to accomplish this. Posts: There are more and more conversations, of increasing complexity happening on the forum every day. Our quietest month this year for instance, was busier than the busiest month ever prior to 2016. (The big spike around Sept 2016 is the introduction of the new Forum) This is also excellent news. The more users that see the content of this forum, the larger a percentage of our user base has the most up to date information and the quickest access to answers. The more threads we start here and the more discussions we have, the more answers are added to our ever growing database of knowledge, and the larger our Google presence when someone is looking for help via normal search making it easier to find info that way as well. Lots of projects that have been long awaiting approval have been given the green light, and many that were green lit long ago are going to go public in the coming months. We have some excellent stuff planned for this upcoming year, a big portion of it you'll likely see even in the first half of the year if things go as planned. I am proud of what I have contributed to these results. I am hopeful for the future that I will be able to impact things even more positively, and bring even better tools and information to everyone here. A Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a very Happy New Year to you all!
  14. This same issue occurs when Tools > Options > Vectorworks Preferences > Edit > Default Compression is in either state, PNG and JPEG?
  15. Locking this thread. We need to make sure to stay away from general "Things are weird" threads, we can't track anything down that way. Anyone who is experiencing issues in 2019, please make sure that they go into either an existing thread about SPECIFICALLY the issue you are having, and that you have contacted support directly as well (especially over the holidays when many employees outside the support departments are unavailable) so that we can get these issues sorted. We've had a lot of users claim that they were experiencing bugs with 2019 and/or mojave recently that ended up just being local issues on their machine. It's perfectly fine to start a new thread about a specific issue, and i'll find and combine them into single issue threads. Generic ones like this don't help and confuse newer users looking for support, thinking that posting in a combined thread will help when it actually delays help.
  16. Unless you have a strong reason to update, theres really no reason to risk it if things are already working fine for you.
  17. No worries, I think it popped up for users after 10.14.2, its been alerting me about a few apps that are also 64 bit already. Not sure what it's worried about.
  18. No, we intend to maintain the oldest version of file format IMPORT conversion going forward, which is MiniCAD 7. You will be able to File > Export fewer older versions in later versions of Vectorworks, but we intend to keep the import support static. 2019 can open VWX (or MCD) 2017 can and more.
  19. That issue is a bug that has been confirmed and filed? I do not see a bug related to this filed in (year)2018, I see that custom profiles were not working in 2019 SP0 and that there was a fixed pushed in SP1, but it was unrelated to Mojave.
  20. We have fixed all issues that we could patch and have control over. The rest of the bugs are on apples end.
  21. The nivida problems will not affect a combo AMD/Intel gpu setup, no.
  22. Does the text still appear blurry in the export if you enable Rasterize Text in the PDF export options?
  23. For Vision: http://release.vectorworks.net/latest/Vision/2019-NNA-eng-win For Vectorworks, message me privately with the last 6 of your serial number and i can make sure to get you the correct installer.
  24. Which service pack of Vectorworks 2019 are you currently on? Reply back with the following as well from that machine please:
  25. SP4 of what version of Vectorworks? Reply back with the following as well from that machine please:


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