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  1. To confirm, this is 2019 SP2? If so, thank you, ill alert QA and see if they can recreate.
  2. No public date unfortunately, apologies. You can however revert back to the last patch if you wish: Close Vectorworks, then launch the Vectorworks 2019 Updater application (it should be in the regular Vectorworks 2019 application folder) and then click Advanced Options. Hold the Alt/Option key down while this dropdown menu is open, and you should see a selection for Change Version. From there you should be able to select SP0.
  3. You might be able to go to Tools > Options > Vectorworks Preferences > License and then remove the trial key and add your student serial number. I had thought reinstallation was required but the more recent versions may just let you switch it out and restart.
  4. I have this listed as a fixed bug in 2019 SP0, I haven't personally experienced it again since then. Does this happen without fail daily, can it be made to happen on command, or is it sporadic?
  5. The Vega 20 seems to benchmark around 20-30% higher than the 560, so yes it could buy the system another year or two of usefulness. I haven't seen the pricing on it but if its anywhere around 250$ or less I'd take that deal.
  6. Could you please post a screenshot of what you are seeing?
  7. I'm pretty sure those things should work if you have "Plugin Parameters" enabled in the eyedropper settings.
  8. You can simply use File > Export > Export Panorama, the resulting JPEG images will be properly picked up and hosted as a 360 pano on facebook like some of these:
  9. With the Selection tool active, make sure to disable Wall Insertion Mode (Second mode of the Selection tool in the Tool bar). That will prevent you from accidentally pulling any inserted object within a wall and will only allow it to travel along the walls length when you attempt to move it.
  10. Correct, this SHOULD already be fixed as of 2019 SP2. But as mentioned above the mouse has to stop near the edge it can't just go over a palette, this is to prevent accidental scrolling, prevent scrolling when you mouse out of the drawing area to enter an OIP value, to another monitor, or if you have multiview enabled. However, we have indeed decided that the auto scroll area is a bit too small and we will be changing the behavior again in the next SP to make it more comfortable like it used to be without still allowing for errors.
  11. Thats only where the user folder is. The plist files are instead under: HD > Users > (yourusername) > Library > Preferences and HD > Library > Preferences
  12. At the moment, i'd recommend that the VWX's be converted to the latest version every 3-5 years or so, a batch operation can be set up to do this over a weekend so it isn't obstructive to work, then likely a PDF as suggested above and a DWG export as well, which could now be set up as a batch operation too via Publish. That should give the body of work the longest possible legs without creating too much manual tedious work.
  13. It must be a laptop, but does it need to be a Mac? Apple laptops are much pricier and hard to get the best value for money from, and for Vision the Windows side offers far more GPUs that will do the job at a reasonable price. 16GB of RAM should normally be fine as long as you aren't running multiple files as you mentioned, or multiple other heavy applications at the same time. The AMD 560 series and up in the Mac line should do very well, the Vega models are not mandatory, no.
  14. As far as laptops go, if you go Apple you'll have to go fairly pricey. Only their high end models come in the larger 17" screens. The larger screen sizes are much more prevalent on the Windows side and better specs can be had much more cheaply there too. The best places to focus on are gaming laptops, with a single gaming-oriented non-Intel GPU (we cant use SLI or Crossfire, etc) at least 16GB of RAM. The Asus ROG series, MSI, and Razer make solid choices. Alienware work fine as well, but they are often much higher priced. HP and Acer have offerings in that area as well but I have heard lots of quality complaints with them anecdotally. If you have some models you are currently considering, I can certainly take a look and offer input.
  15. I'm not sure, I had thought that was something that was supposed to have gone and stayed live with the website update we did recently. I'll check!
  16. This is a known issue that should be fixed in SP3, its erroneously checking your entire USER subfolder for content instead of just the Vectorworks user folder.
  17. I don't think it can be focused on a selection, however that selection could be cut, pasted into another file, purged and then pasted in place back into the original file. However, I've often wanted to combine the uses of Custom Selection and Purge that would make good sense.
  18. Multiple SSDs in Raid0 is excellent. As long as your important data is backed up locally or on a cloud server it's a great solution.
  19. Its a bit more complex than this, but the jist is: The FIRST time (or first few times) you save to a Fusion drive, itll be slower than on an SSD, but subsequent saves and especially if you are working with that file and saving it daily are going to be very close to average SSD speeds. If you're getting brand new hardware, it's best to go for SSD of course but the Fusion solution Apple offered was no slouch compared to regular spinning HDDs of the day. Note: I have only worked with and tested Fusion (AKA Hybrid Drive) setups on the Mac side, they are available for Windows machines but I do not know if the performance is comparable.
  20. Marked for fixing in an upcoming service pack, yes, but I do not know if the fix will make it into anything other than 2019 since 2018 has now had it's last service pack. VB-147455
  21. Only if that can be identified as a bug and reproduced. I am not able to replicate that render issue on the 2013 Mac Pros here, so likely it isn't something that will need a bugfix but an issue on the Mac Pro itself, tech@vectorworks.net is the route you'd want to use at the moment.
  22. The same installer and serial you used before should work, I think older versions can still be kept active even if you have later versions of an EDU license. Tech@vectorworks.net should be able to get you your older serial number as well as an appropriate download link for 2017 if you no longer have one or the other.
  23. That graphics card is very likely to be below the minimum requirements for the most recent version of Vectorworks, but this is the latest driver for that graphics card and updating it is worth a shot: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/28163/Intel-Graphics-Driver-for-Windows-15-40-
  24. We have had reports here that a full preference reset should also resolve this, but it's significantly more invasive procedure than just undocking the OIP:


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