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  1. So that's odd... Top/Plan actually seems to re-align me to face the extrude pre-rotation. However, the other standard views show the extrude source in its original orientation. Top works, but Top/Plan does SEEM to revert it's orientation, but it then returns after I change views. Somethings up.
  2. You should be able to override that pretty easily with these steps (the Mac section):
  3. Actually, I was NOT able to replicate this in a simple test file... but I have absolutely seen the same thing personally. I did recently reset my preferences back to absolute stock but I am not aware of any Vectorworks preference that should affect this. My steps to reproduce (that failed): 1) Create 3 shapes, circle, hexagon with the regular poly tool, and a rectangle. 2) Individually extrude each 3) duplicate this set of extrudes for reference 4) Rotate any of the 3 created figure in one of the sets off its axis, in my test I rotated in front, left and randomly using the Rotate tool in an isometric view 5) Double click to edit the extrudes and observe the alignment of the extruded object I had expected the extruded source geometry to show aligned with the non-rotated duplicates, but in 2019 SP2 on Windows 10, it seems to be working as expected in a new test file, where the resulting extruded geometry retains it's expected rotation during edit. Going to try a few more operations and see if its just when the history gets crowded that this starts to happen.
  4. I mostly just wanted to get a feel of opinions. No worries on whether this conversation will determine the very fate of Vectorworks 2020 or anything like that, I'm simply asking as I have been working with a number of other applications recently that have a different approach to UI than Vectorworks. We hear lots of feedback about users disliking the multiple levels of dialog boxes, which I agree with. However, what I hear less often is that users dislike palettes. Often, the feedback is more in the way of users actually wanting MORE palettes (like the ability to pull apart Shape, Data and Render from the single Object Info palette for example), or ways of collapsing portions of palettes when not in use. What I see in a lot of more recently developed software, is a large number of palettes that appear only contextually. I personally tend to dislike this, but that may just be because I "grew up" technologically with most of my software having a relatively static UI where elements were always visible and available onscreen, and changed their CONTENTS based on my selection (like Attributes or OIP) but never went away entirely. Fusion360 for instance, has palettes that are completely context-based by default. Even their workspace system is designed less like our system of "The workspace is for your industry" sort of thinking, and more a "The workspaces are for the different phases of design" which I like the idea of. But it seems to make the UI more difficult to learn since you can't just eyeball around the screen, you have to actively click on things, and sometimes in a certain order, to remind you that the UI element even existed. I'm mostly just looking for feedback and starting a discussion with this, there is no particular project in mind when I make this post, hardware and software UI is just something I think about in all my various work.
  5. This might be new indeed and might be a bug. I'll double check and get it filed either way. It's been bugging me recently too.
  6. Attached in 2018 format. We have heard you. Grid 3d v2018.vwx
  7. I would do the metal strip as a simple extrude along path extracted from the edge of the hardscape or extrude that was used for the concrete. The stones could be recreated using Displacement Mapping. Theres a quick demo video on it here: But the quality can be improved significantly with the editing of the reflectivity and indirect lighting in the scene.
  8. There is a wish for having this right in the UI like you have in many word processing and graphics applications. I think this one has the most support so far:
  9. The Tile fill will likely work better than Hatches for hexagons or other repeated geometry. This video is a bit dated but covers the basics: You should be able to use that on any planar or hybrid object you're already pulling data from.
  10. This is a list of all hardware officially tested and approved for use by Vectorworks Inc: https://www.vectorworks.net/support/quality-tested-hardware
  11. Users frequently request guidance on how they can best upgrade their computers or select a new model entirely, while getting the most for their money at the same time as they improve Vectorworks performance. Depending on what kind of improvements you are looking for, different hardware choices would be recommended. This guide will explain the various components of a normal computer and how they affect the performance and use of Vectorworks.
  12. This will link to ALL system requirement articles for Vectorworks back to ~2008 with the most recent version residing at the top. What version of Vectorworks are you looking for? Vectorworks 2020 Vectorworks 2019 Vectorworks 2018 Users will not be able to respond directly to this pinned post.
  13. This post is quite old, this is now accomplished with Project Sharing primarily: https://www.vectorworks.net/inspiration/industry-webinars/introduction-to-project-sharing-the-multiuser-environment-in-vectorworks That webinar is a bit dated and there are some new features since then.
  14. What issues are you encountering currently? The base MacBook Pros have Intel graphics but the higher end ones have the recommended dedicated AMD GPUs.
  15. Please do this! Go to Tools > Options > Vectorworks Preferences > Display and change the Navigation Graphics option to Best Compatibility. That MIGHT keep things running more smoothly on that hardware.
  16. Agreed, this needs to exist in the UI. You can of course manually add any tools to any workspace you like, but that whole process takes you out of modeling and derails work. It looks like I actually filed a wish for this in 2014, but this was before things were tracked as they are now and before I referenced forum posts in wishlist items. Adding this and refreshing that wish now. VE-94587
  17. That laptop looks to only have an integrated graphics card, and is below our minimum system requirements. It's very unlikely you'll be able to get Vectorworks working on that machine at all. You might have luck checking with tech@vectorworks.net but they may tell you the same thing.
  18. Well, unfortunately we cannot replicate it here at all. QA recommends checking with your distributor as it might be a serial number issue. The spanish versions tested here all only offer the spanish updater, and don't offer SP2 since it isn't yet available for spanish language licences yet.
  19. Hmmmm that should not be happening. Let me check on this. The updaters are separate per language i believe, not different modes of the same updater (yet)
  20. The SPs release first in the english non-localized versions (there are some english language versions that are localized with different tools like the version in Aus/NZ) and then later the other languages follow. I think that the spanish SP2 for 2019 has not been released yet but I'll check, my work is by necessity focused on the base english version.
  21. This isn't from us directly, but I noticed it in my inbox this morning and im definitely going to watch: "Twinmotion is an award-winning solution for real-time visualization, 3D immersion, and VR exploration. Compatible with all BIM software, Twinmotion has quickly become a favorite visualization software for Vectorworks users interested in creating compelling presentations in real-time. Join us on January 31 as Abvent’s Martin Krasemann and special guest Jonathan Reeves, award-winning architect, author and educator of Innovative Vectorworks BIM, present a free, one-hour webinar. We’ll demonstrate the innovative modeling solutions in Vectorworks and how Twinmotion can bring your Vectorworks projects to life in just one click, resulting in beautiful renderings and animations." Its @Jonathan Reeves7 so you know it'll be good. https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/7351874999562748427 Might be useful to anyone interested in this thread.
  22. That's the main reason support should look at nearly every case. While we did in fact solve the actual bug that you're mentioning from another thread, when we fix a bug we fix the cause of the bug. If you have an issue that has identical or nearly identical symptoms and assume the cause is the same as others (assume vs confirming with a support tech i mean) then no fix will come of it. For instance, I am fairly certain the solid black/missing geometry render bug is resolved as i have not seen it since 2019 SP2 at all, even when doing heavy rendering daily for weeks. There is yet ANOTHER similar bug, except where renders can turn white as opposed to black that a lot of users assumed was the same bug, but it is linked to the Default Compression setting in Vectorworks preferences being set to PNG instead of JPEG, copmpletely unrelated cause but very similar symptom. What i suspect is happening in your case is that you have symptoms of a reported and confirmed issue, but that something else altogether is causing it, since it cant be replicated as it could for the other issues at the time. (If contacting support is a time constraint issue, you can absolutely just email them a link to this thread with a brief explanation, then the tech can review it and catch up so you don't have to repeat everything all over again.)
  23. If you have yet to contact support directly and haven't been explicitly told a fix is coming by an employee here, then there is no reason to expect a fix is forthcoming for any issue.
  24. Is the document at 1:1 scale? If you zoom in is it just that the hatching making it look grey? Do you have that spaces style fill as grey?


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