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  1. This is currently not mappable, it's baked into the UI. I have an existing request in to make this user remappable. VE-96538
  2. OH misunderstood, apologies. Yes then it would be a feature request to add Shadow and Outline as text effects on Windows. Looks like on Mac they're supported by the OS's font handling system but on Windows it isn't included by default and has to be added per-app (Word will allow it, but Notepad wont, as an example).
  3. I've been getting this for a lot of apps on Mojave, it's them warning about future macOS versions. It does not affect Mojave compatibility at all and it's only detecting some remaining bits of installers and plugins for us.
  4. This option is controlled per-character on PC, so you can't apply super/subscript to a whole text object, but if you edit the text object and select all or some of the characters, you can use those formatting options. I suspect this is because super/sub display is generally relative to normal text.
  5. In that case, contact tech@vectorworks.net directly. They can walk you through the process step by step.
  6. Ahh there it is, confirmed as a bug on Windows. This issue does not occur on Mac. Checked and looks like it was filed along with a few other keyboard shortcut issues VB-156487
  7. This is what I found with the cloth shader as well. This, along with a few other values like blur quality, are too strongly tied to the overall AA setting and need to give the user more direct control. For instance, some rendering applications let you set the AA value for different effects independently, which may be a good solution. I'll check and make sure I filed a formal request (I came across this kind of this before the summit during prep) for it.
  8. Well, semi good news: I am not aware of any changes made to the space bar control in the last few years, so likely what you're running into can be fixed. Did this just happen suddenly after a certain patch or version? Or did it just start out of nowhere?
  9. No changes on this end. I've been getting a lot of unrelated reports of self-resolving safari weirdness on Nomad and in the Help, but I mainly use chrome personally cross platform.
  10. It's not linked to Vectorworks or anything like that, users just update their signatures whenever they need to. That same link above should let you edit yours.
  11. Most people put their specs in their signatures, which should be enabled and visible by default for everyone. If you DON'T see signatures, you should be able to go here: https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/settings/signature/ and re-enable them with the switch near the top. Unless I have completely misunderstood the question?
  12. How many documents do you keep open on a regular basis in Vectorworks? Do you keep this lower than you would like because of limitations in Vectorworks? What kind of work are you doing when you have multiple files open at a time?
  13. Contact tech@vectorworks.net about this directly, you can reference this thread to save time. Unfortunately your account does seem stuck, you haven't done anything wrong, I'm not able to override it here either but they have more options.
  14. Close both applications, then reset the preferences specifically for 2019 via the below steps: Then, launch just 2019 on it's own and tell me if the smartcursor cues dont reappear. If they don't, I will likely need this from your machine:
  15. It should be right here once you're logged in: https://student.myvectorworks.net/users/edit_account
  16. Reply back with the following from that machine please, with the monitor plugged in:
  17. Your trial key should be emailed automatically to the email you used to sign up for the trial with, however you will have to contact them directly if you don't see it, I do not have admin control over accounts in Brazil: http://www.cadtec.com.br/internas/vectorworks/
  18. Thank you all! As everyone here knows; my work on this forum is solely the product of my favorite perk of working at Vectorworks Inc: Unlimited Free Coffee. After some quick celebratory math, I have tallied up that the forum itself was fueled by 587.21 Gallons of delicious, beany goodness flowing through my veins. Not a bad MPG rating really. ☕ The platform itself functions because of my and the moderator's daily work and button pressing, but the community itself functions because of all of you and your willingness to help others and work together. Of all the projects I've been a part of since I began working here, the one that brings us together and allows us to teach and learn from each other is easily the one I'm proudest of.
  19. I honestly like the effect, reminds me of The Matrix. But in all seriousness, theres a really cool tech that can almost do this we've been experimenting with: And I can almost guarantee that engineer's moment of inspiration was looking at one of these half finished light phase renders!
  20. https://www.vectorworks.net/en/customer-showcase Sorry for being late on this, slipped through my filters.
  21. Do you get the same performance decrease on the nvidia card when you only use that machines integrated display? Some laptops force the usage of the integrated intel card for external displays, according to your dxdiag, both your displays are currently utilizing the intel GPU at the moment.
  22. What method were you using to switch between the Intel GPU and the Nvidia dedicated GPU?
  23. I recommend performing a backup and full reset as described here: I have had quite a few users on Mojave need to do this after the 10.14.2 and 10.14.3 updates.
  24. Reply back with the following from that machine please:
  25. Welcome! No, the educational version is functionally identical to the full professional version other than it's watermarks. You may just need to go to View > Rendering > OpenGL to get the view you're expecting.


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