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  1. one  more thing, on a different subject.   About 2 years ago, on the forums, I reported I could not open VW 2015  because it gave me a dialog box "requires activation by the internet".  At that time, you said to ignore the message and just keep clicking the "try again" button.  That worked.    However, without explanation, it doesn't work anymore.  I can open VW2014, but not VW2015.  This behavior occurs on my MacBook, but I do most of my work on my iMac.  Both versions open just fine on the iMac.   Is there anything I can do to get this working on my Macbook again?   (Today I clicked "try again" over 40 times without success.   I am certain VW2015 is not running on my iMac while trying it on my Macbook.)

    1. PVA - Jim

      PVA - Jim

      This is on 2015 with Service Pack 5 installed? What operating system is this on?

    2. domer1322


      my late 2010 Macbook Air is on OS 10.10.5 and VW 2015 is using Service Pack 5.     I tried upgrading the MacOS 6 months ago and found it caused problems unrelated to VW, so I used time machine to restore OS 10.10.5.   Perhaps you might be on to something about the Mac OS, but I don't know how to change it because the newer MacOS caused massive battery use and slower website performance.  I don't want to mess that up again.  (I actually bought a new battery, and after installation realized it was the change to new OS causing the issues.)

    3. PVA - Jim

      PVA - Jim

      In that case, honestly the next thing I would try would be a full reinstall of 2015, as far as I can recall, sp5 for 2015 along with a server change on our end SHOULD have removed that annoying "keep clicking it" behavior entirely.

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