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  1. Hi JimW

    how is it going?
    I hope I can bug you with this one please?
    A client of mine has sent me a ‘.mat' file from his designer who does 3D renderings for him. The file is containing multiple textures. See attached below which I had to compress as this forum didn't not allow me to upload a mat file.

    He wrote:
    The file is a blend / a small library of several materials that you can use on 3Ds Max and maybe other software. You can expand the materials slot and search for a material called 'Used Smooth Concrete’."
    Well, that's obviously doable in the program his designer uses.
    In Vectorworks I tried all options to import files and textures with 'File - Import' and through the Resource Manager but could not open or import this file type.
    The idea is to use the texture that looks like a metal floor surface for one of the projects I am working on for him. See screenshot attached below.
    Is there a work around? 
    Or does this file to be export into a different file type by my client prior to me importing it into VW?
    In that case which file type would be suitable? 
    Hope you can help and looking very much forward to your reply.

    Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 9.36.09 AM.png


    1. PVA - Jim

      PVA - Jim

      Apologies, I am not familiar with .MAT files. I tried popping it upen in C4D and a number of other applications I have available to no effect. Normally textures/materials if that is what this file is need to be split into separate images/layers and then built as a Renderworks texture directly in Vectorworks. Either that or converted to a texture that C4D can use and then that material should be import-able.

    2. Grethe Connerth

      Grethe Connerth

      Hi Jim,


      thank you for your reply and also for trying to see what would work. 

      I guess it's just a very different program that I also have no insights into.


      I even googled converting the file and all but nothing really helpful found.


      You tips are very valued and I'll pass it on and see if I have any luck.



      Thanks again and catch up again soon.



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