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  1. Lit Fog & Ray of Lights - Rendering for Success 


    Hi JimW and all the other VW lovers & users,
    the illumination of evening/night scenes whilst working with VW Architect ( not VW Spotlight ) is relatively new to me. 
    For many years I worked with VW as a creative architect in trade shows. Now I am getting into work in events with the development of stage scenes also. 
    Therefore I began to familiarise myself with the start-up settings of Fog & Backgrounds via VW Tutorials.
    Looking at the rendering from the VW file Rendering for Success - this is exactly what I am trying to achieve. 
    But even having the VW file downloaded and testing the Saved Views with various RW Styles I simply am lost on how to re-create this scene and have many questions.  
    - how to create the multitude of Ray of lights coming through the glass facade windows
    - do the glass class settings need modification for this
    - are the Ray of lights all individual fog lights outside the pavilion or is this a background setting 
    - how do the spot lights present a light on the floor
    Also with the original VW file most Saved Views are connected to RW Styles OpenGL or Slow High Quality
    Is there potentially a “Cheat Sheet” showing which Saved Views are supposed to be rendered with which RW Style,  Class & Layer settings? 
    It would be great to find some help on these or be able to view the VW file with the RW Style settings available. This is the file available online  http://vector.works/go/955
    Really looking forward finding help.



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    2. Grethe Connerth

      Grethe Connerth

      Hi JimW,
      thank you again for your efforts in providing me with insights on how to re-create your 'encounter of the third kind effect’ scene. I ended up naming this scene 'Atlantis - Alien Invasion’ … ;0))
      Before I forget - could you please help what the Classes below within the file are connected to? And how can I find that out within the file? I looked into Tool —> Organisation, but it only shows which Saved Views and Viewports these are located within, not which object these are associated with.
      • IP-Acer_campestre-Day & IP-Acer_campestre-Night
      • IP-Acer_negundo-Day & IP-Acer_negundo-Night
      • IP-Acer_nikoense-Day & IP-Acer_nikoense-Night
      • IP-Acer_rubrum-Day & IP-Acer_rubrum-Night
      Setting the scene I tried various possibilities …
      - using the texture you have provided and also some other perforated sheets in various sizes
      - various sizes of a 3D object/flat panel with class/texture above the Pavillon 20x20m, 16x16m, 10x10m
      - either a spot or point light above the panel in different brightness intensities 200% to 400%
      - I even placed temporarily a bowl on-top of the 3D object/flat panel to give better control over the point light and to prevent it spreading out to the sides
      - all of the above were placed in different heights above the Pavillon, here amongst other things to test that the 3D object/flat panel was not visible when looking up through the glass ceiling
      - but of course the hole-sizes of the perforated textures had to be tweaked accordingly -> 100% to 4000%
      - and tweaking the dark blue colour of the overall RW background
      BTW - thanks for pointing out the time-saver of 72dpi, really was good testing this way ;0))


      A few things I could not resolve yet.

      —> The illumination outside onto the trees which gives it a kind of ’spooky' look and feel. This not even by adding another point light outside above them. 
      —> Also the overall illumination of the room is still very dark and blackish. So there is still some work ahead of me ;0(
      —> The perforated panel still shows up and sits too close to the ceiling. But placing it further up changed the whole look of the Rays a lot … Can it be invisible and still get the effect? 
      Just recently I started working with Class-Overrides in Viewports. And only by accident I found that the light colours in VPs can actually also be independently controlled! What a great tool and time saver setting scenes in various coloured ( fog ) lights !
      Whilst at times the renderings looked more like an underwater illuminated fishtanks I got somewhat close to the look of your 'Ray of Lights’. Last but lot least I added a few coloured gobo textures in combination to the 'Ray of Light’ scene and in the end it resulted in a not too shabby first look. 
      Thanks to you the 'Master of the Extraterrestrial Encounter Visual' ! 
      Attached below a few images of my work process and some of my fav-fav-fav results.
      Cheers from Down Under Melbourne,

      RWfS - Artlantis - Orientation.png

      RWfS - Artlantis - Renderings.png

    3. Luis M Ruiz

      Luis M Ruiz

      Hi Grethe.


      Those graphics are very impressive! I am glad you are having fun with this lit fog technique and let us see where else you apply it.


      Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 10.15.33 AM.png

    4. Grethe Connerth

      Grethe Connerth

      ... ooh that's cute and funny!!!


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