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  1. Post that file or a sampling of related geometry from it please, I can take a closer look.
  2. Its the sectioning speed thats hurting things more than the hidden line portion of the viewport creation apparently, and yes it has been slated to be improved.
  3. From what I have heard here, a lot of the file handling work we have done for Project Sharing has also benefited Workgroup Referencing as well, but I am not sure if WGR is going to get any more new feature work now that PS is assumed to be the default with new stuff.
  4. - a gaming laptop with should not be used for CAD programs (as they have different requirements?)' False, for Vectorworks. - a dedicated graphics card is not always necesssary (as I see some people seem to be using integrated grapics cards, sometime with better results?) False, for Vectorworks. -NVIDIA Quadro P series versus GTX graphic cards (GTX seem to be intergrated cards on most PC's I have looked at) GTX, we do not take advantage of the additional features offered by Quadro cards. - the CPU, not the graphics card is more important for 3D False, the GPU is now the most important for 3D (as of 2015ish) - the graphics card relates to rendering speed Semi True, the graphics card relates to plan, wireframe and OpenGL speed. If you consider OpenGL a render mode, then it does affect render speed. Graphics cards do not affect Renderworks and Hidden Line renderings. This should give you some more specific answers per-component:
  5. PVA - Jim

    Homemade CNC

    I may or may not have built a CNC machine in my garage. I have odd interests. Figured this was an obligatory calibration test for a first cut: (Riding mower... for scale?)
  6. Yes, it looks like this was filed as VB-157423 and this issue should be corrected in 2019 SP3.
  7. Your license looks like it should be active until November of 2019, and should be working right now. Contact tech support directly with the last 6 of the serial number you're using and they can see whats happened.
  8. Normally disabling your local firewall will do the trick, if you are on a university wifi or network you cant control, sometimes activating on another network can be the fastest way around the problem. If it still fails however, contact tech@vectorworks.net directly and they can take a look.
  9. Reply back with the following from that machine please:
  10. Looks like it hadn't been approved yet, but it has now. Installing 2017 again would have just installed overtop the old one, the newer version should now be available on the downloads page in your account.
  11. Using the Exposure camera effect on a Renderworks viewport is usually the healthiest way I've found to do this. Remove ambient light entirely, often start with a very low value for all lights, then decrease exposure settings on the camera and see how the light prerender looks before committing to the full render.
  12. Does the same this happen if you choose to rasterize the exported PDF? Does it change at all if you alter the Tools > Options > Vectorworks Preferences > 3D > 3D Conversion Resolution to High vs Low?
  13. Check with tech@vectorworks.net directly in that case, please. I am fairly certain I recall that there was a way to correct that but it's different from the normal preference reset.
  14. I am not sure this was corrected in Vectorworks 2018 or not, were these machines all on the latest SP available?
  15. OH apologies, I misunderstood. Fastest method is likely two cylindrical extrudes overlapping, then a 45 rotated square extrude overlapping and lower than the crossing of the cylinders, add that all together as a solid, then you can use Fillet Edge and give the entire top a fillet to get the curved surface. Lofts as suggested above are possible as well especially if you know the exact dimensions you need. The most manipulable way is likely the Subdivision tool in mirror mode, so you can mold one half and get it just the way you want if its just a visual component.
  16. This should be what you're looking for: https://www.vectorworks.net/training/2019/getting-started-guides/3d-free-form-modeling/solid-modeling-extrudes
  17. Honestly, since the 1070 Ti can be had cheaply right now, it's the better buy. We don't (and likely wont) support the more advanced features in the RTX line before that card hits end of life anyway, and the additional VRAM will be more of a benefit going forward than the extra speed offered by the 2060. Functionally right now in Vectorworks if you compared the two side by side, you very likely would be unable to tell the difference until you got into the multiple 4K display range for screen resolution. For single display comparison they'd likely not be visibly different at all.
  18. Fundamentals does not have the Visibility tool to my knowledge, only in the Design series products like Architect and Spotlight.
  19. Reply back with the following from that machine please:
  20. Please reply back with the following when you can, or have IT do so when they arrive:
  21. Should be Tape Measure, in the Dims/Notes toolset by default. It can be used to measure single or multiple vertex distances individually or cumulatively without creating geometry you have to delete after.
  22. This happens with File > Print > Print PDF, or File > Export > Export PDF? When using Export PDF, does the same thing happen with Rasterize Text enabled?


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