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    Large Cumbersome PDF files

    Specifically discrepancies of the appearance of geometry in Vectorworks vs the direct PDF output. I think the cleanliness part also related to exactly what we output and not just visually, for instance there are situations where exporting to PDF creates a very heavy file because it includes many stacks of the same vertices sometimes, far more than would be needed to cleanly display per-layer. Sometimes these are what is ballooning the filesize and sometimes not.
  2. PVA - Jim

    Large Cumbersome PDF files

    For anyone interested in this topic: We have plans for a few ways to reduce the size and increasing the poly-cleanliness of exported PDFs going forward after hearing this kind of feedback.
  3. PVA - Jim

    Jonathan Pickup tutorials

    You should be able to contact him directly here: https://store.archoncad.com/contact/
  4. PVA - Jim

    Best settings to export 3D (vwx) to 2D (dwg)

    Attaching it to the case youre working on now.
  5. PVA - Jim

    Mojave thinks 2019 is 32 bit

    You just need to click OK. The warning is an oversensitive alert from Apple. I've been getting it on a lot of apps.
  6. PVA - Jim

    Polyline Lag, clip cube not working

    Apologies, I missed your question entirely. Try this suggestion I made in another similar thread and please let me know the results: If it's the issue I suspect, a patch will be out soon that will correct it, but this may alleviate it in the meantime.
  7. PVA - Jim

    Homemade CNC

    It was definitely the first time I have had a mouse, keyboard, choke, deck height and throttle controls all within reach at once.
  8. PVA - Jim

    Installing Vectorworks 2019

    This article covers the basics of installing Vectorworks on both Mac and Windows operating systems. First, download the Vectorworks installer for your license. Normally you would do this from your Service Select downloads page. After downloading, double click (Mac) or Right Click > Extract (Windows) to expand the installer. Double click in the Vectorworks 2019 Installer icon: The installer will appear. Click Continue. Enter your Vectorworks serial number, name and your company/school/organization name in the specified boxes. You must fill out these boxes in order to continue. When complete, click Next. Once you have real the End User License Agreement, check the box denoting this and click Next. Next you will see the Readme, like with the EULA, you can click "View Larger" to expand it for easier reading. Once complete, click Next. Next, you will see the default path for Vectorworks to install to. This should normally not be modified. Click Start. You may be asked to enter a name and password. This is your operating system login name and password, not your Service Select credentials. During installation, you can click one of the links to learn about improvements added in Vectorworks 2019: Installation may take a few minutes. You can choose to Launch Vectorworks immediately, as well as to register your product if you have not done so before. Once complete, click Finish. Installation is now complete. It is not mandatory, but feel free to keep a copy of the installer for your records. This installer will be available to download later.
  9. PVA - Jim

    Bug Submit Page - Overview of Experience

    I think at this point we are simply awaiting time from the Web team. We're in the process of tossing out and replacing quite a few things (Maybe, perhaps, because the Forum platform update went so well? Eh? Eh? 😁 ) across our various web presences and the bug submit page is on the list and auto confirmation was on the spec sheet last I saw it. The thing my team is actively working on at this very moment however is related to the Service Select portal, we have some much needed good changes coming in the immediate future. We did a number of experiments with getting @BetaBot to post automatically on the forum on behalf of beta testers that submit directly via our bug tracking software, so they just filed a bug the "normal" way (for a beta tester anyway) and then Betabot handled making sure it was placed on the forum so it could be checked/tested/discussed by interested parties. These experiments went well and the engineer that had orchestrated that has been able to pull a few more tricks with it that exceeded expectations. The biggest issue is, going from a strict structured form (what we track bugs with internally, not the bug report page that you all see) to a forum is relatively easy. BUT if a user makes a "bad" post in a bugsubmit area for whatever reason, then betabot picking it up and filing it just makes for a rapidly growing pile of things that are not bugs filling up the bug list, which is bad because then engineers spend time sorting through bugs vs not bugs as opposed to spending their time fixing them. The trick will be how we can mix automation with a bit of human oversight to keep a clean bug list. Currently the bugsubmit form filters through tech support before it goes anywhere else but a human being reads every single one. For anyone's information who is reading this: easily 70% of all submitted bugs are either just tech support cases that just need a tech to fix, or simple user error/user knowledge issues. Until we work that out, users are free to post here on the board and myself or the other increasing number of employees you see on the board can get it filed in a timely manner.
  10. PVA - Jim

    Installing Vectorworks 2019

    You can, but it is not required. The versions do not interact with each other.
  11. PVA - Jim

    VW range of abilities

    When I was a tech support rep I used this and we tried to enforce it's use with the newer techs, we used to have to read off whole serial numbers a lot more often than these days. We absolutely had users call in and go with "X as in Excellent" "K as in Knowledge" and a few other gems.
  12. PVA - Jim

    2019 crashes without notice

    I would not expect Vectorworks to run at all on that machine, it's graphics card is far below the needed minimums for Vectorworks 2018 or 2019 to run reliably. The needed specs can be found here:
  13. Woah, yes absolutely. Thats an insane difference for just hatches as the variable, let's track and log that one entirely. Could you send me a sample?
  14. PVA - Jim

    Homemade CNC

    🤪😎 Very much so. The smaller solid state units up to 5W seem to be able to cut the very thin 3mm plywood, but I've been eyeballing a 50W CO2 model as well. Maybe next Christmas.
  15. PVA - Jim

    Renderworks blank

    Does the same render issue occur after a full restart of your machine?
  16. PVA - Jim

    Crashing Isues

    Contact tech@vectorworks.net directly and they should be able to get it sorted out.
  17. PVA - Jim

    Bluebeam dropping Mac

    We are only a part of the same family under the Nemetschek group as Apple and Google are part of the same family in that they're both US companies. We do not coordinate when it comes to feature decisions and direction, pretty much only when it comes to methods of interchange between software packages. Though it's pretty stunning to me as well.
  18. PVA - Jim

    VW Spotlight19 Gobo

    In the Lit Fog settings within your Renderworks Background, enable "Receive Shadows" which will slow the render, but will give you the effect you're looking for. This video should cover that and a few other details:
  19. Good news! This will happen.
  20. PVA - Jim

    User Success - Hardware Benchmark Results

    I would advise against buying the current Mac Pro model, there are heavy duty rumors (still just rumors, to be clear) that Apple will be revealing something about a "Modular Mac Pro" in June, but if you need to purchase before that, it may honestly be worth a look at the current Mac Mini paired with an eGPU. Not the highly pricey Blackmagic one in my opinion, there are a few other manufacturers making others for much less. Anyone viewing this: please start a new discussion thread here to talk about this more: https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/forum/121-hardware/ (I will lock this so it only updates when there have been changes to the chart. No one did anything wrong by replying to it, its just more difficult to track than the regular posts.)
  21. The following is an index of various hardware that we in User Success have had in our possession and have tested personally. The purpose of this list is to give users an idea of what hardware will and won't provide them with a good experience when using Vectorworks. This is NOT the same as the minimum hardware requirements, which can be found HERE. More details about the specific hardware components in your machine and how they affect Vectorworks can be found HERE. An explanation of the charts below, click to expand: Cinebench can be downloaded HERE and run on your machine for comparison. The GPU score will give you a clear idea of how well you can expect Vectorworks zooming, panning, sheet layers and OpenGL to perform, we have given this an anecdotal ranking from our experience in the OpenGL Performance column. This list is sorted by CPU score, indicates the Renderworks capability of the various tested hardware ranked from extremely poor to one of the best CPUs available in a consumer desktop: A machine from the list above with a CPU score of 1265 can be expected to render scenes nearly twice as fast as a machine with a score of 627, for example.
  22. PVA - Jim

    Crashing Isues

    If you don't see some of the items thats ok, they are not always there, once youre sure none of the listed items remain, you can restart.
  23. PVA - Jim

    Toggling between Document Tabs

    Close Vectorworks entirely, then download and install this driver: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/28566/Intel-Graphics-Driver-for-Windows-10?product=96551 Reboot your machine completely, then relaunch Vectorworks and tell me if it allows document switching. HOWEVER: This machine looks to be below the minimum spec for 2019 as far as its graphics card goes, so there is only so much we can troubleshoot.
  24. PVA - Jim

    Trouble moving furniture

    Upon opening your file, I'm able to move the objects in Z right away, so it isnt related to the geometry. Reboot your machine completely, then launch Vectorworks and open a new blank file, place a cube in the new file and see if you can move it upward. If you CAN'T move it in Z, then I recommend the following:


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