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    Blue Glitch when moving cursor

    More than likely this is happening ebcause you are running Vectorworks 2015 on an OS it doesnt have support for, I think 2015 was last supported on 10.11. You will most likely need to use the latest version of Vectorworks (I recommend specifically sP3 of Vectorworks 2019 for Mavericks) which you should be able to download free of charge from the student portal. Otherwise you would need to roll back your operating system to an older version.
  2. Ahh it was these:
  3. This covers a portion of it, I think I did something more specific with different types of water though too, I'll double check:
  4. Feature added in 2019 SP3! Man it makes some pretty pixels:
  5. Not sure, as far as I know this hasn't been added and I double checked to make sure it wasn't something I'd already missed. Merged this thread with another request for it and popped it into the proper category. I'll see if any of the other admins/mods moved it. (or I might just have fists of ham.)
  6. PVA - Jim

    Data Tags Disassociate

    We, even the engineers who fix the issues themselves, often do not know when the fix will be pushed out to the public. I'll keep an eye on this and post as soon as I hear anything.
  7. PVA - Jim

    Service Pack 3 for Vectorworks 2019 released

    If this ends up being more of a broadly applicable thing, I'll create a dedicated post, but for now: Anyone using Vectorworks 2019 that had to drop the Tools > Options > Vectorworks Preferences > Display > Navigation Graphics to Best Compatibility or to Best Performance and Compatibility in 2019 Sp0, Sp1 or Sp2 should retry using Vectorworks in Best Performance mode. This is the mode that uses the latest technologies in the VGM and a large number of problems that caused users to have to drop this setting in 2019 have been corrected which could make things much smoother on superior hardware, but only if this setting is reapplied.
  8. Lumion LiveSync was added in 2019 SP3. (To be fair we planned it before this post, but ill absolutely take credit for a 2 month turnaround on a major wishlist request ūüėČ ) There are also plans to support other major similar rendering packages. This is the installation and basic usage video made by Lumion themselves: I will be creating some in our style with some additional information and tips shortly.
  9. PVA - Jim

    Twinmotion Plugin + Sync

    Lumion was the first rendering LiveSync partner we released for in the freshly rolled out 2019 SP3. We plan to integrate with more of these applications like TwinMotion as soon as possible. I was asked a few times why Lumion was chosen first, and it was mainly because the project simply moved along the fastest and our contacts at Lumion responded the quickest to our reaching out. We absolutely don't intend to limit external renderer choices to Windows.
  10. PVA - Jim

    Vectorworks 2019 SP1 Updater Not Working

    If anyone is still having update problems, likely its a user account issue since its affecting the same people and machines across multiple patches. Get in touch with tech@vectorworks.net and they should be able to get you cleared up.
  11. PVA - Jim

    Summit 2019?

    It is looking like we will be shifting how often we do Summits, as they're awesome, but take a huge stack of resources to plan and run. I have heard most recently that we will be shifting to doing a summit every 18 months or so, with it being unlikely that there will be a Summit in the year 2019. From what I have seen, I would expect the next one to be Q2 of 2020. They've told me it's somewhere sunny and warm and not on the east coast of the US (Fairly certain it will still be within the continental United States) but I don't know much beyond that yet.
  12. PVA - Jim

    Service Pack 3 for Vectorworks 2019 released

    Videos on the new features can be found below:
  13. PVA - Jim

    Vectorworks Graphics Sync (VGS) API

    I havent seen this demoed yet, but that is indeed the idea and I have heard this mentioned. The research team has the full pantheon of headgear devices to experiment with and they have been.
  14. PVA - Jim

    Service Pack 3 for Vectorworks 2019 released

    Woops, fixed, thank you! It can be found HERE now for real. If anyone has any questions involving the fixes or new features, feel free to ask them here, I am now free to discuss all details.
  15. PVA - Jim

    Service Pack 3 for Vectorworks 2019 released

    There is, I believe that tech@vectorworks.net is the best contact to get yours. They customize them based on what modules/products you use.
  16. PVA - Jim


    What happens in the other two Display modes after a restart of Vectorworks? Does it behave the same?
  17. PVA - Jim

    Service Pack 3 for Vectorworks 2019 released

    Like 6 things you and I have discussed repeatedly about geometry scaling within containers should now work as we expect. If you find any new hangups, we can start new threads on them to keep things clean and focused.
  18. PVA - Jim

    Installing third party plugins

    Different plugins are installed in different ways depending on the developer, but in general if you don't see a "Plug-ins" folder, you can create one and it will work just fine. You should completely close Vectorworks before doing a plugin installation however and relaunch it after you finish copying the files.
  19. Some customers have reported problems with Vision 2019 rendering lights on macOS. The problems are caused by a macOS driver error related to Nvidia graphics cards. We have been in official communication with Apple about this issue, which they have acknowledged; they have not yet provided an estimate for resolution. Until then, we suggest the following temporary solutions: Recommended: Use Boot Camp software to install Windows on your computer, to enjoy the full performance of Vision 2019 and your Nvidia graphics card. Alternatives: If possible, exchange your Nvidia graphics card for an AMD graphics card. For computers with both integrated and dedicated graphics cards, shut off the dedicated Nvidia graphics card by downloading an application called gfxCardStatus (https://gfx.io/). Note that Vision 2019 does not fully support integrated graphics cards, so performance may decrease significantly. We are urging Apple to address this issue, and we apologize for the inconvenience. Please contact tech@vectorworks.net with any questions.
  20. PVA - Jim

    DXF R12 Export problems

    @Nina Ivanova do you happen to know the answer to this?
  21. PVA - Jim

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

    It has not yet. I haven't had a chance to ask Engineering why, I will do so. However ( a personal hunch) it might be something they reserved for a full version release because of the level of testing required for it.
  22. PVA - Jim

    Vectorworks Graphics Sync (VGS) API

    VGS is the tech that will let us send anything the drawing area (so, anything the VGM is doing) to other applications, engines and services in an intelligent manner, as opposed to previous "dumb" single shot formats like File > Export and Send to Cinema4D etc. It's a huge part of why we've been spending so much time upgrading and moving elements to the VGM.
  23. PVA - Jim

    Service Pack 3 for Vectorworks 2019 released

    Below is a summary of issues corrected and changes made between Vectorworks 2019 SP2 and Vectorworks 2019 SP3. A full list of all fixed issues listed with their bug IDs can be found HERE. General: Scaling of Symbols including multiple types of geometry should now work as expected. This was not a single bug but a number of related issues and requests Dragging a number of resources from one location in the Resource Manager to another should now affect all selected resources as expected Rendering: Corrected an issue that would cause Grouped objects to Render tab to become locked Fixed a number of problems related to the display of Roof Face textures OpenGL scaling of Wall textures should now match the expected appearance as Renderworks does A large number of causes for black viewports and missing geometry have been removed or corrected Publish should now update rendered viewports on command Corrected a number of issues that would prevent animation transitions between saved views from playing properly Project Sharing: Corrected a number of issues that would cause a Project Sharing to commit to taking longer than it should Corrected an instability related to text style conflicts Speed improvements in certain slower use cases Corrected a problem that would prevent the placing of certain object types in Offline files Fixed an issue related to symbol replacement in VWP files Spotlight and Vision: Fixed an issue where the Instrument Summary could become inconsistent Flipped Symbol Edit Mode should now display instruments properly Corrected a number of instabilities related to Hanging Positions Load objects can now be attached as expected in 3D views Auto numbering should now increment as expected Landmark: Improved the responsiveness of Site Model Sculpting highlighting Replacing a Hardscape should now offer the default Hardscape Content as well as content from within that file Architect: Stairs should no longer position loci erroneously Some stair dialogs will now show an indicator for values that can not be calculated Walls that did not convert properly from 2018 and prior versions into 2019 should now do so Data Tags should no longer rotate along with the rotated plan Corrected a number of issues related to custom IFC presets
  24. PVA - Jim

    "Dirty rendering"

    Note how his reflections are set to 6, this is WAY higher than I have recommended in the past since it doesnt affect the reflectivity appearance all that much beyond 3. Its looking more and more that this option is also controlling how many times light is allowed to reflect, which is supposed to be also controlled by indirect bounces, or at least thats what I had thought. I'm going to be confirming and filing for separate control of this for more efficient renderings.
  25. PVA - Jim

    wall caps not rendering

    With one of those walls selected, in the Render tab of the Object Info palette, under the "Part" dropdown there should be caps listed there, and you can then select them and revert them to use the wall overall texture. If you don't see that let me know.


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