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  1. PVA - Jim

    Monitoring Vectorworks memory usage

    On OS X I use iStat Menus. It used to be free but I believe there is a price now. http://bjango.com/mac/istatmenus/
  2. PVA - Jim

    Mirror Tool Preview Move Origin Point

    You can press the Delete or Backspace key to back up one step while still remaining in the tool. Similar to the polygon tool or wall tool, Delete will step one operation back in the series but not deactivate the tool.
  3. PVA - Jim

    Duplicating existing Keynote crashes VW

    Confirmed in your file, submitting now.
  4. PVA - Jim


    I agree completely. It is coming. If I knew an exact date I would tell you.
  5. PVA - Jim

    Duplicating existing Keynote crashes VW

    I tried a quick sample created in Vectorworks 2013, converted to 2014 and did not see the problem, I also couldn't get it to happen in a new blank file. Would you please send the file to tech@vectorworks.net with the subject "Attn Jim" and we can have a look.
  6. PVA - Jim

    Twitter feed for new VSS content

    We are actually about to have a meeting about things close to this. Ill bring these suggestions up directly. In any case SOMETHING is needed to indicate when new content arrives. The Video Tech Tips are sent out with the regular email/letter I believe, but the new VSS content should have its own alert of some kind since it comes more frequently but at odd intervals.
  7. PVA - Jim

    Eye Dropper Tool No Sound

    Confirmed, looks like those particular sounds are not working on Windows 8 at the moment. Working fine on Windows 7, Windows XP and OS X 10.6 and 10.8 here in testing, submitting this as an issue now.
  8. PVA - Jim

    Custom Title Block

    Yes, saving them to an outside folder is absolutely superior and should be done whenever possible. It isn't only this type of issue specifically that we are having permissions issues with however, some tool defaults among other things will always need to write to these locations and I was trying to track down why they weren't able to. Sorry I didnt make it clearer in my questions before, this was simply a symptom of something else we're looking for cases of.
  9. PVA - Jim

    shp file with 3d record

    I did, yes. I wasn't sure that the result I got was correct however until I just heard from you, i'll let the others know as well! Thank you.
  10. PVA - Jim

    Ubuntu / Linux

    Not that one in particular, I may give it a try. The main problem was getting Vectorworks to "see" the QuickTime installation, even if i had them both installed in the same environment.
  11. Submitted with these specifications.
  12. PVA - Jim

    place symbol according to attribute

    Is there any difference in the source of the SHP files that corresponds with them working/not working? Or does it seem to be random?
  13. Feature request submitted.
  14. PVA - Jim

    Ubuntu / Linux

    I had tried repeatedly and never got it to work. The furthest I was able to go was using Wine but I was not able to get past the reliance on QuickTime. It is possible that once that dependency is removed that Vectorworks could be rigged to run on a Linux distro, but thats completely a personal guess on my part. (However I will totally be trying it.)
  15. PVA - Jim

    OSX 10.9 Mavericks support

    I believe OS X Server can now be run in a virtual environment, but only as long as the hardware it is run on comes from Apple as far as their EULA goes. Im not certain which OS Vectorworks Cloud Services uses as virtual machines to accomplish rendering, however its most likely Windows because of the hardware restrictions.
  16. PVA - Jim

    vw2014 We now have chalk lines!

    Unfortunately it isn't only a matter of how many times things are asked for, before they can add certain features like these the groundwork within the software has to be laid. However i'll relog those requests immediately.
  17. PVA - Jim

    VW 14 render crashes

    Normally in these cases it has been geometry we can locate and correct, please send the file to tech@vectorworks.net with the subject "ATTN Jim" and we can have a look.
  18. PVA - Jim

    Custom Title Block

    What we are trying to narrow down is why this happens to some machines and not others. Also, the regular protection applied to Program Files/Program Files(x86) shouldn't extend to the user data folder locations, otherwise no workspace changes or library additions would keep after relaunching the app.
  19. PVA - Jim

    Finder Quick Look 2014 OpenGL is Black

    Confirmed in a bunch of test files here. Submitting as an issue now.
  20. PVA - Jim

    Window sill insertion problem

    After speaking with one of the lead engineers for Window objects, it breaks down into a few different chunks: To start, the Window preview panes currently do NOT take the fact that windows are inserted into a wall into account. So the preview you see is -normally-) how the window will indeed look like it does in plan, if it is NOT inserted into a wall. This explains some of the discrepancy when looking at the preview. (I would argue that a window is 99.999% of the time inserted into a wall, but we will get to that in a bit.) Next, the previews default to two assumptions. The first is that the top preview pane will show the "front" or exterior of the window. The second is that the bottom preview pane will display as if "up" is the exterior of the window. This explains why when you have a window in plan where the "bottom" of the window is the exterior, it is shown flipped in the preview, which further explains a few more of the discrepancies. Also, the Sill displayed in the preview, since it does not acknowledge the wall insertion, will nearly always display inappropriately because the sill when its window is inserted into a wall will be locked to the wall. These are technically not bugs however, as this is how the features are currently engineered to work. Mainly because of the level of complexity required to add the wall to the preview, which would need to take into consideration wall styles, components, wall direction, wall end caps, features-in-walls etc. By saying all of the (verbose!) above, I by no means suggest that this is how it should ALWAYS work, just that these would be broken into feature requests instead. Mainly: 1) Add the ability to accommodate wall insertion in the window's preview panes. 2) Allow sills to operate/align independently of walls, mainly in regards to the preview. However, I am not even slightly an architect. This is simply how I have come to see the current situation regarding this initial post. If anyone has anything to add or needs to slap me upside the head, please do so now and we will get these added to the appropriate lists.
  21. The main focus being that it would be desirable to have the Space object text specifically rotatable separate from the regular "Adjust Flipped Text" option? Would users always want it aligned a certain way, or would a between-0-and-360 sort of setting be better?
  22. I have found a number of similar cases in our issue tracking system here. It is likely that this will be corrected in SP1 for Vectorworks 2014 due to a number of other corrections made to fix various other related issues.
  23. PVA - Jim

    vw2014 We now have chalk lines!

    Inadvertent features, for the win! Unless DaveD had this as part of his master plan the entire time... As a general question for architectural users, is this exceedingly useful as a feature? Should it be showcased as a tech tip so that other users can be made aware of it?
  24. PVA - Jim

    simplifying complex objects

    This video (if a little dated) covers the process as well: http://kbase.vectorworks.net/questions/811/Generic+Solids
  25. PVA - Jim

    running instrument inventory?

    This may be what you are looking for: http://www.vectorworks.net/training/getting-started-guides/common/instrument-summary.php However you can also create more customizable lists with Tools > Reports > Create Report, then select the type of object you want to create a worksheet of.


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