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  1. To do it for a Viewport, you should include the Renderworks background as part of the Render Style. 

    View > Set Renderworks Background sets the environment for renders in the design layer side, which I do not use. You CAN control it per viewport as its own setting, but its easy to override that or forget it so I normally advise using it within Render Styles.

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  2. On 4/12/2019 at 7:48 AM, drelARCH said:

    Ive copied space object with style into a clean new file, created VP of it and exported to dwg and it works fine...

    Sending copy of the file.

    space label bug.vwx

    However in original file those spaces sharing same space style which I created in another file... and there i've noticed something odd:

    If i create VP of that space object and if 'Show 2D Boundary' is on it will not show space label (only text part)...and when I want to 'edit layout ' of the space style I get this:421531956_Snmkaobrazovky2019-04-12o13_33_49.thumb.png.7c1dac67d98773ea5c28694dbbfb9121.png

    Maybe that is what is causing issues....?


    Here is link to original thread:


    Or do I need to create space style from scratch...?

    Thanks Nina.




    You should contact tech@vectorworks.net directly about this and have them take a look and these files, I suspect they can show you how to correct it without having to recreate it.

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  3. On 4/13/2019 at 7:00 PM, Charlie Winter said:

    @Jim Wilson Curious about this. Are there future plans to incorporate touchscreen functions into Vectorworks?

    I have not seen much related to touchscreens. We did a bit of work to bring in touchbar support, but it is not widely used and Apple has so far not seemed like they will bring it to many other devices. On the Windows side, touchscreen machines that adhere to a standard and not a proprietary touchscreen solution are even more rare.

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  4. I know they are scheduled, however I don't think they have been created yet. There were much older guides for them but I believe they were only ever offered in paper/manual format and weren't multimedia. I know very little of the MEP tools myself.

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  5. You cannot delete multiple items from that popout resource selector element that drops from the tool bar. You have to use the Resource Manager palette directly. It should allow multiple selection on both mac and windows and should let you delete large selections all at once.

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  6. 3 minutes ago, DonnaRault said:

    Thanks Jim, but where exactly do I request it on the site? It doesn't even let me update my password at the moment?

    Contact your distributor directly for this one, the account looks to be stuck but I do not have admin privileges for that account because of the region it's from.

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  7. Not JUST the GPU on it's own most likely. If its actively trying to switch between them however, which Vectorworks is supposed to to in the background if the other stuff is configured as we talked about above, that could make it behave like that. Its worth doing a full reset however to see if it changes behavior:


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  8. 9 minutes ago, Art V said:

    I.e. each install will have to get everything from the internet, meaning downloading the same content over and over again for every machine that has VW installed.

    OH if you mean the library/resource content, that can be copied directly from one machine to another if desired. You only need to update the resources on one machine then share them with the others.

    I used the term "content" to refer to the guts of a Vectorworks update a few times and I shouldn't have been so sloppy with my word choice, apologies.

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  9. 1 minute ago, Art V said:

    I.e. each install will have to get everything from the internet, meaning downloading the same content over and over again for every machine that has VW installed.

    No, it only downloads the difference in the base tech, then the new content on its own. With the old system, you downloaded the installer whole each time as well as the changed content for Vectorworks. With the new one, the only time it redownloads the installer is if we rebuilt it for some reason, if its the same as it was last time, it just downloads the difference. 

    Also with the old system, the installers ALWAYS included the guts of previous installers with them, so that SP6 for instance was able top update SP1 through SP5. The new system checks what you currently have and just downloads what it needs and nothing extra.



    4 minutes ago, Art V said:

    The Update Vectorworks application you mention is a bit of a hit and miss and only gets downloaded if there is a new SP.

    If theres no new SP to install, what would you expect it to be doing? The updater itself now comes with the full installation of Vectorworks and remains inside the application folder always instead of making you download another and another over and over. I think I'm just misunderstanding what you're seeing.

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  10. You may want to look for any Asus-specific app power control settings, and see if theres a Performance mode or something like that. I'm fairly certain windows can just be set to High Performance in the regular power management settings as far as that option goes to help make sure the right GPU is used.

  11. 48 minutes ago, Art V said:

    ????? I'm quite puzzled by that statement as there used to be a single installer for all VW versions that updated just the components in use based on the serial number. Never had issues with that through VW2018. Why is this no longer the case for VW 2019?

    This is only if they want an Offline Updater, meaning that the single installer normal users work with isn't an option, since that installer requires an internet connection in order to bring down all the content libraries. 

    Separate downloads for the service packs are unrelated to that, you can just run the Update Vectorworks application now and it will update itself and give you the version you want, and the advanced options within it allow you to roll back to older SPs if you need to.

    I can't speak to any workarounds that were intended to get around rolling region releases however.

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