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  1. 1 minute ago, DanJansenson said:



    If the chokepoint in my setup right now is Hidden Line Render, then a big investment in a faster CPU(with more cores)  would be better than a big investment in a better GPU, am I reading this correctly?

    It depends, if it's Hidden Line and not any kind of sectioning, then normally CPU cores is the most important. But if its hidden line thats being delayed by the single core geometry or sectioning phase, then the core speed would be most important. You can check this by looking at Activity Monitor and seeing if your machines cores are all active in the CPU section while youre waiting or if it seems to be jumping from core to core.

  2. I would advise against buying the current Mac Pro model, there are heavy duty rumors (still just rumors, to be clear) that Apple will be revealing something about a "Modular Mac Pro" in June, but if you need to purchase before that, it may honestly be worth a look at the current Mac Mini paired with an eGPU. Not the highly pricey Blackmagic one in my opinion, there are a few other manufacturers making others for much less.

    Anyone viewing this: please start a new discussion thread here to talk about this more:

    (I will lock this so it only updates when there have been changes to the chart. No one did anything wrong by replying to it, its just more difficult to track than the regular posts.)

  3. 39 minutes ago, Henrard said:

    How can i add a student license in a trial version 2019 ? Thank you so much !

    You might be able to go to Tools > Options > Vectorworks Preferences > License and then remove the trial key and add your student serial number. I had thought reinstallation was required but the more recent versions may just let you switch it out and restart.

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  4. Just now, RussU said:

    It was slighty cheaper for me to buy two 512GB SSDs rather than a single 1TB unit. So I thought why not RAID 0 them....

    Best accident I ever had. Absolutely rips through read & write ops, and saved me a couple of pennies too!

    Multiple SSDs in Raid0 is excellent. As long as your important data is backed up locally or on a cloud server it's a great solution. 

  5. 4 hours ago, Christiaan said:

    @Jim Wilson what's the difference in save speed between an SSD and Fusion drive in practice? I was dealing with 1-2 GB files before Christmas so any difference can add up over time with that kind of file size.

    Its a bit more complex than this, but the jist is:

    The FIRST time (or first few times) you save to a Fusion drive, itll be slower than on an SSD, but subsequent saves and especially if you are working with that file and saving it daily are going to be very close to average SSD speeds. If you're getting brand new hardware, it's best to go for SSD of course but the Fusion solution Apple offered was no slouch compared to regular spinning HDDs of the day.

    Note: I have only worked with and tested Fusion (AKA Hybrid Drive) setups on the Mac side, they are available for Windows machines but I do not know if the performance is comparable.

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  6. 1 hour ago, PPC IT Support said:

    Same here. No matter which options I use i get 


    "There has been an error.
    Expected option but got "Support". Options start with a leading "--" prefix
    Use --help to get a list of valid options"

    Contact tech@vectorworks.net directly, they should be able to get your sorted out.

  7. This will be edited somewhat as of the launch of Vectorworks 2019, however a summary of changes can be found below:

    This sentence: "The CPU speed does NOT affect the speed of Top/Plan or OpenGL, these are dependant on the GPU.)" will no longer be accurate as of Vectorworks 2019, a faster CPU with more cores will be able to push information to the graphics card even faster. This will not affect Renderworks rendering speeds, but Top/PLan, OpenGL, 3D views and Sheet Layer views will be enhanced by CPUs with more cores at a higher clock speed, this reliance will increase as the complexity of the file does.

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    • Is it better for us to switch the sharing to SMB?
      • If you are having issues with your current setup, yes. However its more important to ensure that ONLY ONE protocol is being used.


    •  Why do you choose "full control" and not " Read/write" ?
      • This reduces access problems in general and seems the most reliable.


    •  We have problems with project sharing from time to time, would it be better to grant  "Full control" and get less PS conflicts.
      • Yes.
  8. 19 minutes ago, Bas Vellekoop said:

    If I look up the gtx 1070 on cbscores I get 3 results from 96 up till 141.

    How are such big differences possible?

    It can be a combination of things. The most likely factor is how much the GPUs have been overclocked. If you look at the last two entries on the top chart in the article, you will see that they are both GTX 970s (this was my gaming rig before I updated the GPU) but one has a much higher GPU score. I always overclock my graphics cards at least a little bit on Windows machines to get at least a little extra performance, but on the one I marked "Overclocked" I overclocked it as far as I could without it becoming unstable. Seeing a spread of 30-40 points in the GPU scores for similar models would not surprise me, especially since the types of people that post their benchmark results are also the type to overclock their hardware.

    The GTX 900 and GTX 1000 series from Nvidia are both VERY receptive to overclocking.

  9. 5 minutes ago, Bas Vellekoop said:

    I can get my hands on a relatively cheap 27 inch mid 2011 Imac with a AMD HD6970M 1024 mb GPU.

    Any idea which gpu score this one would give? I can only find test with older cinebench versions :(


    it looks like that card was mostly popular in the era before the modern Cinebench version. However, I was able to find a score done specifically on that model:


    http://cbscores.com/ (search the page for "6970")

    A score of 70 is what it ended up with, so honestly if the screen is still 1080p or more likely 1600x1200 it should do well as long as its only driving that single display. Im fairly certain there were no Retina displays at the time, but if it has a 4K+ screen or if you have a file with a LOT of complex geometry it might choke because of having only 1GB VRAM.

  10. 23 minutes ago, NeilB said:

    Would/Should the "Uninstall" application do it's job properly and fully if the Vectorworks application folder had been brought over to a new computer vis Time Machine?

    Possibly, but we do not test that. I recommend against installing Vectorworks in this way, a proper clean installation is best.

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