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    Trouble moving license to new machine

    in that case, you can simply uninstall it from the PC: Then install it on the replacement Mac. The serial numbers used to be different between mac and windows, but no longer. If you need the 2018 Mac installation link, message me directly with just the last 6 of your serial number and I can get you the right link. Don't post any part of your serial number publicly here on this thread.
  2. JimW

    Trouble moving license to new machine

    What version of Vectorworks is that?
  3. JimW

    Edit Profile?

    I see a signature for you, looks like you did it properly. If you attempted to do this before your first post was approved it may have given you that error temporarily, is it giving that same error now?
  4. JimW

    Ram and processing problem

    Rendering will, yes, but not geometry calculations like editing/moving objects around for instance.
  5. JimW

    scale question

    You should simply be able to scale the imported items, it might help to first import them into a new blank document and do the scaling there, then copy them over to the files you're working in if you already have a lot of geometry present. This should cover the basics:
  6. JimW

    Viewport Filters

    They're located inside Renderworks Cameras in conjunction with viewports:
  7. JimW

    Ram and processing problem

    Nothing in either of these that would indicate any common issues that I can see, I have a very similar hardware setup to both. The only thing I would recommend next is to completely disable any security/antiviral software as well as any automated backups, restart the machine and see if that helps. If that doesnt do it, these cases would need to move into regular support from here.
  8. JimW

    Ram and processing problem

    After unplugging those two monitors, run the dxdiag utility again and send me the new resulting txt file please.
  9. JimW

    Ram and processing problem

    Disconnect two of those three monitors, unplugging them from your computer entirely, then restart Vectorworks. Launch one of the files you were seeing extreme slowness in before and navigate around, let me know if the same slowness happens, or if it gets worse or better.
  10. JimW

    Ram and processing problem

    Please reply back with the following from your machine: As well as with details on what parts of using the application are slow, and if the slowness happens in new blank files with just a few simple test objects, or only in more complex files?
  11. JimW

    VW 2018 Installation stuck at 75%

    How long did it stop for? It can remain there quite a while, especially with an older hard drive.
  12. JimW

    Glow textures

    Yes, it's the only real exposure control at the moment. I use camera objects in conjunction with sheet layer viewports. If you already have a viewport set up in a perspective walkthrough view, you can add a camera by simply editing the viewport, selecting Edit Camera (even if it wasnt created from one) then placing a camera anywhere and clicking "Match Current View" in the cameras object info palette, then you don't have to use walkthrough to set the view up again and can still start enabling camera effect.
  13. JimW

    Glow textures

    Ahh that can mess with the color values as well, any time you get the brightness over 200-300 or even just above 100, the colors will wash out or combine strangely. You can avoid this by increasing the brightness of the scene using a Renderworks Camera's Exposure camera effect instead of manually turning the brightness way up.
  14. JimW

    Title Block and Border Vectorworks 2018

    This should be the most recent guide on creating one from scratch:
  15. JimW

    Glow textures

    I normally recommend controlling the glow's color via the Glow shader itself directly, and leaving the base Color shader of the texture set to pure white or a warm/cool white instead. This means creating and applying more than one Glow texture, but I find it's much better at giving me control over the end result. OpenGL will not show Glow at all, nor will it give an accurate representation of what a texture color will look like in a scene that is utilizing indirect lighting. You MIGHT be able to get proper results if your base attribute colors on the tubes are the only thing controlling color, and the Glow shader is using a pure white, but if that still doesn't seem to be working for you, or if thats what you tried in the first place, send me your file and I can take a closer look.
  16. JimW

    Energos - Space Volume is Zero

    Not anytime soon on my schedule, but I do know more are planned.
  17. JimW

    drawings side by side

    Sadly Vectorworks on PCs can not do this. Even if you enable multiview and pop out a pane, that pane will collapse when you switch active documents. I am fairly certain it is planned for the windows side to catch back up (Mac and Windows tend to alternate versions when they get some OS-centric UI features) but I do not know when.
  18. The premium content is still being produced and loaded into the new system now, once it's ready as well as the new platform, Service Select members will be able to access it. Youtube doesn't have everything, just everything public that you can get your hands on at the moment. However, this is part of the reason we have this Forum. You are able to ask, get answers and make your decision on whether to upgrade or renew a subscription. If because of the above concerns, you don't feel it is worth it, then I wouldn't want you to upgrade/renew. I don't want anyone buying Vectorworks under any misconceptions and we are here to clear them up as best as possible.
  19. JimW

    Plug in Object

    Same issue after a full restart? If so, send me that file and I can take a look.
  20. JimW

    Plug in Object

    If you go to View > Layer Options and View > Class Options, are they set to Show/Snap/Modify Others, or something else?
  21. The 2018 Design Summit has been scheduled and a location chosen, save the date! This year we are headed a good bit further west in the US than we have in the past, to Phoenix Arizona! I've never been personally, but looking at the resort we have picked out, it seems pretty awesome. November 4th-6th, 2018 Sheraton Grand at Wild Horse Pass 5594 W. Wild Horse Pass Blvd., Phoenix, AZ You can sign up HERE to be kept informed of the details as they become public. We are still selecting and taking feedback on the various sessions that will be included, direct your input HERE. If you wish to be considered as a speaker or trainer (that's what I'll be doing too!), click HERE. Last year we packed in training to the brim and this year is shaping up to be much the same! Training is always the most highly requested activity, so we won't slice any off the schedule. There are also discussions on how we can integrate some more allotted time for user Q&A, but I'll have more details on that later. It's still early and not everything is set in stone yet, but feel free to ask any questions you may have and I'll do my best to to answer.
  22. JimW

    Vectorworks Design Summit - 2018

    Reminder: If you already plan to attend the Summit but haven't grabbed your tickets yet, now is the time. The price will go up as of June 22 and historically keeps increasing from that point up until the day of the event.
  23. Oh we encourage them constantly, but since we're a much smaller marketshare, it's very uphill. The content I was referring to however was mostly the training and other video content (my area) specific to Vectorworks, which manufacturers wouldn't be involved in.
  24. JimW

    Grass Shader: Square Image Only?

    I suspect the grass shader is expecting a square image so that it can be properly tiled. I did this with the VW logo I believe, but that source icon was definitely square. The Image shader accounts for source images of varying dimensions and tiles them accordingly, but some of the other shaders like transparency and grass seem to expect a square source.