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  1. It had been working but I have now seen this problem even in my own files, restart doesn't always correct it either, sometimes i need to edit a symbol on the design layer before i can edit in the resource manager again, or a group within a symbol. I will be reconfirming and resubmitting this one if there isn't already an active bug on it for sp2. (This was different from the original post topic but just thought it merited mentioning)
  2. Jim Wilson

    Apple Event - Oct 30 2018

    Hardware announcements end of this month it looks like: https://9to5mac.com/2018/10/18/apple-october-event-ipad-pro-mac/ I will continue to cross my fingers and do superstitious dances in the hopes that they will add more Pro-minded options to more of their lineup!
  3. Jim Wilson

    Please Enable: Verbose Error Reporting

    This gives you an idea of what is included, but at the moment no there is no way to see your own specifically before it is sent out, we encrypt it before it is transmitted: (Article is missing one of the newer options, but the bottom choice in the article is still the same info as the bottom choice in Vectorworks) I'll ask about how feasible it would be to add a self-review feature to this system, I don't know enough about its workings to guess at how hard it would be.
  4. Jim Wilson

    Vectorworks Freezing on my second monitor

    Reply back with the following and I can usually confirm whats going on: It very often is an issue with integrated and dedicated graphics settings as you suspect, but the way to correct it is specific to the card sometimes.
  5. Jim Wilson

    Please Enable: Verbose Error Reporting

    I can answer any questions you like by searching the database, but no we can't make the database itself public. We may one day give users access to metrics for things like tool usage and hardware specs but for now its all ONE database that includes more info than we should be sharing openly, IP addresses etc.
  6. Anyone who is experiencing intermittent or unreplicatable crashing in 2018 or 2019, please strongly consider setting your Error Reporting option to the maximum setting, "Send crash details and verbose usage patterns" Tools > Options > Vectorworks Preferences > Session > Error Reporting This will automatically report crashes (When Vectorworks actually crashes, NOT if it was force quit before the crash completed) to our QA and Engineering teams. Once we have your license number (The last 6 of your serial) we can take a look at the entire history of that license crashing and identify patterns. None of your personal information or usage patterns will ever be used for any purpose other than troubleshooting and improving the reliability of the application.
  7. Jim Wilson

    Crowd with LED wristbands

    With glow and indirect lighting it's not too bad at all compared to regular Light sources. (Unless you switch on Lit Fog)
  8. Jim Wilson

    RW Styles: Quality settings for Blurriness & Soft Shadows

    Your findings line up with some things I've been seeing after more rendering work. I have not been able to make the Soft Shadows quality setting affect the end result at all. Blurriness however, I think I see a difference when I had a blur applied to a transparency shader, (for things like privacy glass or ice,) but not for blurs applied to reflectivity. I do intend to track these down further, and I'll be able to devote more time to them after the Summit is over.
  9. Jim Wilson

    2019 SP1 - still buggy - Rendering inconsistencies

    I received both versions of the file, thank you! I was able to confirm the rendering appearance changes right away and have submitted them along with the screenshots. Please reply back with this as well from your machine however: So we can troubleshoot the other bits.
  10. Jim Wilson

    Vectorworks 2018 Hogs Application Memory

    We can confirm this with Activity Monitor, it should be in your Application folder under Utilities. Reboot your machine now that you've had that error, then start up Activity monitor first, then your normal apps and Vectorworks. In Activity monitor, click the Memort tab, then click the Memory column header to sort by which app is using the most memory. Work for awhile, then see what the usage gets to and reply back with a screenshot of the monitor if you get that out of memory error again. 8GB of RAM is a bit low for heavy file usage, but should still be usable as long as no other major apps are using a lot of it as well.
  11. Jim Wilson

    Vectorworks 2019 release date

    I can't give an absolutely yes or no on that since it's very dependent on which dialog for which tool. Some of them currently load large libraries in the background when used for the first time in a session (I think Lighting Instruments and Doors are the most noticeable at the moment?) while others are relatively lightweight and come right up. Depending on HOW we move forward with a UI update, would determine if that loading speed decreased or not. For instance, one possible avenue for our UI is to rebuild the palette and menu systems with HTML, this would not only allow for screen size/resolution aware adaptive appearances of the UI, but also nearly full customization of spacing, color, font, and any kind of collapsible-ness we could need. However, this would be one of the methods where the UI would look and feel much newer, but if we still linked it into the same tool underneath and if we didnt give that part any love, that same slowdown could occur.
  12. Jim Wilson

    2019 SP1 - still buggy - Rendering inconsistencies

    Would you please send me this file in a direct message? I can take a look. It's contents will be kept confidential.
  13. This is the main reason you saw almost no mention of Advanced Horizontal Sections yet. It's useful enough in some scenarios that it merited being made live, but it isn't up to where we want it to be to become a solid flagship feature we include in workflows and tutorials. The deficiencies you listed however are already in the pipe to be added.
  14. Jim Wilson

    How to create a garden shade sail?

    These tutorials are a bit older, but for what you need, the only part needed is likely the first chapter:


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