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  1. This article will be kept up to date with details about the compatibility between Vectorworks and macOS 10.14 Mojave:
  2. Jim Wilson

    Vectorworks is REALLY SLOW lately!

    Many people had different experiences in that era due to hardware as well. The selection highlighting and subsequently some of the parasolids stuff increased the hardware reqs significantly, those that had decent machines loved working in Vectorworks, but those who didn't saw the dramatic dip in speed vs 12.5 and cried foul. I was not heavily active on the forums during this time if at all, but the phone lines were ablaze with speed concerns. This, again, is not to say that Vectorworks in it's current state does not merit improvement. I am just clarifying that Vectorworks has never been as fast as it should be, (at least not as fast as *I* think it should be and many users would likely agree with me on that,) but we do fundamentally keep getting faster all the time, we are just doing a lot more additional background things now than we may think compared to a decade or so ago.
  3. Jim Wilson

    Vectorworks is REALLY SLOW lately!

    We certainly have issues that need fixing, I'll be the first to admit that especially when it comes to speed, However the above is most likely a case of nostalgia getting in the way of objective fact, the 2008-2010 era was when I got the most slowness complaints and the majority of those specific slowness issues have been resolved since then: https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/search/&q=slow&page=1&search_and_or=or&start_after=976579200&start_before=1293753600&sortby=relevancy
  4. You can only make Light objects, or line/area lights emit light without being visible at all themselves. Objects with Glow textures applied; when you reduce their transparency, will also proportionately reduce how much light they are emitting so by the time they're 100% transparent, they are emitting 0% light. This is true, glow texture objects alone won't disable the default lighting yet, but I've requested that they do.
  5. Jim Wilson

    External GPUs

    No, if you weren't having issues in 2017 but are in 2018, then most likely more GPU power wont do the trick. External GPUs are a fix for the lame Intel GPUs that are integrated in the lower end Apple products, you would be hard pressed to get a reasonably priced eGPU setup to improve your performance over that Radon 560 eGPU, and since you didn't have the issues in 2017, they likely arent hardware based, as 2017 and 2018 have similar reqs.
  6. Jim Wilson

    External GPUs

    Not on the official writeup, things have just been busy around here though, not a bad sign or anything related to using eGPUs. Our core findings: If you have the eGPU properly configured and the OS is able to recognize your external GPU and run the proper drivers for it, Vectorworks can use that card instead of your internal Intel or older GPU you intend to replace. I found no issues whatsoever on the Windows side, I was able to specify the direct GPU to use in the OS settings and then Vectorworks treated it like it was natively installed internally. On the Mac side, there were only issues if I tried to use GPUs that weren't officially approved by Apple. If i used one of their approved eGPUs, then they worked exactly as expected and Vectorworks could take advantage of the eGPU over the integrated unit. Basically, Vectorworks will see an eGPU and utilize it just fine, its only a matter of getting the eGPU properly installed and configured in the first place.
  7. Jim Wilson

    Navigation palette is blank

    | This is usually that the width of the columns is too small or two wide. undock that palette and make it very wide in the center of your screen, then try resizing the columnis horizontally, you should then see the missing stuff.
  8. Jim Wilson

    Bring Back Teaser Tuesdays!

    Super soon! We have hard plans for them to start appearing early next month with some added interactivity, can't share details yet but I think you folks will like it. (They let me pick the features to share this year too!)
  9. Jim Wilson

    Organization of menus . . .

    I am fairly sure I know what you're asking, but if this doesn't explain it clearly enough let me know: To make them appear as icons only and not show their text labels, click the small arrow at the bottom of the palette and then select View Tools As and/or View Tool Sets As and set them to Icons Only. To show more than one tool palette at once, click and drag the name/icon for the toolset in the tool sets palette and pull it off to the side, it will then create a palette of just the tools in that toolset separately that you can then dock along your screen if desired.
  10. Jim Wilson

    AMD or Nvidia, any real world comparisons?

    Well for an Apple-tax susceptible product, that price is not bad. The cheapest eGPU enclosures you can get are still minimum $200US from what I have seen, and then while the Radeon Pro 580 isn't available as a standalone unit, the similar Radeon Pro models that are are priced around that or higher. It certainly doesn't seem to be a huge price gouge like the very early eGPU offerings from various companies were.
  11. Jim Wilson

    AMD or Nvidia, any real world comparisons?

    Should be just fine even for a 4K+ display, and it would certainly be a dramatic improvement over any of the integrated Intel options in Apples lineup.
  12. Based on our testing, Vectorworks is currently not compatible with macOS Mojave 10.14. The biggest issue is that it runs very slowly. We ave narrowed down the greatest of this slowness to the Object Info palette, where Apple has changed some underlying functionality such that our software is no longer compatible. We have also found some buttons in modal windows that are truncated on the bottom/right edges. Efforts have begun to bring supported versions of Vectorworks into compatibility with Mojave, but at the moment we recommend against using it at all in conjunction with all versions of Vectorworks.
  13. Jim Wilson

    Vectorworks is REALLY SLOW lately!

    Management would like to see the file where this occurred for you in, you can post it here or message be directly and attach the file there if it is private.
  14. Jim Wilson

    VW 2017/2018 Cinema 4D Export Bug?

    I see that resulting bugs were generated and they look to have been appropriately assigned to the Rendering team, no other progress however. EDIT: I am also able to replicate this issue with Vectorworks 2018 and Cinema 4D R18 and R19
  15. Jim Wilson

    Texture are Aline to top of wall Not to face?

    This may clear it up:


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