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  1. Jim Wilson

    2014 Open GL rendered viewports

    Thank you, submitting them now.
  2. Jim Wilson

    Layer Creation / Invisible Layer / VW2014

    I have seen this in some cases, but usually only from opening pre- Vectorworks 2008 files, not from rebuilt files as you are working with. What happens if you attempt to delete this invisible layer in a copy of your file?
  3. Jim Wilson

    Bugs of trial version 2014 (windows os)

    If you attempt to save a file, does it save properly, it is simply crashing when you close instead of closing normally?
  4. Jim Wilson

    2014 Open GL rendered viewports

    Please send that to tech@vectorworks.net with "ATTN Jim" for the subject please. We will take a look.
  5. Shouldn't be long now. QT is one of the major hurdles for going fully 64bit and I know they are actively working on getting off of it.
  6. Jim Wilson

    File Cleaner

    Go ahead and resend to Tech@vectorworks.net with the subject "Attn Jim" and I'll have a look.
  7. Jim Wilson

    printing sheets

    If that is the case then the problem usually lies with the printer or with the printers configuration. Make sure to follow the steps here to create a custom page for that printer: http://kbase.vectorworks.net/questions/800/Page+Setup The default ones sometimes cause issues like you are experiencing. If problems continue, then the next steps would be checking for printer driver updates (uncommon for OS X) and/or updating printer firmware, steps for which you can normally get from the printer manufacturer.
  8. Jim Wilson

    printing sheets

    If you use the Move Page tool (found by clicking and holding on the Pan tool icon in the Basic palette) do you see that the page is aligned properly? If you export to PDF, do you see the same issue, or is it correct?
  9. Jim Wilson

    shp file with 3d record

    Ray, would you be so kind as to send tech@vectorworks.net that .SHP file? ("ATTN: Jim" is fine for the subject) I am speaking with some others here to see if we can get something a little more automated worked out. The "Modify by Record Value" feature that was introduced a few versions back may hold the answer.
  10. Jim Wilson

    shp file with 3d record

    I have not yet come across a way to do this, however I have been asked a number of times for a way to accomplish it. The closest I have seen is with Survey Input, but that pulls directly from a delimited text file to create contours at various elevations, not record data attached to the contours/polys themselves. If anyone comes across a method or script that does this, please let me know and I will add it to the kbase immediately. (Until then, i'll check with a few of the veterans here and see if they have come across something similar.)
  11. Jim Wilson

    Looking for Wave Wall

    As to where you would find a symbol for this, I am not sure. But if you create one instance of the wave object, a Surface Array may let you create a larger wall of it rather easily compared to trying to duplicate along a number of curves to get a curved wall:
  12. At the very least, a "Do not show again." I would certainly agree with.
  13. Jim Wilson

    2010 on Windows 7 - no import PDF option

    As long as you have a version other than Fundamentals, you'll have the File > Import > Import PDF option. You may not see the option however if under Tools > Workspaces, you have Fundamentals/Standard selected, or another customized workspace.
  14. Jim Wilson

    3DConnexion SpaceNavigator and Vectorworks 2014

    These were set up for maneuvering around with the Walkthrough tool activated. As to why Vectorworks doesn't have its own default configuration, I have no idea, my goal is simply to help users having problems with the device. Kevin: Were you able to specify a tool in Vectorworks to map those axes to successfully?
  15. Jim Wilson

    Obect selection issues

    Correct, we have yet to come across a reliable way to correct this on ATI cards, only Nvidia cards that utilize the Nvidia Control Panel. If and when we do come across a standardized solution, we will make an ATI-specific article to go with this Nvidia-specific article.
  16. You can try to uninstall QuickTime and install the version supplied by ArcGIS, however if that fails, as well as uninstalling and reinstalling as per these instructions: http://kbase.vectorworks.net/questions/506/Uninstalling+and+Reinstalling+Quicktime+%28Windows%29 Then you would need to check with ArcGIS to see about a resolution.
  17. Jim Wilson

    File Cleaner

    If you haven't gotten a response yet, make sure to call between 9am and 5:30pm today, if you have trouble reaching them please let me know.
  18. Jim Wilson

    Obect selection issues

    A number of users have encountered odd issues when using a machine with two separate graphics devices, ill add an article to include steps on how to rectify this. Thank you for confirming! http://kbase.vectorworks.net/questions/1160/Multiple+Display+Adapters+-+Nvidia+Control+Panel+%28Windows+Only%29
  19. Jim Wilson

    Some Wall End Caps not showing when wall components off

    Its behaving a little oddly here too in my own test file. If I disable just the component class(es) involved in the wall end cap, it appears incorrectly, similar to how your example above does. Same results if I use Hide Details or disable Show Wall components. It seems to behave as expected if I disable ALL the component classes, causing the wall to draw itself as a solid white area that extends all the way to where the cap does. Submitting it now, thank you.
  20. Jim Wilson

    Some Wall End Caps not showing when wall components off

    Taking a look now. What method are you using to hide the components normally? Disabling the various "Wall-component-" classes?
  21. Jim Wilson

    2014 evaluation

    No problem at all, Kevin. I can't personally speak to the "why" of every question, especially when it comes to programming decisions, but i'll do my best to get users up and running as quickly as possible. Opacity Preview was the addition of a button in the Opacity dialogue box (the opacity controlled by the attributes palette) that lets you see what the opacity change was before exiting the dialogue. Removing the need to change the opacity, click ok, see the change, then open the dialogue box again if another change is needed.
  22. Jim Wilson

    Chunky rendering

    You can, it simply depends what types of geometry you are importing.
  23. Jim Wilson

    Fast Interactive 3D Rendering in 2014 and the VGM

    You would only need to alter files that had problematic geometry. Moving forward, if you make sure to leave your 3D Conversion res set lower, you won't come across the problem again.
  24. Jim Wilson

    Fast Interactive 3D Rendering in 2014 and the VGM

    DaveD was able to isolate the issue with your file. It looks like the sweeps used in the tops of the canisters were set to a .7 degree increment, which resulted in exceedingly complex geometry for OpenGL to work with. (You wont see this complexity in wireframe, as it simplifies objects like Sweeps. ) You can see the detail if you render one of the sweeps in OpenGL and set the fills of the geometry inside the symbol to "None": [img:center]http://i.imgur.com/pKr84qB.jpg[/img] Luckily, you can select all of the sweeps at once and change the Seg value from .7 to something more like 5.0 and get good quality with no faceting while dramatically reducing complexity: [img:center]http://i.imgur.com/xBhKUWf.jpg[/img]


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