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  1. Hi Conrad, I understand that there may be some use cases where users want new device numbers appended to old, but thus is a fundamental change from every previous version of Connectcad that I have used (2018-2021) and it is becoming very frustrating. Would it be possible to add a checkbox so that users can choose whether they want existing device numbering replaced or appended to? Cheers Jonny
  2. Morning, It would be extremely useful to be able to edit the location of a device in the Object Info palette. Any chance of getting this in to the next build? Cheers
  3. Hi there, Started using 2022 recently and have found that the Re-Number Devices tool has some interesting behaviour. When you use it the first time, it works as expected. But if you add a device and then run the tool again - you get the new number appended to the old one. So the first screenshot is the first use of the Re-Number Tool. Second screen shot is using the Tool starting from 1. There are only three devices in this example. It appears that the numbering is just being appended, rather than replacing the previous number. Let me know if you need any further info.
  4. Hey thanks - that's certainly solved a couple of things. I'll clarify the virtual over physical devices thing above. What I actually meant was temporary device. On the device builder popup the OK button on the bottom right is always greyed out. The only way I can make a device is to hit the "Create Temporary Device" button. Whats the the thinking here - or am I using it wrong? Also - can we get direct editing in the Object info palette for location please? Cheers
  5. Thanks Conrad, Any idea on time frame? Also - still on Device Builder - How do I set a default "Label Symbol" - currently its always "dev_label_center". I am also having to create virtual devices over physical devices - not sure why. Can you walk me through the process with that? Finally - all of my symbols (previously created in VW2019) using "dev_label_generic" are solid objects - ie a white back ground - the device builder does not use a back ground for the main section. As you can see here. Let me know if you need anything clarifying Cheers
  6. Anyone know how to configure the device builder? In VW2019 there was a little icon top left of the page that allowed default configuration settings. Cant find anything like that in VW2021.
  7. Thanks Jesse, I gave that a try - but it would need an option for TAG for this to work I think. When I selected Name in the options it wouldn't let me select any device. As all the devices are essentially the same class, this limits this tool for this application.
  8. First off - thanks for the responses and I’ll try and keep this as concise as possible. Agree with Daniel – if we could get a text field as per VW 2019 then great. 1. Daniel you mentioned you selected 600 devices and renumbered them – were they on the same design layer? Is there a way to select all devices in a file, across all design layers? We typically have multiple rooms in a design across multiple layers. So if we can select all devices across all design layers we can use the renumber devices in the ConnectCad menu. Problem solved. 2. Adding in the Spotlight numbering function. On the face of it, this looks like a great option, albeit not really part of ConnectCad. In practise, it doesn’t work as expected. The ‘Renumber Devices’ function in ConnectCad appends the number to the device Name. Ceiling Speaker210 for instance. The Spotlight numbering doesn’t. On the design layer there is no change to the name - but do an ‘All layers device report’ and it has changed the name on that. 3. Now this is a problem when linking devices across design layers, because the link takes the design layer name, device name and port and uses that as the link name. But it doesn’t take the name of the device on the design layer, it takes the device number that Spotlight gave it - so from layer to layer you cant know what is connected to what. See screen shot. Left screen shot is on Design layer 1 – Right hand screen shot is on design layer 2. So not something we can use, as it is, unfortunately. Conrad – I have replicated that bug where the Renumber Device deletes the name – do you want me to post the file here? New bug / issue I found. Using the Multi Connect tool. This is awesome and is going to be a huge time saver for us. However it only works right to left. If I have a wall plate on design layer one that I want to connect back to my patch panel in design layer 2 – I cant use the left hand outlets of the data wall plate. However, go to single connect mode and you can. Let me know if you need more detail on this. Cheers Jonny
  9. The device numbering function has changed significantly. Where we used to be able to specify any number, we are now limited up to 256. We regularly have more than 256 devices in a solution. Is this going to change? Its a huge issue for us. Also - Occasionally devices will have their Names replaced with just the device number when re-numbering. But not all. I have to go back and rename the device with the device number appended.
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