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  1. jkamst

    Circle Truss

    Justin & Leo, Thank you for searching and the example. I succeeded in making the circles themselves, but finally got the dwg from prolyte itself. Thanks for the effort!
  2. Good evening, I'm looking for 3 different circles (prolyte). However, these were not found, so I tried it with the circle tool, but with little success. If I have made a circle, a part is white / gray and a part is red. However, I want it completely gray, Prolyte H30V. outside dimensions 2 m, 4 m and 6 meters. Can someone explain to me how this works or how I can get it? Thanks for the effort!
  3. jkamst


    Hi, Thanks for you message. I Found it! At first, the download links didn't work, but now they do. Thanks for advance.
  4. jkamst


    Hello, I'm looking for a mirrorball effect. How can I make a Mirrorball and the effect of it? Or who has something, and want to share it? Thanks


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