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  1. I'm curious how you have the lighting set-up. I think you have some spots pointing straight up at your circular light fixtures due to the shadows and round light spots. But how are you preventing the sunlight that falls where the walls meeting the ceiling and what are you using for overall lighting in the room? It looks like you do have a few windows but not enough to light the room (?)
  2. I'm really on the fence about continuing with TM or not due to the changes in interior lighting in TM2020. I would like to stick with TM but if they have no intention of fixing interior lighting, it is a dead end for me. It is really frustrating, I still get much better results out of 2019, I've tried all kinds of things in 20 but with mostly unacceptable results and a lot of wasted time. This is a much bigger concern for me than a direct link with VW at this point. I'm starting to learn C4D, which is what a couple of our other designers use. But regardless, I really need a new computer and pretty sure I'll go PC for the first time in 32 years. It may not be the best time to be asking for an expensive new computer but I am past due with our company policy and my Macbook Pro just doesn't cut it on these programs.
  3. What advantages are you gaining in terms of modifying in TM? Are you just talking about being better organized in the Scenegraph? Have you found advantages of using FBX instead of C4D?
  4. I just export C4D Sort by Textures, no need to do a lot of extra work in classes. And then import into TM as Collapse by material. The import update button works fine.
  5. Sadly, I blame Apple with their on again off again approach to the pro market. I'm leaning toward switching to a PC after 32 years being Mac only.
  6. Thanks, I submitted two items under "submit ideas". I think they are really missing out with the difficulties of creating interior scenes, with the sun bleeding into 100% enclosed spaces with no windows and lights that don't function properly that were introduced in 2020. They are really limiting their market to architecture. I still find 2019 much better for most of my work but I wonder if it is a dead end if the software is going to stay so limiting.
  7. Well, I've been struggling with this same issue the last two days. Had a file I've been working on for over a week and suddenly, when I go to update the C4D file, I would get nothing; even what was already imported would disappear. This was in TM2019. I was able to open the 2019 file in 2020 but when I tried to update the C4D file, it would go for awhile and then lock up. I went back to a back up file and same thing, even when using a back up C4D file. I tried downloading and reinstalling 19, trashing my user library, etc, etc. I found I couldn't even import a simple cube into a new TM file. Lots of googling and I finally came across this: Hi. On re-installing the apps on my Macbook Pro I have discovered the conflict (which is now back again!) as unfortunately it is a piece of software required for Remote Access to the office which I use regularly - Namely GlobalProtect version 4.1.7 -18 by Palo Alto Networks. As soon as this is installed Twinmotion will not import files. I didn't even remember that I had installed it but on a call Monday, we were reminded that we needed to use it to be able to remote access in to change our password if it was expiring (I had 5 days left) so I had downloaded it. Now I'm trying to get our IT dept to uninstall it so I can get my work done.
  8. TM2020 has an automatic back-up option so I would use it! Doesn't seem like it makes a lot of sense transferring 2019 files to 2020; all of the lighting and people have to be redone. But I guess that isn't a big deal if the sun is your only light source. I'm working on an outdoor scene and wow, is it easy with only one light source! I experimented with some 2019 files and the people get swapped out and don't even maintain their pose; I had people who were standing changed to sitting and vice versa. Now 2019 just crashed on me twice.
  9. @rb-arch Last night I re-exported from VW and updated the import in TM. I realized I had some layers off in VW and went back and turned them on and re-exported. When I updated TM again, I lost the textures that had been on layers that were missing on the last update. So I closed TM without saving, reopened it and then updated the import so that it had the accurate update without the inaccurate one. Normally I set up VW with all the layers and classes I need on in TM and save a View so that I can always go to that View before I update the C4D export and avoid exports missing things. I'm still using TM19 at this point. I've found 2020 will hang when trying to import a lot of my files while 2019 can successfully import.
  10. @rb-arch I use the same settings as you. Most of the time TM keeps the new textures but I have occasionally seen it revert back to the VW textures when I do an update. You're losing all of your replaced textures? VW export to C4D via textures, final renderworks.
  11. I don't think Enscape can animate people, cars, etc. , if that's important to you. Picked up a few good tips on the TwinMotion webinar this morning. Here a link in case you missed it:
  12. Ok, thanks, I'll try that. I tried using like 0.01% glow and it would blow out but I didn't have the texture in both color and glow channels. Nice work everyone.
  13. When you say "I can activate a texture with glow and have it emit light" is it a texture or a material? In 2019, I can place a screen image texture on a screen and then adjust the glow to "backlight" the screen and make it realistic rather than dark. If I do this in 2020, it just blows out to a pure white, even with just a fraction of a percentage of glow. Same thing with a color, blows out to white immediately.
  14. I found a discussion on the Epic Games website with others having problems with the lights and several users going back to TM19. It seems interior lights don't work unless it is nighttime. I think Epic Games is just focused on architectural renderings (granted which is the primary market) and have changed the program so it doesn't work well for interior work unless it is mostly lit by daylight. Meanwhile, Enscape has a PC only beta plugin for VW. Looks like they don't have the animated people. I may have to look at Enscape and Lumion; I've already been thinking about asking for a PC workstation as sadly, Apple isn't keeping up.
  15. Anyone else having major problems with 2020? Besides the ones I listed earlier, (sunlight appears in a room enclosed on all 6 sides with no windows as before but previously I could turn the sun all the way down and crank up ambient light but now ambient is tied to sun exposure; and glow immediately blows out to pure white). I've got three VW files I've exported as C4D and successfully imported into TM19 but if I try to import into TM2020, it locks up the program. Using a MacBook Pro 2.7 GHz Intel Core i7 16 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3 10.14.6 Last week I had a big project and went back to TM19. I hacked in video to play on the screens and it worked great and I produced some impressive fly throughs. But I'm getting really close to giving up on TwinMotion if I can't get 2020 to work for me; I don't want to continue if it is a dead end. My company is soon looking to standardize on rendering software and I can't even suggest TM at this point, despite the great results I got on the project last week. A couple of our other designers use C4D. Here's the room with no openings but sunlight still shine in:
  16. I'm still struggling with the new version. The Glow function now just completely blows out any texture map or color to just be 100% white, even at less than 1%. I used to use this to lighten up monitor screens but now I can't. But I see colored lights in the reveal video that they seem to indicate using glow so I'm not sure why mine immediately blow out. And I'm still struggling with the lighting on interiors that have no exterior lighting, it seems the sun leaks in even without windows and ambient lighting it now dependent on sunlight so I can't just turn the sun all the way down like I used to. I tried making it midnight and cloudy, which is a lot more trouble, but still having problems. I went back to the old version and it felt a lot more zippy on my MacBook Pro. One new feature that they have barely mentioned is displaying video, though I think that may have been possible in the old version but not as obvious.
  17. No, I received an email from unreal and followed the instructions for downloading: To install your copy of Twinmotion 2020, open the Epic Games launcher and log in with your Epic account. Select the Twinmotion page in the Unreal Engine tab, and click Install above Twinmotion 2020.1. Follow the prompts to complete the process.
  18. Mine is loading correctly. I wonder if there is any way to bring back the old people. The new version (ok, this is going to make me sound old, which I guess I am) seems like everyone is young hipsters. Harris now has a high ponytail. There were only a handful of characters appropriate for my work and now it seems there are very few that I might be able to use. And I'm still struggling with the lighting.
  19. Yeah, playing with it now. Opened an old file and the lighting is totally changed, as in I need to reset everything but now my lights don't seem to be working. As I'm almost always doing interiors with no exterior light, I always turn the sun off and depend on lights with some ambient lighting. Not sure how that's going to work in the new version, looks like ambient may be dependent on sunlight. I'm going to try a totally new file.
  20. I'm having to constantly reset the Project File, I've done it twice this morning and at least once yesterday. We have the project file on Dropbox and our working files on each user's hard drive. I've cautioned all users to be sure that they have given Dropbox time to properly sync (I did this a couple of weeks ago) but we're still having the issue. At this point, I'm hoping we can just limp to the finish line of this project (a couple more weeks) and then, unless I find a solution, I'll give serious thought to not using Project Sharing in the future. If I do, I'll probably limit to 2 or 3 users and everyone else will have to reference. For some reason, VW constantly produces .bak files that do not get deleted. This seems to be an issue with multiple users on PCs. I've tried deleting them manually but that doesn't seem to help. I've looked for invisible file thinking there was some temporary lock file that was getting hung up but couldn't find any. Is there a limited number of users we should stay below? We have 16 listed but a number of those are actually the same user under different names; actually only 11 active users. We are in probably a half dozen locations and mixed Macs and PCs. I'm thinking we're expecting more out of VW Project Sharing than it can deliver.
  21. I thought I recalled an announcement somewhere that VW and Twinmotion are working on a plug-in where you could work in VW and immediately see your work in TM. I also thought I recalled TM saying raytracing was coming as well. But that may have been someone higher up speaking and making the programmers think "yikes!". Seems like it should be an option even if it means longer rendering times to achieve that level.
  22. Thanks, milezee. This particular client is a contract client, not speculative work so we are getting paid for these designs and renderings. I mostly work on jobs we already have, making them real. Mostly what I work on is the trade show aspect of the corporate event. This client does not allow exhibitors to bring their own displays; we design and build just about everything, along with the staging for the general session, builds for smaller sessions, meal rooms, and a concert production, etc. Our main speculative designer uses C4D; we're trying to reel him in a bit to use VW more before he takes it into C4D so that we have something to start with rather than just his rendering as a jpg.
  23. Well, we never did solve the above issue, not sure what was happening on his end, I believe he just gave up on using TM. I tried to do some research but didn't find anything much, especially recent; I'm wondering about TM vs Artlantis. They seem very similar to have been developed by the same company. I used Artlantis over 20 years ago and I've downloaded it a couple of times to try out but always got too busy to get anywhere during the trial period. But, I downloaded TM and I have been using it regularly. So now I'm wondering, when Unreal comes out with TM2020 with a VW plug-in and a price tag, should I push for my company to purchase it or Artlantis? As to what I'm doing, it is not architecture; we do corporate events. So most of my renderings are interior and I set the sun to zero. I do commonly build out the facility interior. I have noticed that TM doesn't do much in the way of "drop shadows", say shadowing under a picture hanging on the wall. I do use the plants pretty often, as one of our main clients sells plants. I've found the plants in TM to be a bit limited as I need more small plants rather than trees, but they look lot better than the ones in VW. I've played around with creating animations and would like to do more but when I've showed them to people in my company, their reply was along the lines of "that's cool but if we show the client that, they'll want it every time". For this one particular client, we end up creating hundreds of renderings (a lot of simple OpenGL stuff plus a good number of nice renderings) with lots of revisions so they have a point. I'm mainly using TM for the lighting, superior textures (though a lot I just bring over from VW as they are product specific (client sells flooring, etc) and the people.
  24. I'm trying to get a coworker up and running in TM. He's in another office but we've talked on the phone. I gave him access to one of my TM files and also the C4D file, textures, and the VW file. He can open my TM file and sees the scene, no problem. But, if he closes that and tries to import the C4D file, the import fails, he gets nothing. I've walked him through it and he's doing everything the same as me, importing set to geometry, etc. I had him check the list of materials on the right side and they are not there, he just has the initial empty environment that TM starts with. He's not facing the wrong way or anything, when I import it, I can see the roof of the model that the view is above. Any idea what his problem could be? TIA
  25. I export as C4D with sort by texture and I'm not having any problems. You're sure it's not a class issue? I'll sometimes turn a class off when working in VW and then when I re-export items have disappeared. Really the only problem I have had is with transparency masks. I've had them work no problem but other times I can't get them to work at all, no matter when I try.


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