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  1. @Ellie H Is there a way for me to contact you? I’m not sure why it’s saying my email doesn’t exist and I’m eager to chat!
  2. @Ellie H Oh no! That’s bizarre! It is: emkmadison@gmail.com
  3. @Ellie H I’d love to discuss if you’re still selling!
  4. Hi Ellie! I’m extremely interested!! Please let me know how you’d like to proceed. My email is emkmadison@gmail.com if you’d prefer to discuss privately. Thank you so much, Elizabeth
  5. @mike d Any chance one is still available? Thanks, Elizabeth
  6. @mike d Any chance these are still available?? Thanks, Elizabeth
  7. @Mimi23 Just curious why 2014 forward?? I, too, am looking and wasn’t sure if there was something I didn’t know about older versions?? Your input is appreciated.
  8. Do you still have a license available by any chance? Thank you, Elizabeth
  9. Attempting to reenter the workforce independently as an Interior Designer and would love to jump back into Vectorworks. Looking for a single Vectorworks license for use on a Mac; ANY release. (Used Architect in the past; Fundamentals is a consideration, too!) Please let me know if you have one to sell! I really appreciate it! Thank you, Elizabeth
  10. Hi, Any chance that this license is still available? Kindly, Elizabeth
  11. Hi, Just joining the party... Is there any chance that the remaining license is still available?? Thanks, Elizabeth
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