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  1. Hi Sabrrett, thank you for this, I agree with rgcn, It would be great to be able to show this on schedule as a door object as well as being able to use the data tag tool (vwx2019) to tag the door with a standard door tag. Wondering if this is possible with marionette as I am just beginning to learn?
  2. Removing and re-inserting window had no effect for me. The problem kept reoccurring. What finally worked for me was to change the clerestory window option to "no break" under the O.I.P. This allowed the door below to show properly.
  3. Setting the clerestory window to "No break" in OIP worked for me. The lower Door/ Window showed correctly in plan and the clerestory showed dashed. 3d also works correctly.
  4. I am also having this issue, Help please. when I insert clerestory window over door, the wall is not cut by either also the window next to the door doesn't cut the wall. When I remove clerestory, lower openings show correctly.
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