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  1. Hello


    So glad that lasers are finally a part of vision. However tying it to Pangolin Beyond is a very limited choice. Maybe thats a US thing?

    Are there any plans to include some more protocols? I use Touch Designer to generate Laser content and send it using AVB (Laseranimation Sollinger) or interfaces like Etherdream or Helios. At the very least some DMX controlled lasers would be great to have.


    I am certainly very interested to hear what the plan is moving forward.


    Thank you

  2. Hi


    Unfortunately this is not the case for me. I did select GDTF in the MVR import dialog in vision (tried both). But there are no fixtures listed in my vision patch window.

    Vision recognizes the fixtures as lights, they highlight when selected, but does not populate the dmx patch.


    My workaround at the moment is to use similar fixtures that have the regular spotlight fixture mode, which is not optimal.



  3. Hi


    Everything is playing nice in terms of exporting and importing mvr. However the fixtures with a gdtf fixture mode and no fixture mode, has no patch data in vision.


    They light up when selected but do not turn up in the vision patch window. I have also merged in fixtures, that have a regular non-gdtf fixture mode set in spotlight, and they turn up fine in the patch.


    Does gdtf fixture mode not register in Vision? I hope I am missing something, because I would love to use some fixture profiles from gdtf-share.


    Grateful for any insight. 





    Mac mini M1, Big Sur

    Vectorworks v2021 SP4 Build 602791

    Vision v26.0.4.602928


    Setting in Spotlight:





    Screenshot 2021-08-18 at 14.20.02.png

    Screenshot 2021-08-18 at 14.19.36.png

  4. Bump! This bug is still buggin' in VW 2021 sp3


    The workaround:

    Set the hole size to your desired smallest dimension before changing from holes to slots. The other dimension is now editable.

    Convert back to holes to adjust the smallest value.

  5. 43 minutes ago, dtheory said:

    ... now is a better time to transition if one wants to get a bit more $$ out of 

    selling an existing machine.. I'm guessing that I'll either make a few dollars or at least come close to break even when I sell the 

    2013 Pro.. there's still a market at this moment.. that'll get worse over time..


    This was my logic. It was not easy getting rid of the trashcan. And when the next batch of upgraders wakes up as new macs come out the market will flood. 


    I think its a no brainer if you can do without all the TB ports. 


    I got a macminishaped usb hub with a 2.5'' drive enclosure as well and have not had a single moment of regret so far even i if loved the trashcan. Best machine ever built imho. 

  6. 40 minutes ago, digitalcarbon said:

    ok, so you all are telling me that when I need to upgrade from my Mac Pro (late 2013) then I can go with a Mac mini.

    That is how I am understanding all this.





    I did and have not regretted it. If you want to connect a ton of peripherals the mac mini is limited in comparison. Other than that its the most bang for your buck I have ever seen apple bring.

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  7. 21 hours ago, zoomer said:



    From time to time that still happens to me with even just a single Monitor.

    Or warnings that I haven't ejected my external TB drives and such.

    Not always but every 10-20 time.


    Yep, thats definitely a thing with my mac mini m1. I never shut my computer down, only sleep. And now I amost always get a message on wakeup about my external drive not having been unmounted correctly. The drive is still mounted, annoying and potentially destructive perhaps.


    Here is a discussion on the subject:



  8. 5 hours ago, dtheory said:

    I’m considering the M1.. what sorts of projects have you been doing on yours? Any further comments on performance?




    I have not made any big stage drawings during the pandemic. Just smaller stuff. That has been no problem whatsoever so far.

    The first thing I did when I got it it was to test some previously made music stage scenes with hundereds of fixtures, truss, stage elements, 3d figures and room geometry.

    I have no lag rotating and navigating the scene in openGL with ambient occlusion on. The file opens quickly and plays nice.


    If you want me to test a file for you can DM me.

  9. 8 hours ago, mike m oz said:


    I'm doing just small to moderate size projects and it is coping well but there isn't a gee wow time improvement in rendering times.  


    For bigger projects I think you are going to need a lot more cores than the current M1 chip has for there to be a substantial improvement in rendering times.


    Caveat - this is Rosetta and I'm hoping that the M1 coded version of Vw will see an improvement in rendering times.


    As long as rendering in VW is CPU based it will always be slow. Same for C4D or any other 3D program. Fast rendering needs GPU cores, at this point you dont even get that for free in C4D. The one boost you can feel is openGL.


    My M1 mac mini blows my mac pro 2013/6core/32GB out of the water in 3D movement of a complex scene with openGL+ambient occlusion.


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  10. Just a quick note. I just got a mac mini m1 with 16mb, installed vectorworks 2021, opened a stage design with a ton of geometry and light fixtures and took it for a whirl in open GL. 


    Its a pleasure! The same file on my 6 core trashcan with 32mb felt really heavy in switching to open GL in a 3d and rotating around. but this little sardine can does not even flinch. And it cost under a grand. First time (in 30 years) I ever got a bargain feeling out of apple.


    Not going to get my hopes up quite yet, but so far this felt like a major upgrade. Who knows what rosetta bugs await.

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  11. Hi


    Here are a few points that would be great for more complex projection scenarios than just a standing projector in front of a screen.


    - focus (not sharpness) the projector like a light fixture using focus points.

    - manipulate the "screen" orientation and geometry and let the projector and frostum follow

    - free orientation of the projector symbol

    - basically let the screen dictate the position of the projector.

    - a simple default projected texture that displays the projector number, on a grid background.



  12. Hi


    I am just interested in projector position and frostums. Calculating how many projectors, with what specs and oriented how, do i need to cover a certain mapping scenario.


    Your tool looks great. I will be sure to check it out. I just made a feature request as well. You never know


    @trashcan have you checked out this tool?

  13. Hi


    I know this has been discussed before but I am still looking for the definitive method.


    For projection mapping projects I often end up needing my projectors to stand on their side, or other weird angles. But 90° sidways is an example. 9:16 instead of 16:9.


    I can break the symbol and do what i want with it of course, but with the obvious drawback of loosing all parametrics.


    Is that just the way it is?


    @C. Andrew Dunning is there something in your tools that address this?




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