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  1. This is also my struggle in trying to have this workflow function. People keep telling to just use the straight truss tool instead since it's easier to use.
  2. @LJ TMS Are there problems with importing those into Vision though? Ive been reading about these DLVPs that create problems when going into previs because they don't show correctly.
  3. This seems extremely confusing for someone not experienced with years of VWX use 😰. As I literally downloaded VWX for the first time about a week ago aha. Im trying to get myself trained up to take on some small projects. Now why would anyone need to make a plot of an automated rig with hanging positions or scenery at different angles or heights? If I am building someone a plot in my mind I just need to give a view and close ups of the hanging position/pod so they can accurately build it. They wouldn't need to see its various positions changes, just what the structure and fixture placement layout is. Right..? I feel like people that are trying to show concept renders tend to use C4D or illustrator for inaccurate 3D concepts. For the raked truss scenario I suppose the same question could be asked as I think about it. For a plot they don't need to see the truss raked even if that will be its final flown orientation. And thinking of the geometry of that scenario... If I were to do all this DLVP work and angle truss so the front is higher than the back wouldn't that make the truss appear to be shorter and the lights more condensed on a top view for a plot? In that case I wouldn't want to rake the truss. Correct me here because I have no idea. #greenhorn.
  4. @Haydenovative Could you elaborate further on how you did this? I am trying to accomplish the same. I have 6 stick of 20ft truss I want to rake so the front is roughly 5ft higher than the back.
  5. Hey everyone, I am trying to use a truss grid I built to fly motors that support truss beneath it with all the fixtures. The house point layout is just lacking for some tight clusters of points I need to fly scenic. I am not sure the technical term for this process of flying motors off truss. I am having a hard time getting the motors to orientate correctly. I don't want the motors to snap to the truss they are being rigged to because then it assumed the point is going to the ceiling. I have gone into 3D and adjusting the orientate and hook length to appear as to do the job I am trying to accomplish. My problem is I can't seem to just copy and paste the hoist and add in the rest because every time it wants to snap to the truss I want to fly it from. I want to cut down on the time it takes to add in these hoists. I am also not sure if the hoist doesn't snap to the truss then VWX won't think the motor is truly attached to anything and not just some random floating motor. I tried to turn off snapping and it seemed to help but I still had to spend some time adjusting it further. Any suggestions?
  6. Thanks everyone! And @Jim Wilson the vega 20 option is $350 i believe... Anyways I did get myself a 2018 MBP refurbished. It's the maxed out specs on everything besides GPU. A 580x. I decided rhe refurb model was a good cost saver and I can use an eGPU in the future to get more power. Working awesome so far! I was surprised that VWX uses almost 8gb of ram at times. Crazy. Glad I have 32 lol.
  7. I have looked at the refurbished page and found some good stuff! They have a current model with an i9, 32gb, 560x and at the discount and I think it looks like it would run vcx and even Vision really well.
  8. Thanks for the thoughts guys. I understand that macs are the pricer option. I’ve been a long time Mac user so I do prefer to stick with it. I might decide to switch to a windows for this to get more out of my money but for right now I’m wanting to figure out exactly which Mac I need if I stick with them. So what I gather from your replies is... I don’t need to upgrade to the Vega 20. 560/560x performs great. 16gb of ram is adequate. More the merrier but 32 is overkill unless I not closing other operations. I should get the best CPU I can afford. Which means the 2018 i9 2.9. Does anyone know how much better a Vega 20 is than a 560? @Jim Wilson I have read you talk about how future vectorworks versions will rely on the GPU more. And I underhand Vision is heavier on the GPU. Even though the Vega 20 is still only 4gb of vram, is the upgrade better for the long term use of the software? Or would it still do me better to get an eGPU in the future when I need more power than a 560 and save the money. I know the ram is faster and the thermals are improved. Adorama has a sale on a 2017. Specs: i7 3.1ghz quad core, 16gb, 2TB ssd, amd 560 4gb vram. It’s 30% off. Should I pass this up in favor of the new processor?
  9. Hey guys, New to Vectorworks. My freelance employers want me to know this software to start sending me drafting work for their EDM festivals and tours. So I’m buying a MacBook Pro in order to run this well. I need a laptop. I’ve been reading tons of forums on here about hardware questions and it’s still somewhat unclear what specs are just right and what’s overkill. Budget is tight so if I don’t ever need it I don’t want it. However, I need to be able to handle arena sized vectorworks files and draw in them and make renderings of the stage. In addition I also need to be able to handle using Vision in the future. I understand I need a 15” and probably more than standard specs. Here are my main thoughts... Do I need to get a 2018? Adorama has a great sale right now on 2017 ones with a 560 and 3.1ghz quad core with 16gb. Even though the 2017 quad core and older graphics isn’t as good, will it be so much worse that I should pass up 30% off... Do I need more than 16gb of ram? I don’t think I need to be running lots of files at the same time. I don’t know when that’s required. But I also want this to handle Vision. Do I need to upgrade to the Vega 20? Anyone know if this is a worthwhile upgrade from the 560x? I could always get an eGPU set up going later on unless the Vega 20 is just a stellar option for the long term... Does the very tiny speed difference between 2.6 and 2.9 matter to have the newer i9 vs the i7? Does the i9 have other benefits that make it worthwhile? If I should be spending the $4250 to get everything then I’ll do it. But I don’t want to blow money on having a MacBook with a bigger numbers because I don’t have the need to compensate for anything. Thanks!!
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