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  1. Hi, I have a problem where for one of my projects referenced resources are not updating properly. I have a resource file with all my symbols. These symbols then get referenced into various drawings. Previously, if I updated the resources file, I could then go in all other drawings that referenced it and update them so that all my symbols were up to date. However, lately it stopped updating. Right now I have to break a reference link in every drawing and then relink the symbol from the resource again to see the changes. Has anyone encountered a similar problem and know how to solve it? Thank you!
  2. Hi, Does anyone know how to edit textures (scale, spacing?) on a wall or roof component, without having to create two different textures? I have the same texture on the wall and roof that I would like to align, but because the roof has a pitch and extends beyond that particular wall, they don't meet.
  3. Hi, I have created a window plug-in style and assigned ALL components of the window that I could find to a specific class. However, when importing that window from resource file into the model, it imports it at a different class (not the one I assigned) every time. Has anyone dealt with this before?
  4. Figured it out! Symbol as Page-Based Object info> Advanced Properties > Symbol Scale.
  5. Hi All, Apologies if in the wrong place or a daft question. Is there a way to scale symbols in Vectorworks so they maintain the same size in viewports at different scales? Something similar to how 8pt text will be the same size in all scales or the dashed line scales automatically. Aware of the feature Paged-Based units but it sets the symbol to the wrong size. I would like an option to set the symbol size myself based on what is needed for each drawing. Thank you!


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